9 Chic Outfits to Wear in California

Los Angeles is hands down the city I have visited the most in the world. With my little sister living there, it has always been a no-brainer to visit the City of Angels frequently. Being able to escape the harsh Canadian winters for some sun as well as see my sister have always been my favorite escape for years.

The state of California is generally a warm state. It’s located on the West Coast and so temperatures tend to be warm enough for shorts and tank tops year-round. Southern California, where LA is located, is famous for being sunny almost every day of the year. It almost never rains (well, not until recently with all the flash floods) and you can usually expect clear skies even during the winter months.

It’s a traveller’s dram to visit the golden state because it’s so easy to pack for a trip regardless of the time of year. You can expect average high temperatures especially between March and November. I have done all the regular touristic things by now – some of them multiple times. Now when I go to visit, I like to checkout the hidden gems the California Coast has to offer.

In today’s blog post, I would be going over the perfect California packing list. This post would serve as a guide you can refer to as you’re preparing to head to sunny Cali. Whether this is your first time or your tenth time, this post would still prove to be insightful. If you are looking for chic outfits you can wear to look stylish on your trip, do keep reading.

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The good news is you get to pack light when travelling to the West Coast. Think breathable tops, flowy dresses, shorts, skirts and sneakers/sandals. California style is more laid back with pops of color. If you’re going to be doing lots of exploring, you want to pack a comfortable pair of shoes as well as lots of sunscreen to protect you from the sun’s rays.

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What to Wear in California

1) Crop top and a pair of shorts

One of the most popular looks you can spot at in Cali is this one right here. It’s such an easy look to pull off and you most likely already own all the elements. A cute crop top or tank top paired with your favorite shorts makes for a great outfit you can wear to check out street art during the summer months.

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Create the perfect look by adding a kimono on top of your top and shorts pairing. This is a good idea if you’re headed to festival like Coachella. The long sleeves would protect your arms from UV rays while keeping your outfit stylish.

2) Flowy dress

Take in the ocean breezes in flowy dresses during your trip to the beautiful state of California. A flowy dress in a bright color is a chic way to pull up to a National Park and take some cute photos. If you have a fancy event to attend while in Cali, this is also a great option.

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Complete your look with a small crossbody bag, a sun hat and a pair of sunglasses. For footwear, choose a pair of open-toed shoes or a pair of white sneakers for a fresh look. For date night, slip on a pair of wedges or heeled sandals for some wine tasting.

If you prefer a mini dress, check out THIS ONE.

3) Tank top and jeans

Create the perfect everyday look by pairing your favorite jeans with a simple tank top. Tank tops are a good option if you’re creating a simple casual look. Choose a pair of light wash jeans for a very relaxed look.

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You could also add a denim shirt or jacket to your tank tops to make your look more interesting or to add some warm layers. My favorite way to rock this look is by tying my shirt or jacket around my waist. Cropped jeans or skinny jeans work well with a casual dress code.

4) Shirt dress

A shirt dress is a great choice for warmer days full of casual activities. It’s the perfect blend of casual and slightly dressy. You can add a skinny belt to accentuate your waist and make your look dressier. If you want to show your fashion-forward side, choose a shirt dress in a fun print.

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If your dress is short, add a pair of biker shorts or black leggings underneath. If you’re headed to a theme park, you could wear your swimsuit underneath and no one would be the wiser.

Complete your look with a pair of sneakers or sandals. A light jacket is the best option of outerwear if it’s chilly in the early morning.

5) Mini skirt + top

Great weather typically means more skin to be shown. Take advantage of the warm temperatures to show some more kin. If your legs are one of your favorite assets, why not pair a short skirt with a blouse or tank top to create a chic yet casual outfit?

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This is an outfit you could wear to a nice coffee shop, on a road trip to San Francisco or to check out the Griffith Observatory. To prevent a wardrobe malfunction, wear a pair of biker shorts underneath your skirt. Complete your look with a pair of mules, sneakers or sandals.

6) White jeans and a blouse

A chic casual look you can wear for a road trip to Northern California is a pair of white jeans with a cute blouse. This is a great option if your trip would include a stop at a nice restaurant. Just be extra cautious to not get your jeans dirty.

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You could complete your look with a pair of sandals in a bright color to add even more color to your outfit. A pair of white sneakers also work if you plan on doing quite a bit of walking. Pair your jeans with a blouse featuring balloon sleeves such as the one in the photo for a sweet but flirty look.

7) Cargo pants and a t-shirt

This is a simple look you can create if you’re a fan of casual street style looks. During the hot days, you could opt for a cropped t-shirt to show some bare skin as you walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.

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You could opt for an oversized t-shirt and complete your outfit with a pair of athletic shoes. Long pants are always a good idea if you’re worried about chub rub (hello thick thighs) or if you just don’t like showing your legs.

8) Midi dress

If you need to pack formal wear for your trip, a midi dress is a great idea. It’s long enough to be worn to a fancy occasion while being short enough to be re-worn to another special event you may attend while in Cali. Midi dresses in solid colors are a good option to go with if you are attending a formal wedding in one of the coastal cities.

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For a casual wedding, you could go with shorter dresses. During the colder months, add a shawl or chic shrug across your shoulders to maintain a stylish look. A pair of strappy sandals or pumps complete this outfit.

9) Maxi skirt and a simple top

Looking for an outfit that would make for great images if it’s windy but which you can also wear to walk the entire Hollywood walk of fame? Consider pairing your favorite maxi skirt with a tank top, crop top or t-shirt. Play around with tops in different colors to have some fun with your outfit.

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If your day would include lots of walking, opt for a pair of comfortable walking shoes. The best way to make this outfit warmer for cold weather is to add a denim jacket or leather jacket. Long-sleeved shirts could also be paired with your maxi skirts during the colder months.

Although California weather typically calls for sunny days, it’s advisable to check the weather forecast ahead of your trip. You don’t want to pack all your crop tops and nice jeans only to experience heavy rainfall and flooding during your trip. I hope you have gotten lots of outfit ideas for what to wear for your trip to Cali. Have fun!

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