The 8 Best Shoe Colors to Wear With a Royal Blue Dress

I think by the time Spring hits, I may have gone through all the colors of dresses and the best shoe colors to pair with them. Today, our dress color of choice shall be blue. Not just any blue by the way but royal blue, which is the most striking shade of blue.

Royal blue is my favorite blue shade because of how vibrant and rich it is. As a fan of bright and bold colors, it definitely speaks to me.

The blue color is such a royal one that comes in different shades. The darker shades like navy blue tend to be used for formal events such as weddings while the brighter shades are seen as more casual.

A royal blue dress is typically reserved for a more formal event versus everyday wear. If you’re wearing one, you are not looking to blend into the crowd.

In today’s blog post, I would be going over the best shoe colors to pair with a royal blue dress to create the most stylish looks. Of course, you may think to yourself, ‘I can just wear any color of shoes with my blue dresses, what’s the big deal?’

The difference is that I would be offering you the best options of shoe colors to create a chic look and not a basic one. If you want to stand out in your royal blue dress like a fashion pro, keep reading!

Before we dive into the best shoe color to pair with your blue outfit, I would like to start by sharing where you can shop for some of the best blue dresses.

It can be hard to find a royal blue dress and so I have compiled a list of some of my favorite options below. This would be very helpful if you’re looking for a royal blue dress to add to your wardrobe.

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Where to find a royal blue dress

i) Revolve

Revolve offers a number of chic blue dresses in various lengths. If you’re looking for a glamorous royal blue dress to stand out in, this would be a great site to check out.

Both their cocktail dresses as blue formal gowns are bound to be head-turners at your next formal occasion.

THIS cobalt blue Tere mini dress is a great option to wear to a birthday party.

ii) Shein

For less formal blue dresses, Shein is a good place to check out. They offer such a wide range of blue dresses for both casual as well as semi-formal occasions.

THIS blue belted wrap dress would be a great choice to wear to church, to the office and even for a dinner date. Pair it with high heels for the best outfit.

You can find a stunning blue prom dress such as THIS ONE to be the belle of your prom night.

iii) Etsy

What I love about blue dress options on Etsy is how most of them can be customized or made to order. This is great if you have a unique body shape and can’t fit into standard dresses.

If you are looking for an Afrocentric blue dress to wear either for prom or to a wedding, check out THIS Ankara option.

iv) Lulus

Lulus offers a decent selection of dresses in royal blue hues. With most of them being dressier options, you should also turn to them if you are on the hunt for a blue dress for a special occasion.

If you’re looking for a royal blue maxi dress you could style with strappy sandals or pumps, look no further than THIS maxi dress. It’s the perfect balance of sexy yet casual.

v) Nordstrom

If you’re looking for red carpet-worthy blue dresses to wear to a formal dinner, then Nordstrom is a great place to check out. Most of their long dresses range in price from $150-$350 as these are quality formal dresses.

If you’re putting together a formal look such as THIS ONE, you have to complete it with a pair of heels to pull your entire look together. A form-fitting trumpet gown would show off your curves nicely.

Now that you have a good idea of where to shop for chic royal blue dresses, it’s time we cover the best shoes to pair with your blue looks. As royal blue is more of a formal color, most of the shoes mentioned would be heels.

Heels always add a more formal look to an outfit. You could always replace any of them with flats or kitten heels if high heels are not your thing.

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What color shoes to wear with a royal blue dress

1) Gold shoes

Blue and gold is such a beautiful and royal color combination. If you read my blog then you know gold heels are my favorite color of shoes to pair with dresses. It’s a neutral metallic color that adds some shine to any look.

Golden shoes would elevate your overall look and the best way to complete your outfit would be with a gold clutch purse. If you have a darker skin tone, this is a great option for you.

Get the look HERE

2) Black shoes

Each one of you reading this post most likely owns a pair of black shoes. It’s arguable the most popular shoe color and so it makes sense that it’s included on this list. A pair of black strappy sandals or stiletto heels are the best shoes to pair with a blue dress.

Pumps may be a bit too dominating while sandals show some more skin and break up the black. Black heels work well for formal occasions while a pair of black flats could be worn if you can’t wear heels.

Get the look HERE

Get the exact black heeled sandals HERE

3) White shoes

Compliment your blue dress with a pair of white shoes to add a beautiful contrast to your outfit. White is a neutral color that adds freshness to any look. Pair your royal blue summer maxi dress with a pair of white flat sandals for a summer vacation look.

Dress things up by opting for a pair of white heels such as heeled mules. A really casual choice would be a pair of white sneakers.

Get the look HERE

4) Silver shoes

Metallic shoes are the ideal choice to go with if you’re dressing up for a fancy event. I love the slight shimmer and shine they lend to any outfit color. Silver is a more subtle metallic color and one of those colors that goes with any skin color.

You could opt for a pair of silver ballet flats or open toe flats if you’re not up to wearing silver strappy heels.

Get the look HERE

5) Clear heels

As with all color of dresses, I had to include clear shoes to my list. They go with any color and cold be paired with anything from a black dress to a pair of jeans.

A pair of clear heels is the type of shoe you can wear for both casual events as well as date night. They make your legs appear longer as they sort of blend with your skin.

Get the look HERE

6) Nude shoes

Nude color shoes are a classic choice to pair with a blue dress. As I have always mentioned on this blog, nude is very subjective. Find a shade of nude that best compliments your skin tone to achieve the best results.

Pair your favorite blue dress with shoes in neutral colors to make your legs loo even longer.

Nude flats or Birkenstocks are the perfect pair of shoes to style your casual blue maxi dress for some chic casual wear.

Get the look HERE

7) Blue shoes

Create the perfect monochromatic look by pairing your blue dress with a pair of blue heels. You can choose between a pair of open-toe heels or pumps to create a chic look. It’s important to break up the blue-on-blue look with either a pop of color or print.

Choose a gold clutch and earrings or a purse featuring animal print to accomplish this. Play around with different shades of blue to make your look more interesting.

Get the look by Sam Edelman HERE

8) Brown shoes

Brown is another neutral color that pairs nicely with a blue dress. It’s an excellent choice if you have a darker skin tone and want something more neutral. It’s one of the best colors to go with if you want your dress to be the centre of attention while your footwear takes a backseat.

Choose a pair of brown heels for formal events while flat shoes are the perfect choice for your blue maxis.

Get the look HERE

I hope this post has proven to be helpful in showing you the best color of shoes to pair with a royal blue dress. These same colors would also work nicely with navy dresses. I have also tried to share different ways of styling your entire outfit to achieve a chic look.

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Until the next post,