Winter Blues

Don’t be fooled, the winter blues are a real thing y’all! Shet!

You barely get 7 hours of sunlight, it’s so cold to walk out for long, it takes forever to get dressed, you gain weight easily, no one wants to do anything and did I mention it’s so cold outside! We’ve barely dipped our toes into the season and I already feel it all coming. As you know by now, I am not a fan of this season except for the fact that there is Christmas and my birthday. In my opinion, winter could end right after my birthday! 🙁

I am not 1 of those who particularly fancies winter activities, except when all they entail is drinking a warm drink by a fireside. Nope, I am rather like a big bear who hibernates until the warmer weather starts to crawl back into the picture.

The light at the end of the tunnel is always the fact that after Christmas, the days slowly become longer thanks to the end of Winter solstice.

Maybe I should try some form of winter activity besides sleeping this time around, hmm…not hokey and no ice skating though as I had the bruises for weeks to remind me of how terrible I am.

The Ankara Queen