10 Best Colors of Shoes to go With a Yellow Dress

Yellow is that color that instantly brightens up any outfit and can lift your mood. I personally find that the darker your skin tone, the better yellow outfits look on you; must be something about the melanin. As bright and cheerful as the color yellow is, it can be a tricky color to style for may people.

This is because it is such a dominant color that needs to stand alone, unless you’re an expert at color combining with your outfits. Unless you’re aiming for a high fashion look, you typically do not want yellow to compete with another bright and bold color and this is where I come to offer some assistance.

For today’s blog post, I would be sharing the best colors of shoes to go with a yellow dress or outfit. If you’re wearing yellow, then you’re not trying to blend in. Let the rest of your outfit, and your choice of shoes, compliment your bold choice of dress color.

The shoe color choices would reflect both casual looks as well as more formal ones so as to not leave anyone out. If you’re looking for some ideas for the best shoes to go with your yellow outfits, you want to keep reading.

Before we jump right into the different shoe colors to go with your yellow clothes, I would like to share where you can find some of my favorite yellow dresses. They come highly reviewed and would be really helpful if you’re looking for a a yellow dress to add to your wardrobe.

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Where to shop for yellow dresses

i) Shein is coming all the way through with this beautiful midi dress featuring bishop sleeves and a tie waist. I love the flare of the dress, which would be forgiving of a bloated belly. It is a great dress to wear to a wedding and also appropriate for the office.

This is always a plus now that a lot of us are heading back to the physical office. You would definitely be the talk of the lunch room if you decided to wear this beauty to work.

ii) This Ditsy floral dress reminds me of summers in vast sunflower fields and cold glasses of lemonade. It’s the perfect choice to go with if you’re headed to brunch on a warm day or a day at the botanical gardens. The thigh slit adds for some extra sexiness bound to catch the beholder’s eye. Pair it with white sneakers or heels in a light shade.

iii) Pretty Little Thing has a wide variety of yellow dresses in different styles and lengths available on their site. One of my favorites is this mustard yellow dress because of its asymmetry.

Believe it or not, asymmetrical dresses tend to be very flattering because they paly with your vision and your eye Is not sure where to focus. This takes attention away from any unflattering body parts. This could be a great birthday dress or a cocktail dinner dress.

iv)Lulus currently has a decent selection of yellow dresses, especially if you’re looking for one to wear over the holiday season. I’m really loving this yellow turtleneck sweater dress. The exaggerated sleeves and graphic details on them are what sold me. I could see myself pairing it with a pair of ankle boots or knee boots for a dinner date or to an art gallery.

v)One of Amazon’s best selling dresses is actually this 1950’s inspired retro swing dress. It naturally goes in at the waist, leading to a more flattering fit and the illusion of a smaller waist. Moreover, the ruch detailing around the bust and sweetheart neckline would make for a more attractive décolletage.

Wear this to a throwback-themed party or for lunch with the girls. Either way, its bright color and accentuated curves would make you stand out.

vi)If you’re looking to create a more casual look, this shirred off the shoulder mini dress would be a great way to do so. You could pair it with flip flops or flat sandals for a casual day at the beach or to run errands during the warmer months.

I love how flowy and loose it is, meaning it would keep you nice and cool in the heat. It would also make for a great maternity dress r to hide a swollen belly.

Now that we’ve covered some great options for yellow dresses, let’s talk about the different shoe colors to go with them. In no particular order, here are my favorite colors of shoes to pair with a yellow dress.

1)White shoes

White is an easy neutral color to pair with a yellow dress because it does not compete with it. It also adds a sense of lightness to any outfit. I love pairing my yellow dresses with white heels or white mules to be more specific.

If your yellow dress is on the casual side, you are welcome to throw on a pair of white sneakers as footwear. Throw on a denim jacket during the colder months to complete your yellow outfit.

Get the look HERE

2)Clear heels

Are you tired of me and my love for clear heels yet? I’ve shared my undying love for any outfit + clear heels multiple times on this blog and it’s not about to stop now. Don’t believe me? Check out my post on the best shoes to wear with a red dress.. You could opt for either a clear pump, a clear sandal or clear mules – any of them would work.

Get the look HERE

Clear shoes make the legs appear longer as they don’t easily distinguish between where your legs begin and end. I also find they add a touch of sexiness to an outfit so feel free to wear these if you’re headed for date night.

3)Nude shoes

A great choice of shoe color to opt for when you’re wearing yellow to a business event is nude. Nude is subjective and so go with whatever shade your skin tone is. Nude shoes work especially great if you dress is in a bright shade of yellow.

Get the look HERE

Neutral colors always work well with really bright colors to balance things out by toning down the outfit color. A pair of nude heels is a wardrobe staple I believe all women should already own so this outfit should be a no-brainer.

4) Gold shoes

Also one of my favorite shoe colors, gold heels are a great option of shoe color to go with if you’re dressing up for special occasions. With the holiday season soon upon us, I invite you to wear a pair of gold strappy sandals with any yellow dress you intend to wear.

Definitely merry and bright! When it comes to gold shoes, I say go with high heels or go home.

Get the look HERE

5) Green shoes

Who knew that two bright colors would be able to compliment each other so nicely? This color combination works best if both colors are in the same shade. For example, a bright yellow dress would work great with bright green heels. The same concept applies to a dark yellow (mustard) dress with dark green shoes.

Get the look HERE

If you are unsure of yourself when it comes to pairing bright colors, you can always avoid this particular option and focus on a different shoe color on this list. You can always add an additional pop of color with an accessory such as emerald earrings.

6) Black shoes

This is the most contrasting color combination on this list. Black is such a dark neutral color that goes with anything but when it comes to bright colors, it could be a bit much. I recommend choosing black shoes if your dress is in a darker shade of yellow and not a bright yellow.

Get the look HERE

8) Yellow shoes

I am always down for a full monochromatic look. Yellow shoes paired with a yellow dress can lead to quite the high fashion moment for you. To avoid looking like Big Bird, you may want to play with different shades of yellow when you’re accomplishing this look.

Get the look HERE

9) Brown shoes

Brown is another neutral color that works as a great option to pair with a yellow dress. Depending on your skin color, it may even end up looking like you’re wearing a pair of nude shoes and not brown ones. Brown sandals could be paired with a casual dress for an effortlessly chic summer look.

Get the look HERE

A yellow maxi dress could be worn with brown slides or flip flops for a stroll on the beach. The yellow color is bright enough to carry the entire outfit and so you don’t have to worry too much about the shade of brown you go for.

10) Rose gold shoes

I don’t think rose gold shoes get the love they deserve. Just like gold, they are a shiny neutral color that elevate any elegant look by adding a little shine. I love wearing rose gold shoes with cocktail dresses or maxi dresses with a slit because when I wear them, I want them to be seen. Rose gold flats could also be paired with yellow pencil dresses and skater dresses for stylish office wear.

Loving this option HERE

I hope you have gotten sufficient shoe color inspiration for the next time you decide to wear a yellow dress. These are my best colors of shoes to wear with yellow but you are more than welcome to try other colors. Some people pair red shoes with a yellow dress and others like pastel shades with yellow.

Fashion is meant to be played around with and I invite you to do just that. Try playing around with the different colors of shoes in your wardrobe. The type of shoes you decide to go with depends on the occasion, dress code and your comfort level.

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