8 Different Tops to Wear With All Types of Skirts

I know some of you may be thinking ‘Can’t you just wear any top/shirt with any skirt and call it a day?’ The simple answer is yes, however, if you searched the web looking for different ways to style your skirts, then it means you need some help

Either you’ve ran out of ideas for ways to create chic top and skirt outfits or you plan on wearing a skirt you don’t normally wear and are looking for some inspiration.

No matter your reason for stumbling upon my blog post today, I’m glad you’re here. You’ve come to the right place if you are seeking great outfit ideas you can use to style your mini, midi or maxi skirts with different tops you may or may not already own.

I noticed that a lot of other blog posts focus solely on styling maxi skirts but I shall be broadening the spectrum by showing you how the same tops could be paired with skirt of different lengths to create outfits you can wear for a variety of occasions.

It must be common knowledge that skirts are a wardrobe staple in any woman’s closet. Be it a midi or maxi skirt, skirts are known for immediately making any look more feminine and the right skirt can be flattering on any body shape.

When styled the right way, a skirt can be worn across seasons and depending on how you style it, could be worn with a casual look or for formal occasions. No matter the event you plan on wearing a skirt to, this post should serve as guide you can always refer to when you

If you are looking for ideas to style pencil skirt outfits in particular, then you want to check out this post.

In the meantime, let’s jump right into what shirts to wear with different skirts.

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1) Crop tops and skirts

I feel like we start off every list with crop tops and rightfully so. Crop tops are a cute and flirty way to style skirts of any length. I’ve shared previously how you don’t necessarily have to show any stomach when wearing a crop top and the same applies here.

Crop tops are a particularly great option to go with high waisted skirts because the overall look would make your torso appear shorter and your waist even smaller regardless of your body type. Your crop top could be sleeveless during the warmer months or long sleeved if you’re wearing a skirt in the Fall or winter.

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Maxi and midi skirts in particular can be transitioned from the summer to the winter by adding layers and warm tops such as cropped sweaters and cardigans. A pair of leggings or tights could also be worn underneath for additional warmth during the cold weather.

When it’s nice and hot outside, you could throw on a pair of sandals or flats to complete your crop top and skirt look. When the temperature drops, replace this footwear with ankle or knee-high boots to keep warm. If you’re sporting a crop top for date night, don’t forget the high heels!

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2) A denim shirt and skirt

I’ve mentioned on this blog that denim naturally makes an outfit more casual and so any time we talk about adding anything denim to a look, it’s to create a more casual outfit. A denim shirt can be paired with short or long skirts to create a chic casual look. I find that denim shirts look best with skirts when at least a part of the waistline can be seen.

That’s why I always prefer to tie my denim shirt in the front so that my waist can be spotted. This helps to break up the outfit and avoid a situation where I look frumpy, especially if I’m wearing a maxi skirt.

When you’re a little shorter, like myself, a maxi skirt can end up swallowing you if you’re not careful with proportions and breaking things up with your maxi skirt outfits.

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A black maxi skirt paired with a tied-up denim shirt has got to be one of my favorite maxi skirt looks. If you’re feeling very 90’s inspired, consider pairing a denim skirt with a denim shirt the next time you have a causal outing to enjoy the warm weather.

There has not been any talk of denim shirt as office wear because you most likely would not be wearing a denim shirt to the office unless your office has Casual Days or it has a really casual dress code.

If this is the case, then it is smarter to go with a longer skirt (at least midi in length) and instead of tying your shirt in the front, either tuck it slightly into your skirt or let it fall naturally and add a small belt on top. That way, you’re still sporting a chic look while conforming to the office dress code.

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3) Tank tops and skirts

Tank tops on their own are considered a very casual top. If you are looking to create a laid back look with your skirts, an easy way is to just wear a tank top and call it a day. A mini skirt + tank top combo is a classic combination we see during the warmer weather and I love trying out different colors of tank tops when I go for this look.

Bright and bold colors are especially my favorite. The best way to take this look from ‘casual day at the beach’ to ‘summer officewear’ is to add a blazer. Yes, it’s that easy.

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Wearing a blazer on top of a tank top immediately makes your look more formal. If your skirt is midi in length, all you need is a pair of flats and you could literally leave the beach and head to the office just like that. If you’re headed for drinks in the evening instead of the office, throw on a denim jacket to keep the casual theme going on.

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4) Sweaters and skirts

There’s no way I could complete this list, living in Canada, without adding sweaters to the mix. Wearing a sweater or cardigan with your short or long skirts is a classic combination we see most often during the fall and winter months. If you don’t intend to wear any outerwear such as a jacket, then you can opt for a chunkier sweater, which should also keep you warmer.

Very chunky sweaters however are more difficult to wear underneath leather jackets and long line blazers and so if you intend to add another layer of clothing on top of your sweater, make sure to choose more form-fitting sweater. More form-fitting sweaters also go very nicely with mini skirts as sometimes, really chunky sweaters may overwhelm you if you are more petite.

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If you insist on wearing chunky sweaters with mini skirts, a good idea is to try tucking in at least a portion of your sweater into the waist of your skirt to give it some dimension. This would break up your outfit and make you look less bulky.

An example of a sweater look that could go from office to cocktail hour is a tucked in turtleneck sweater with a leather skirt. The leather lends some edge to the look, making it both work and after-hours appropriate. This is something I have talked about on my post on how to style flared skirts.

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5) Graphic t-shirts and skirts

You’re probably not new to the idea of wearing a graphic tee with your skirts but I would just like to re-emphasize this in this blog post. Whether you are wearing a long maxi skirt or a mini black skirt, a graphic t-shirt is a great way to make your look more fun and youthful.

Sometimes you can get away with wearing this look to the office if: your office has casual days and if your tee does not have any offensive images or texts on it.

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I particularly enjoy styling my graphic tees with midi skirts and sunglasses. It makes me feel like I’m a model off-duty, haha. You could throw on a leather jacket if it’s a little chilly outside and also add a pair of ankle boots to add some sass to your otherwise more casual outfit.

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6) Blouses and skirts

Here comes another classic combination in the skirt and top category. I think every woman should own long and short sleeved blouses in different colors. You could rotate these blouses with just a few skirts and you would be able to create so many different looks that would also be office-appropriate.

Make sure to invest in at least a knee-length black pencil skirt because you could create many classy looks with just one skirt and multiple blouses. If you own a white blouse, then pairing it with a skirt creates a nice fresh outfit.

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During the cooler months, you could add a pair of tights or leggings underneath as well as a trench coat on top to create a full Fall look. If you’re feeling extra fancy, throw on a pair of heels instead of boots to make this look more formal. You’ve got yourself a classic look right there.

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7) Simple tops + tees with skirts

We can’t have just graphic tee’s on this list when basic t-shirts and simple tops work just as nicely with skirts of varying lengths. A simple top could be paired with a longer skirt, a kimono and some bold accessories added to create a dressy summer look. A white tee paired with a flowy skirt makes for a great picnic date outfit.

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White tops generally make a look appear fresher and are very easy to match with any color of skirt you own and so I encourage you to pick up that white shirt at the back of your closet and pair it with all kinds of skirts you own to create many different looks. Feel free to add a pop of color to your overall look by carrying a bag in a bright color.

8) Lace tops with skirts

Lace is such a delicate fabric that adds a feminine touch to any outfit. A lace top is a great option to go with if you want your look to be softer. You could pair a cropped lace top with your skirts or a regular lace top with long sleeves with a skirt with floral prints for a boho vibe Spring look.

Lace tops are often seen at music festivals and have come to be summer staples thanks to the daintiness they lend to any look.

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Lace tops can also be worn for formal events as long as your torso is not exposed underneath the transparent fabric. In this case, you could wear a tank top underneath or choose a lace top that has a built-in bodice or tank.

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And just like that we have come to the end of this non-exhaustive list of was to wear different shirts with different lengths of skirts. I wanted to provide inspiration for not just long skirt outfits but shorter ones as well. Please let me know if you think I missed any tops or tell me how you prefer to style your skirts.

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