What to Wear With Burgundy Shoes

Just earlier this month I wrote a post on what shoe colors to wear with a burgundy dress and seeing as burgundy is such a popular color in the Fall, I thought I should dedicate another post for styling burgundy shoes. Burgundy is still one of the top Fall colors, along with forest green, dark brown, burnt orange and of course, black.

Thanks to its richness in color and deep hue, it is able to look good on almost all skin tones. I personally love how it elevates any look, making it a great option for formal occasions.

Whether you are seeking to incorporate burgundy into a casual outfit or for formal events, this post is going to serve as a great guide the next time you draw a blank trying to figure out outfit ideas for your favorite burgundy shoes so keep reading for more info.

As I have mentioned a couple of times on this blog, burgundy can be treated more or less like a neutral color. It’s neither too dark nor too bright and so is able to be paired with most colors naturally. To really bring out its richness however, I would suggest going with other rich colors such as navy, brown, dark green, black and even gold or white.

Regardless of your skin tone, a combination of any of those colors with a pair of burgundy shoes would really bring your overall look together.

I will be splitting this post up into the different categories of shoes you may own in burgundy to give you multiple outfit ideas.

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1) Burgundy heels

Burgundy is such a classic color and one that is naturally a darker shade, that you could wear it in a similar manner to black. Instead of going for your regular black shoes, all year-long, try replacing them with a pair of burgundy ones once in a while.

Burgundy high heels are the perfect shoes to go with burgundy dresses and if it’s too much burgundy going on for you, you could break things up with a leopard print belt and some gold accessories.

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Another classic combination to create a great look for a special occasion is to wear a navy blue dress or skirt with your burgundy heels. Pinterest has lots of photos of groomsmen in a navy suit and burgundy color shoes at weddings and the color combination is so lovely.

For a more casual look for date night, pair your blue jeans with a cute top, a leather jacket and some burgundy heels. It would be a nice change from your typical black heels.

Other dress colors that go well with burgundy heels are black, mustard, gold and even white.

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2) Burgundy flats

Owning a pair of casual shoes such as flats in burgundy is an easy way to make your everyday wear more stylish. With everyone walking around in black shoes, especially during the Fall, you immediately stand out in a sea of boredom with this rich color. A pair of black skinny jeans with an oversized sweater in lighter shades would make for a cute and stylish Fall outfit.

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During the warmer months, mix your burgundy shoes with some bright colors such as mustard to create eye-catching contrasts in your outfits.

If you’re headed to the office during the colder months, pair your burgundy shoes with a pair of black pants and sweaters in darker colors to create beautiful and warm outfits.

You can keep switching things up, just by changing your sweater, cardigan or blouse.

Even if both your sweater and pants are both black in color, the burgundy shoes would be a subtle way to add a little color to an otherwise black outfit.

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3) Burgundy boots

If you are going to buy a pair of boots for the Fall, please consider making them burgundy in color. You would not regret it. You could wear them with a burgundy shirt and a pair of dark wash jeans for Casual Friday at the office. I even have a post dedicated to styling dark blue jeans which you can find here.

My personal preference of boot style would have to be burgundy ankle boots, just because I have wider calves and have a hard time finding longer boots that accommodate them. I love wearing my burgundy boots with leggings or black trousers and a light gray sweater to the office on a colder day.

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For a more formal look, pair your burgundy boots with a black dress and some gold jewelry and you’re ready for your red carpet moment. The same way I had spoken about wearing gold shoes with a burgundy dress, the reverse applies as well. If your dress is gold in color, you could actually throw on some burgundy heeled boots and would still look fantastic. If you own a pair of burgundy knee-boots or thigh-highs, I invite you to try them on with a brown dress in your closet for a dressier look.

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For more casual looks you can pull off with your burgundy boots, consider leggings and oversized sweaters or skinny jeans and off-shoulder tops. Feeling sexy and you know it? Pair your long boots with a mini skirt; it will have people staring for a long time.

4) Burgundy loafers

We already know a great way to break up any boring all-black look is with some burgundy shoes. This is because burgundy is subtle enough for those who don’t like bright colors and yet rich enough to still make a difference in your outfit. This makes them an excellent choice for office wear, formal wear and also casual wear.

Loafers are one of my favorite pairs of shoes because they have a higher platform (making me appear taller), go with both skirts and pants and make any casual outfit appear a little more dressy. It’s no wonder I had to add them to this list.

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I particularly enjoy styling a pair of burgundy dress shoes, such as loafers, with a white shirt and dark-colored pants or a pencil skirt. When going for a more neutral color palette, burgundy is always a good choice. Add it to your list of neutral colors and watch how easy it is to create outfits with it.

5) Burgundy sandals

During the warm months, when it’s so easy to throw on your brightest colors, sometimes finding the right color of footwear may pose a challenge thanks to the many colors you’re already juggling from your ankles upwards. Here’s where a pair of burgundy sandals can come in handy to balance your palette out.

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The same way white shoes are good at this, so are burgundy ones. If you’re concerned about getting shoes in a brighter color mixed in dirt, then burgundy is also to the rescue. See where I’m going with this?

I hope I have shown you different ways burgundy shoes can be a great alternative to the other colors you may have in heavy rotation. It is such a versatile color that adds some class to your outfit thanks to its richness.

It’s no wonder it’s a popular choice of color for Fall weddings. I have presented you with some great burgundy outfits you can try the next time you whip out those burgundy shoes, whether it’s for a casual or more formal event.

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It’s pretty easy to pair burgundy with different colors because it’s more subtle – meaning you can definitely make it work with that red dress you just got 🙂

If you’re still unsure whether burgundy can work on your skin tone, start small. Get a burgundy accessory such as earrings or a necklace and if you like that, build from there until you’re wearing full-blown burgundy thigh-high boots.

The best combination of colors to go with burgundy shoes are those that are equally as rich: dark browns, dark greens, gold, mustard and yes, black. A great print to match with burgundy would be leopard print.

Which of these outfits or color combinations did you like the best?

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Until the next post,