The 8 Best Shoes to Wear With a Long Dress

Picture this: you just slipped into this beautiful maxi dress in your favorite color for a date you’ve been anticipating for weeks! Your earrings compliment your bag and everything looks set until… you ask yourself ‘wait, do I wear my Uggs with this…?’

The answer to that question is no.

No, please do not wear your Uggs with any of your maxi dresses for that matter. I do not care how comfortable they are.

I know how challenging it can be to decide on the type of shoes to go with a long dress and so in this post, I shall be sharing the best shoes to go with whichever style of long dress or maxi skirt you may be wearing.

Whether it’s for formal events, to the office or just to hang out with friends; there’s the perfect footwear for that!

Most of the shoes featured on this list are under $100 and this just goes to show you that no matter your price point, you should be able to find a shoe within your budget.

8 Shoes to Wear With a Long Dress

1) White sneakers

White sneakers with casual long dresses or a maxi skirt have become a great pairing for years now. They make your look much more youthful and refreshing.
Just ensure your pair of sneakers are actually clean if you want to look your best part in this look.

Get your own white shoes HERE

Whether laced or slip-ons, white shoes work best when the length of your dress or skirt is above your ankle- that way the shoes can be seen and your look can come together, giving it more of a street style vibe.

White sneakers can also be paired with shorter dresses and, during the Fall, with leggings.

2) Mules

Mules are a good choice of shoes when your are going for a more stylish look with your maxi dress or long skirt and to me, are a wardrobe staple. They are that perfect balance between formal and casual without trying hard and while staying comfortable.

Similar Mules 1 – HERE
Mules 2 – HERE

With their ease of wear, chunky heels and overall comfort, mules are easily the right pair of shoes to go with a flowy summer dress or a form-fitting dinner gown.

If your dress or skirt is the centre piece of your outfit, (for example, if wearing animal prints or bright colors) then a mule in a neutral color such as white or beige would be a great choice.

3) High heeled sandals

Whether you prefer strappy sandals or a sandal with more front coverage, high heels are the best shoes to compliment dresses or skirts worn for more formal events.

If you are on the shorter side, these are a great way to not only add a bit of height but also elevate your look and make a style statement.

Sandals 1 – HERE
Similar Sandals 2 – HERE

If your little black dress is simple, adding some strappy heels and bold accessories goes a long way in taking the attention away from the plain dress and drawing the eye towards everything else.

High heeled sandals are the perfect shoes to wear with a midi dress because they elongate the legs, especially the calves, thus making you appear taller.

4) Sandals – Low heeled

If you can’t be bothered to teether around in a high heel and are looking for a more comfortable yet chic look or are looking for shoes to add to your office wear closet, then low-heeled sandals are a great choice.

1st sandal – HERE
Similar to 2nd sandal – HERE
Similar to 3rd sandal – HERE
Similar to 4th sandal – HERE (giving me wedge sandal energy)

They also work great for formal occasions where you would need to be standing for extended periods of time. You could quietly and elegantly avoid being uncomfortable while remaining stylish.

Who said kitten heels were dead? You can definitely rock cute kitten heels with your maxi skirts during a nice summer day. A low-heeled sandal in a bright color is a good match for either a white, black, grey or any pale coloured maxis.

5) Flat shoes or flat sandals

The ultimate shoes if you are going for a comfortable look – flats! Flat shoes do not need to necessarily equate to casual. A patent leather flat gives you a more stylish look and is an excellent choice for more formal office looks where comfort is more important to you than looking 4 inches taller.

Get similar slingback flats 1 – HERE
Get similar woven flats 2 – HERE
Flats 3 – HERE *wide fit
Flats 4 – HERE
Flats 5 – HERE *wide fit

Fashionable shoes do not need to be uncomfortable for you and I think the options presented above can show that.

6) Ankle boots

The outings and meetups don’t stop during the winter season and neither do the great shoe options for long dresses. Ankle boots are the right shoes to keep your toes warm while maintaining a chic look.

I know most of us turn to black shoes when we think about the colder weather but this does not have to be the case. I particularly love the brown boots in the collage because they can also be paired nicely with so many colours.

Get similar Boots 1 – HERE
Boots 2 – HERE
Boots 3 – HERE

I’ll take ankle boots over knee-high boots if wearing a long dress or skirt just because the ankle boots are less fuss and all anyone would see are your feet, not your legs. If you have larger calves, knee-high boots may also be hard to find in your calf size.

For a farm or barn wedding, you can add some fun to your look by throwing on a pair of cowboy boots.. Cowboy boots work best with a dress that reaches your knees so that you can show them off and to also appear taller.

7) Birkenstocks

They might not be the most fashionable shoes but we all know Birkenstocks have come to be the go-to vacation shoes. Who doesn’t want to be comfortable while frolicking the cobblestone streets of Europe?

Coral water-resistant ones – HERE
Brown ones – HERE

I love how they have added some beautiful colours to their repertoire, allowing them to be worn with almost any style of dress.

These would definitely make your overall look more casual but if you’re purchasing these, then you really don’t mind.

So go ahead and wear those Birkenstocks with your favorite mini or midi Summer dress.

8) Flip flops

If you plan on having an easy-going day, then you already know you’ll be reaching for the flip flops. When you think of warm weather and beaches, you definitely think of flip flops and I don’t blame you.

Similar to the first ones – HERE
Second ones – HERE
Similar to the third ones – HERE

For all your crochet dresses, white maxi skirts, halter net midi dresses – flip flops are your answer, especially after a long day. Even if you’re attending a beach wedding, you can get away with a pair of chic flops because who wants to be stomping in the sand in 6 inch heels?

I absolutely love THESE by Tory Burch (currently on sale)!

I hope you have gotten some great tips from this post and have realised the many options you have to style your long dress or maxi skirt.

Let me know what shoe is your favorite to wear with your maxis.

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