10 Outfits to Wear for a Night Out at the Club

I was never and have never been big on the club scene. Don’t get me a wrong, I was curious when I turned 16 as to what a club was like. This was back when I was in Cameroon. After my High School class had finished our last exam, we defied the school’s administration and planned a huge celebratory party as an end-of-year gift to ourselves.

It was my 1st time at a night club and I came to find out most of the other girls (I was at an all-girls Catholic boarding school) had already snuck out to hit the club many times before.

One of my classmates noticed how uncomfortable I was in this environment and whispered in my ear to act cool. The music was so loud, there were sweaty bodies everywhere, thick smoke blocking much of my view and random men trying to grab my arm at every turn.

That was my one and only experience at a club in Cameroon. I moved to Canada that summer and it was about a year later that I had my second experience at a club. The club in Hamilton, ON was physically nicer but the experience was still pretty similar. The same kind f music played for hours, lots of sweaty bodies, uncomfortable groping and hand grabbing and people who could not handle their liquor.

I came to the conclusion, after a few more outings with friends, that the clubbing scene was not for me. I hated feeling groggy in the morning after coming home in the early hours of the morning. This was usually not my choice but rather my friends, who really enjoyed drinking and losing their voices on weekends. I was the one sitting in a corner and watching our bags after a few songs.

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I now go to a club probably once a year and it’s usually to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I have control over when I get there, when I leave and whether I choose to drink or not. I have also become a pro at staring down man who think they can just grab you as you wall past them at the club. No nonsense is tolerated over here. I also choose to go when I know the DJ is going to play some of my favorite music.

One thing I have always been known for is my club attire. I took great care in choosing my outfits, which probably explains why I did not appreciate them getting soiled. I was also the one who helped my friends pick out the perfect outfit on our nights out. Now, I get to share my expertise with you. In today’s blog post, I would be sharing some great club outfit ideas regardless of your personal style.

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I understand the appeal of clubs and a lot of people truly go and have a good time when out on a Saturday night. I also understand that some people like to go for full on sexy club outfits while others prefer more laid-back casual looks when hitting the dance floor. I’ll try to incorporate various dressing styles and levels of comfort in this post. Your perfect clubbing outfit is below so keep reading to find it!

Whether this is your first time at a night club or you’re regular, this post would provide some outfit inspiration for your next club outfit. If it is however your first time, I suggest you don’t go all out just because you should get a feel of things first. Figure out how long you can stay on your heels, how much time you like to be out and how much of the noise you can tolerate.

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What to wear on a night out clubbing

1) Skinny Jeans + a cute top

This is a great choice if you are heading to a night club for your first time. Choose your pair of most comfortable jeans and pair it with a cute crop top or tank top. You could also choose a simple blouse (you don’t mind getting dirty) and pair that with your jeans.

I suggest dark jeans not only because they are slimming but also because they hide dirt well. That way if someone spills their drink on you, your night isn’t completely ruined. Skinny jeans are also easy to style with different types of shoes.

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During the colder months, add a black leather jacket to keep warm while also keeping your outfit chic. Complete your look with a pair of flats or high heels if you’re feeling up to it. If you plan on dancing the night away, make sure you choose a pair of comfortable shoes. In terms of bags, a crossbody bag is a good idea.

2) A mini skirt + top

Going for a sexy look for your night out? A mini skirt paired with a simple tank top is an excellent choice. The club is where a lot of people like to turn up the sexy when it comes to outfit choices. The only thing you have to beware of is a wardrobe malfunction. I suggest you a pair of short shorts or biker shorts underneath your skirt to prevent this from occurring.

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This is a great summer club outfit you can wear when it’s nice outside. You don’t want to be worrying about catching cold when you’re wearing minimal clothing. A pair of heels or sandals can be paired with this outfit. You could also opt for knee-high boots to pair with your short skirts for a more interesting sexy outfit.

3) A mini dress

Wearing a cute dress is always a good idea if you like girly clubbing looks. This used to be my go-to outfit whenever I went to the club. My favorite nightclub outfit comprised of a strapless mini dress paired with heeled sandals and a clutch purse. I would complete my look with a pair of gold hoop earrings. Mini dresses are also a good idea if you are headed to formal clubs with strict dress codes.

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During the cold months, you could add a pair of black tights under your dress for an extra layer of warmth. A trench coat is a great choice of jacket if you’re headed to a bougie club in NYC. You could also replace your heels or strappy sandals with a pair of ankle boots or over-the-knee boots. Got curves you want to show off, choose a sexy bodycon dress in a bright color.

Check out my post: How to Hide Your Belly in a Bodycon Dress if you’re concerned about hiding belly fat in a tight dress.

4) Shorts + a crop top

Here’s a great option you can choose if you’re looking for a casual club outfit. If the club does not have a specific dress code, you could get as comfortable or chic with this outfit as you want. For a more casual look, complete your look with a pair of white sneakers and a crossbody bag. You cold wear this if you’re on vacation and want to quickly check out the night club scene.

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You wouldn’t have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions or hurting feet while still maintaining a stylish look. For a dressier look, replace your sneakers with a pair of heels. These could even be a pair of wedges if you’re worried about your feet hurting. Add some bold accessories such as dangling earrings to make your look stand out more.

5) A shirt dress

A great outfit you can wear to the club if you’re feeling bloated, or even pregnant, is a cute button-up shirt dress. A longer shirt dress would not require jeans to be worn underneath and you could pair this with a pair of strappy heels for a sexy outfit.

I would still wear a pair of shorts under to be super safe. A great way to make this look even sexier is to add a belt around your waist. This would give you more of an hourglass figure.

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During the winter months, add a pair of leather leggings under your shirt dress and slip on a pair of thigh-high boots. You would be in the streets looking like the undercover rockstar that you are. If tall boots are not your thing, opt for a pair of Chelsea boots. They would keep you comfortable yet stylish all night long. A collared shirt dress also works for more formal night clubs.

6) A corset + jeans

Looking for a sexy yet chic way to show off your body shape on a night out? This is the perfect choice. You could opt for a bustier top or add a corset on top of a simple top to achieve this sexy look. During the warm months, a strapless bustier top could be paired with black jeans to create a sleek and sexy night outfit. You could add a blazer on top if you’re worried about getting cold.

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You could also take a basic collared shirt and wear a corset on top to really cinch your waist and give you an hourglass shape. You could replace your jeans with a pair of leggings and this would still be a great look. A white shirt is the easiest to style with a corset thanks to its neutral color. Complete your look with a pair of heels for a sleek look.

I also love this look HERE

For more outfit ideas when it comes to pairing a corset with jeans, check out my post: 7 Best Ways to Wear a Corset With Jeans.

7) A crop top + pencil skirt

Crop tops are always a great idea when it comes to club clothes. You can pair them with skirts, jeans and even high-waited pants to make your look more casual. The choice of pencil skirt is up to you.

A longer pencil skirt would create more formal wear while a short pencil skirt would create a sexier look. If there are no nightclub dress codes, then the choice is really up to you.

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During the hot months, play around with cropped tops in bright colors to show some of your personality. You could create a chic monochromatic look by pairing a crop top and pencil skirt in the same color. If you’re looking to have a more casual night, choose a pair of flat sandals or sneakers to complete your look.

If you prefer tank tops, THIS look is a great one.

8) Longer top + leggings

If you’re going on a first date at a club (which I think is a bad idea), then this is a good way to show up. You wouldn’t be overdressed but still showing enough to let the other party know you love a good time. Choose a long, collared shirt in your favorite color and add a wide belt on top. Polish your look off with a pair of faux leather leggings or tight black pants.

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If your shirt has long sleeves, roll them up during the warm months for a more laidback vibe. A pair of heels would complete this simple yet sexy look or you could opt for a pair of flats. If you’re headed out on a chilly night, maintain a sleek look by draping a moto jacket across your shoulders. Your crossbody bag or clutch purse complete this classic look.

9) T-shirt and biker shorts

This is probably the most casual clubbing outfit on this list. If the club you are heading to is super casual and you really want to be comfortable, grab an oversized graphic tee and pair it with biker shorts and a pair of chunky sneakers. This is a look that can take you from day (coffee and a trip to the mall) to night with zero effort.

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You and your best friend could even wear matching t-shirts if this for a celebration. Looking to make this outfit dressier? Slip on a pair of strappy heels. You could also wear a pair of tall boots if you’re feeling a little extra. This is also the right outfit to wear to a summer concert or festival if comfort is most important to you.

10) Little black dress

No way we were completing this list without mentioning the LBD. If you own a black mini dress that’s a little too short for a cocktail event, now is the time to whip it out. For a great NYE party look, pair your LBD with a pair of heels in a neutral color such as gold. You could also opt for heels in bright colors if you want the attention to be on your shoes.

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Make your outfit more interesting by adding some bold accessories such as a belt, a statement necklace and/or eye-catching earrings. You could also add a dress shirt on top of your black dress to create a more casual look.

I hope that I have provided you with lots of good options of outfits you can wear on a night out clubbing. It’s advisable to carry only small bags and purses if you’re heading to the club to avoid being robbed or losing something.

If you love dancing, make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes you can dance the night away in. The most important thing is to have a great time.

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Until the next post,