The 9 Best Shoe Colors to Wear With a Navy Dress

Navy is one of those colors that some people consider just as neutral as black and grey. I am one of those people if you’re wondering. It’s subtle enough to not cause any distractions while still adding a gentle touch of color to an outfit. It’s also one of the most popular colors of men’s suits given how well it pairs with other neutral colors such as white and brown.

On this blog, we have covered the best shoe colors to pair with many different colors of dresses such as red, pink, orange, black and even royal blue. Today, the focus is going to be on choosing the right color of shoes to go with a navy blue dress. It’s crazy how the wrong shoe color can really mess up your navy outfit.

In this blog post, I would be covering not only the right colors of shoes to pair with a navy dress but also the right style. Different dresses call for a different type of shoe, depending on the occasion. I would also be including different options for the various seasons. Keep reading to find out which color and style of shoes would work best with your navy dresses.

Before we dive into the different shoe colors to pair with your navy dress, I think it’s important you start with a good foundation. I’m referring to the perfect navy dress. Before deciding on which color of shoe to go with, you need to know which navy dress you’re going for. This would have a large influence on your choice of shoe style and color.

Here are some of my favorite navy dresses you can start with. I have tried to include different style of blue dresses to accommodate a range of personal styles and preferences.

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Where to buy navy blue dresses

i) Old Navy

Old Navy offers a small selection of casual and semi-casual navy blue dresses. These could be worn during the warmer months to create chic summer outfits. THIS midi shirt dress features polka dots and could easily be worn both to the office as well as to the park.

Pair it with sandals for a dressier look or you can opt for a pair of white sneakers for a more casual look. You could also elevate your overall look with a pair of high heels if you’re up to it.

ii) Banana Republic

Although we may be eagerly looking towards Spring, it’s still sweater season around here. As a big fan of sweater dresses, I am so glad I stumbled across THIS Navy blue sweater dress. It’s appropriate enough for the office while being stylish enough to wear to an art gallery or fancy restaurant.

During the winter months, pair it with black tights or leggings to add an extra layer of warmth. A pair of ankle boots in a neutral color are also a good choice.

Although it may not be a navy blue dress, I do love THIS navy wool pencil skirt. It could easily be paired with a navy blouse or top for a chic monochromatic look.

iii) Nordstrom

If you are looking for a navy cocktail dress that flatters an imperfect belly, I recommend you check out Nordstrom. They have a good selection of both cocktail dresses as well as floor-length gowns for any formal occasion.

THIS flutter sleeve midi dress would be a great choice to wear to a formal event. Pair with strappy heels or a pair of pumps and some nice gold accessories.

iv) Pretty Little Thing

This is a great site to check out if you are looking for sexier dresses in navy. If you’ve got the body, show it off in one of their form-fitting dresses. THIS ribbed midi dress could be worn to the club or it could be styled with a blazer and pumps for a more professional look. The best part? It’s currently under $10!

v) Lulus

Headed to a wedding with navy blue as the dress code? Or are you looking for navy blue dresses for bridesmaids? THIS maxi dress is the answer you are searching for. The cut is flattering on both petite and plus sizes while the length keeps things elegant. Pair it with heels in a neutral color to let your dark blue dress take center stage.

Now that you have a good idea of where to shop for navy dresses for different occasions, let’s talk about the perfect pair of shoes to go with them. Let’s face it, your shoes can make or break your outfit.

What color shoes to wear with a navy dress

1) Black shoes

If you are reading this post, you most likely own a pair of black shoes. It’s arguable the most popular shoe color and so it makes sense that it’s included on this list. A black strappy sandal or a pair of stiletto heels are the best shoes to pair with a navy dress. Black heels work well for special occasions while a pair of black flats could be worn if you can’t wear heels.

Get the look HERE

You can also get a similar pair of low-heeled sandals HERE.

2) Nude shoes

Nude color shoes are a classic choice to pair with a blue dress. As I have mentioned several times on this blog, nude is very subjective. Find a shade of nude that best compliments your skin tone to achieve the best results.

Get the look HERE

Pair your favorite blue dress with shoes in neutral colors to make your legs look even longer. Nude heels with an open toe are the perfect choice to go with a navy dress with a slit.

Be aware that some website will refer to nude as beige. Find a similar pair of nude heels HERE

3) Gold shoes

Blue and navy make for the perfect color combination. If you read my blog then you know gold heels are my favorite color of shoes to pair with dresses. It’s a neutral metallic color that adds some shine to any look.

Get the look HERE

Golden shoes would elevate your overall look and, in my opinion, are the best color shoes to pair with a navy blue cocktail dress. If you have a darker skin tone, this is a great option for you.

One of my favorite gold heels are THESE ONES right here.

4) White shoes

Compliment your blue dress with a pair of white shoes to add a beautiful contrast to your outfit. White is a neutral color that adds freshness to any look. Pair your navy summer maxi dresses with a pair of white flat sandals for a summer vacation look.

Get the look HERE

A great way to dress things up by opting for a pair of white heels such as heeled mules. You can also create a chic casual look by pairing white sneakers with your navy dress. This works best with shirt dresses, mini dresses and casual maxi dresses.

White sneakers a re a wardrobe staple, get your own pair HERE

5) Silver shoes

Metallic shoes are the ideal choice to go with if you’re dressing up for a fancy event. I love the slight shimmer and shine they lend to any outfit color. Silver is a more subtle metallic color and one of those colors that goes with any skin color.

Get the look HERE

You could opt for a pair of silver ballet flats or open toe flats if you’re not up to wearing silver strappy heels.

6) Burgundy shoes

Burgundy is closer to neutral colors on the color spectrum and so styling your navy dress with burgundy heels is not a fashion faux pas. You would be adding a subtle pop of color to your outfit. If you’re not a fan of bright red shoes, burgundy is a great option.

Get the look HERE

During the colder months, a pair of burgundy boots is your best option if you’re looking to add burgundy footwear to your outfit. The shorter your navy dress, the taller your boots choices can get. Make your outfit stand out more by choosing accessories in a bold color that is still complimentary. For example, a mustard clutch.

7) Blue shoes

Create the perfect monochromatic look by pairing your navy dress with a pair of navy-blue heels. You can choose between a pair of open-toe heels or pumps to create a chic look. For casual outfits, a pair of Birkenstock’s in navy blue would pair nicely while keeping you comfortable.

Get the look HERE

Choose a gold clutch and earrings or a purse featuring animal print to accomplish this. Play around with different shades of blue to make your look more interesting. However, I recommend sticking to a darker shade of blue if you truly want a monochrome look.

8) Clear shoes

Clear shoes make the legs appear longer as it’s harder to distinguish between where your legs begin and end. I also find they add a touch of sexiness to an outfit so feel free to wear these if you’re headed for date night.

Get the look HERE

As with all colors of dresses, I had to include clear shoes to my list. They go with any color and cold be paired with anything from a little black dress to a pair of jeans. A pair of clear heels is the type of shoe you can wear for both casual events as well as date night.

9) Brown shoes

Brown is another neutral color that pairs nicely with a blue dress. It’s an excellent choice if you have a darker skin tone and want something more neutral. It’s one of the best colors to go with if you want your dress to be the centre of attention while your footwear takes a backseat.

Get the look HERE

Choose a pair of brown heels for a more formal look while flat shoes are the perfect choice for your blue maxis. If you have a darker skin tone, choose an even darker shade of brown if you do not want your shoes to look nude. Brown ankle boots could be worn during the Fall and winter months.

I hope you have realized the right shoes to pair with your navy dress. This post contains outfit ideas you can refer to whether this is the first time you’re wearing a navy dress or you wear navy looks frequently. Which of these shoe colors was your favorite?

If you’re a big fan of bright colors, you could also try a pair of yellow shoes to go with your navy dress. This works especially well during the summer months.

Get the shoes HERE

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