8 Great Outfits to Wear on a Bowling Date

Bowling has become one of my favorite activities in recent years. It’s a fun physical activity that allows you to burn some calories while getting a little friendly competition on.

The only thing that deters me from taking part in it more often is the broken nails I tend to suffer at the hands of the bowling balls.

A date at a bowling alley is a great idea, regardless of how long you’ve known the other person. It’s a great first date option as it takes away the pressure of uncertainty regarding dresses codes at a restaurant.

It’s also typically more relaxed than sitting at a fancy restaurant. If you’re looking for a way to make date night more fun, try a bowling date!

Interestingly enough, coming up with cute bowling outfits can prove to be a challenge for many women out there. The last thing on your mind should be worrying about slipping or being uncomfortable while bowling.

In today’s blog post, I would be sharing some great ideas of different styles you could wear the next time you’re headed to a night out on the bowling lanes.

The most important thing when it comes to outings where physical activity is involved is comfort. Comfortable clothing is key and thankfully, comfortable clothes don’t have to be boring.

You don’t have to go all out in a bowling shirt to show how comfortable you are with a bowling ball. Let’s see how you can strike out your bowling game and your bowling game outfit.

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What to wear to a bowling game

1) A tank top + jeans

A chic casual outfit you can wear for a date at the bowling league is a simple tank top with skinny jeans. Straight leg jeans such as skinny jeans are your best option because they’re easy to wear with bowling shoes.

You don’t want the hem of your jeans to get in the way of your perfect score. If you’re more conservative with your dressing, try pairing a tank top in a solid neutral color with a pair of blue or black skinny jeans.

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During the colder months, complete your look with a black leather jacket to still keep a sleek look.

During the warmer months, feel free to opt for a denim jacket to pair with your casual denim outfit. You could also easily add a pair of socks to this look without throwing it off.

2) A polo shirt

A polo shirt is always a good idea when it comes to bowling outfits. They give your look a more preppy vibe without being too formal.

Experienced bowlers know that you want to avoid clothing that can interfere with your throw or stance. Polo shirts are the best way to get the pro bowler look without wearing bowling t-shirts.

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If this is your first date, I’m not sure you want to show up all decked out in your 10-year-old bowling t-shirt. Perhaps a bit much for a first date. A polo shirt would give you the same aesthetic but in a more fashionable way.

Pair your polo shirt with a pair of jeans for an appropriate casual look. For a slimming effect, opt for a pair of dark wash jeans or dark pants. Add a bomber jacket for extra warmth if needed.

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3) Yoga pants

Speaking of optimum comfort, here comes the best outfit for this. We all love to wear our yoga pants to lounge around our homes and I’m happy to report that they can be worn to the bowling alley as well.

Yoga pants have come a long way with many of them appearing more stylish and less obvious. Some perfect bowling outfits can be created with a pair of your favorite yoga pants.

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You could go really casual and pair your black yoga pants with a simple white tee. A pair of white sneakers or bowling shoes are a great option to go with if you’re wearing your own shoes.

A short-sleeved summer dress could also be paired with your athletic pants to prevent a wardrobe malfunction. Oversized t-shirts and denim dresses are also great options to pair with your yoga pants.

4) Graphic tee

Have a good time while looking effortlessly stylish by pairing a casual graphic t-shirt with a pair of comfortable jeans.

You could also replace your jeans for a comfortable pair of sweats if you’re meeting up with friends at the bowling alley. Complete your outfit with a pair of hoops to add some accessories to your look.

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A graphic tee could also be paired with a stretchy skirt to create a more feminine casual outfit. If you’re dressing up during the cold months, slip on a pair of black tights or leggings for some extra warmth. You could also add a leather jacket to elevate your casual look.

5) Long-sleeved shirt

During the colder nights, long-sleeved shirts can be worn to create a nice bowling outfit. A black long-sleeved sweater could be paired with cropped jeans for a simple yet chic bowling look.

Consider choosing crew neck sweaters and pairing them with skinny ankle jeans for the perfect look on the lanes.

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For a proper preppy look, try wearing a nice collared shirt underneath a long-sleeved crew neck and a pair of dark blue jeans. This is a look you could wear to work and then bowling right after. For a sexier look, opt for an off-shoulder long sleeved top and pair it with a pair of high-waisted jeans.

6) Crop top

One of the most popular choices of tops during the summer are crop tops. As you’re not obliged to show your belly when wearing a crop top, this means you get to rock this outfit regardless of your body shape.

You can pair a cute crop top with a pair of jeans for a slightly sexy bowling outfit.

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Your best bet is to opt for a simple crop top if you’re unsure of how fancy to go with your outfit. You could also pair your crop top with a midi skirt if you don’t intend to carry out much movement but do want to look more dressed up.

Add a leather jacket to your outfit if it’s cold outside but you still want to look chic. If skinny jeans are too much work for you, try a pair of Bermuda shorts in the summer.

For more inspiration when it comes to styling crop tops, check out my post: The 10 best ways to wear a crop top.

7) Mini skirt

Mini skirts are on this list because they can be casual without being overly sexy. Try pairing a mini denim skirt with button-down shirts in various colors for simple bowling looks. You could also add a pair of tights under your skirt if you’re worried about showing too much leg or just worried it’s too cold outside.

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Mini skirts can also be paired with sweaters during the winter months for warmer bowling outfits. A less chunky sweater can be paired with a longline coat or trench coat for a more stylish look. For a sexy look, try an off-shoulder crop top with long sleeves.

8) Culottes

What I love about culottes is how they can go from office to after hours. Consider opting for a pair of culottes if you’re headed to the bowling alley right after work.

You could wear a simple white t-shirt or top paired with a blazer to the office. You could easily take off the blazer once you go to your destination.

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Culottes are also a great alternative if tight jeans aren’t really your thing. Make your look more casual by pairing it with a cute top or even a cropped top. If it’s really cold outside, wear a cropped sweater with your culottes.

I hope this list has proven to be useful when it comes to your best options for bowling date outfits. You can save it as a guide you could refer to when seeking the best bowling outfit ideas. Remember that the right outfit ultimately depends on your personal style and level of comfort.

Other clothing items you could style to wear for a bowling date are a shirt dress, a knee-length skater dress or black pencil skirt. Most of the items mentioned should already exist in your wardrobe so there’s no need to go out and get a whole new wardrobe.

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