6 Perfect Work Outfits With Flats

I don’t know about you but wearing high heels to work has never been my thing. I’m all about comfort while keeping my outfits professional and following whatever dress code may be in place but nowhere in any dress code has it ever mentioned women must wear heels with their outfits for them to be considered work-appropriate.

On the rare occasions where I do decide to add a pair of heels to my look, you best believe there’s a pair of ballet flats in my drawer, just waiting to serve as backup. Why do we even go through so much fuss with regards to our office shoes when flats can be considered professional shoes?

If you search for work outfits across the web, you’ll tend to see a lot of photos of women in some great pieces but they have one thing in common – they’re wearing heels. Ever since the pandemic, the world has had to adjust to a new normal and this has included a shift in the office environment as well.

More and more offices are embracing a more casual dress code seeing as so many people are used to working from home, where the dress code is “whatever I feel like today.” We see mostly smart casual and business casual dress codes across office buildings these days. In today’s post, I would be showing you how you can create some stylish office wear without compromising comfort.

So many work outfits you own are already perfect to pair with flats and so you don’t have to worry about getting a new work wardrobe.

I would like to first of all share some of my best flats with you, in case you are looking for the right flat shoes to go with your comfy work outfits. By the way, I have an entire post dedicated to the best work dresses on Amazon and all of these dresses would look great with a pair of flats.

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My favorite affordable flat shoes are these black loafers. I got myself a pair about a month ago and they add a little formality to all my looks while being extremely comfortable. I also love the little gold detail, the comfortable rubber soles and the cute tassels. If those are sold out by the time you’re reading this, try these.

If you’re looking for a pair of cheap but comfortable enough flats to just keep at your desk, then these pointed ballet flats are the best thing. They would look great with both your warm and cold weather work outfits thanks to its neutral color. Your work flats should be in neutral colors to make it easy to style them with whatever you got going on. If those are sold out, give these Nine West ones a try.

My best pair of flat sandals to compliment my Summer work outfit ideas would have to be these Crown Vintage sandals in Cognac. They come in different colors apart from Cognac and would all be so easy to style with black pants, culottes, dresses etc.

If your office has a smart casual dress code, then you could most likely get away with a pair of Birkenstock’s during the Summer months and so by all means, go for them. They are known to be one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes in the world, with five-star ratings across different websites.

1) White shirt and pants

If you’re wearing a simple white shirt with a pair of black pants, you can throw on a pair of comfortable flats and still look very stylish. Try tucking in your shirt/blouse into your pants for a more formal look and go for loafers or pointed flats to keep the more formal vibe going on. Now you’re ready for the boardroom!

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2) Blouse and dark wash jeans

I recently blogged about 10 ways to wear dark blue jeans to the office and almost all of the looks are work-appropriate and so you may want to check it out next. Dark blue jeans are considered more formal and thus appropriate for Casual Friday. You can still create a chic style with your dark denim by opting for a long-sleeved blouse and a pair of comfortable flats.

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This is such a simple look that can be done right if your jeans and blouse are well-fitted and flattering on your body. If your top is in a solid color, play around with colors and prints with your shoes. Perhaps some leopard print flats?

3) Midi dresses

For the feminine dressers, I know a pair of low heels is usually the obvious choice when selecting footwear to go with dresses but instead of reaching for your mary jane heels, why not try to style them with a pair of ballerina flats or even loafers? During the summer, a pair of open toe sandals is a great choice to go with your dress outfit.

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4) Blazer and jeans

I love me a great blazer and skinny jeans look. It’s my absolute favorite look when my office has Casual Friday. Adding a blazer to your look would take it up a notch from casual style to more business casual. Opting for a pair of nude flats instead of flat pumps would have you feeling comfortable while still looking chic. Try switching your style up by going for an oversized blazer rather than a fitted one and notice the difference. It’s such a comfortable fit!

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5) Pencil skirt and top

It’s not only a nice dress that works well with a pair of flats, but so do pencil skirts, flare skirts and all midi and maxi skirts you intend to wear to the office. A pair of stylish flats can also be the right shoes to go with your outfit.

Just ensure the rest of your look is polished (skirt in your right size and blouse well-ironed) and this look is *chef’s kiss. This is a professional look that can take you from cubicle to happy hour with the unbuttoning of a button 🙂

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6) A pair of culottes

I’ve mentioned before on this blog how much I believe in the culottes look – especially in the warmer months. They don’t stick to your body, thus keeping you cool, you don’t have to wear any uncomfortable garments underneath and most importantly, they tend to have pockets! Pair these wide-legged pants with a pair of shoes you could walk for long distances in and you’re ready to be a stylish yet comfortable commuter.

I know this list may appear short but it’s because flats can work with practically all of your work outfits. Whether you are wearing an expensive black dress to the office or you get to wear casual work outfits, flats can rise to the occasion.

If you’re on your feet a lot at the office or tend to give presentations standing up invest in a pair of good flats, perhaps ones with a cushioned footbed.

At this point, you probably already have several flats in your shoe collection but I just wanted to show your a variety of styles and looks you can create for the office using what you already have in your wardrobe.

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