The 5 Best Ways to Wear High Waisted Skirts

High-waisted skirts are among the most flattering skirts a woman can have in her closet, regardless of her size and body type. This is because they are designed to fit more snug at the waist, making it appear smaller while also cutting you off above your belly button.

Any skirt or dress that hugs you more above your navel is going to make you appear smaller on top and have a smaller waist. In this post, we are going to discuss ways you can style high-waist skirts as well as cover the different types of high waist skirts out there.

A high-waist skirt can be <a ” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener” data-hook=”WebLink”>mini, midi or maxi in length and can be paired with a large number of tops, sweaters, jackets as well as footwear. This makes them extremely versatile and thus very easy to style, depending on the look you’re going for. If you are apple-shaped, you tend to have a broader upper body and narrow hips.

If this is you, then you want your high-waisted skirts to flare out a little in order to bring some attention to your bottom half. Hourglass and pear-shaped women can opt for skirts that are more form-fitting if they wish to draw some attention to their body curve.

If you came here to get some more inspiration for how to style a high waist skirt, stay tuned!

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To begin, let’s cover the main types of high waisted skirts:

1) High-waisted pencil skirt

A high waisted pencil skirt is a great option to go with if you are attending an event with a business casual dress code. It does not necessarily have to be black, although a black high waist pencil skirt is probably the most popular out there. Pair it with a button-up blouse and some nude heels for an office-friendly look.

2) High-waisted bodycon skirt

As mentioned in my previous post, bodycon dresses and skirts are not only for those with flat stomachs. A form-fitting dressier skirt featuring a high waist would look great for a night out if paired with a crop top or tank top and a pair of heels. This outfit is a very popular choice of outfit among women with curves because it brings wanted attention to the defined waist and more pronounced hips.

3) High-waisted mini skirt

For a more casual look during the warmer months, high-waist mini skirts are a good option to go with because their length already screams casual and all you have to do is find cute tank tops or fitted tops to complete your look. Your footwear doesn’t even matter as much with this look because the focus would already be your waist and beautiful legs.

4) High-waisted midi skirt

Midi skirts featuring the high waisted style can work for both formal events as well as casual events, depending on how form-fitting they are and the top you choose to pair them with. A flare midi skirt for example could be styled in different ways for either the office or any other more formal environment.

They could be paired with long-sleeve tops and flats for a simple yet chic day look. A more form-fitting midi skirt on the other hand may be too distracting for work, however could be the perfect look for date night.

5) High-waisted maxi skirt

This is the best option for women who do not wish to show their legs but still want to make their waist appear smaller. A flare high waist maxi skirt is the perfect casual outfit to wear to the beach with a crop top. It’s breathable, light and easy to wear. This same look also works nicely if you’re trying to hide a belly as the skirt clings only to your waist – not your hips, stomach or love handles. I have a post dedicated entirely on how to wear crop tops without showing your belly HERE.

Now that we’ve gone through the 5 main types of high-waisted skirts, let’s quickly go through some great high-waist skirt outfits. Here are my favorites ways to style high-waist skirts: 1) With a crop top

Crop tops are already a waist-accentuating item. Now imagine combining them with another waist-defining item – a guaranteed head turning outfit right here. To get the best results, choose a top that ends right here your high waist skirt begins. If your crop top is too long, it’ll just make your torso look really long. If your crop top is too short, it may create a muffin top.

Get the look HERE

When it hits just right, you’re serving elite high waist fashion darling. This look works great with any length of maxi skirt. On a chillier evening, grab your leather jacket to keep you warm while still serving.

2) With a simple shirt

A great way of creating an effortless casual high waist look, is to add simple shirts, I would suggest tucking your shirt in, just to make sure we’re still bringing attention to your cinched waist. An example of a casual outfit you could put together would be a tucked in graphic tee with a high-waisted pencil skirt.

Image source here

Add a blazer for a more polished look or a denim jacket if you’re going for a more casual vibe. During the colder months, complete your look with a pair of ankle boots et voila.

3) With a tube top

Now this look is for those who are definitely not shy about showing some skin. However, if you opt for a really high waist skirt, then you don’t have to show as much skin. A perfect skirt to go with tube tops has to be a high-waisted mermaid skirt.

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When I think of mermaid skirts and tube tops, I immediately think of Leona Lewis. She had a moment some years ago where she seemed to be obsessed with this look and I can’t blame her. She had the figure to rock the tube top and mermaid skirt look. Just like Leona, play around with some bright colors if you decide to try out this very feminine outfit idea.

4) With a wrap top

Wrap tops are a great mix of feminine and flirty. I love how they tend to put your décolletage on display in a tasteful manner. They also tend to be shorter in length and that makes them a perfect candidate for high waist skirt outfits. A great way to style them is with tulle skirts or any other full skirts because the flared bottom would balance out the form-fitting top. Unless however you’re going for full va-va voom. Then bodycon skirt it is!

To add some glam to your look, as your full neck would be on display, accessorize with a statement necklace. Do note that in the Fall/Winter, a wrap sweater could be worn in the place of a wrap top for the same effect.

5) With a sweater
Of course I had to round off this list with a sweater – I mean, I do live in Canada where it’s cold during half of the year. Fitted or oversized sweaters work with high waist skirts however, if your sweater is on the chunkier side, I recommend you tuck in at least a part of your sweater, just so we can see some waist.

Otherwise, you may get lost in your clothing and end up looking more boxy. Consider pairing your sweater with a high waist black leather skirt for an elevated Fall look.

Choose a sweater in a rich color such as forest green, dark brown, burgundy or mustard for maximum effect. A great idea to create an edgy look would be to throw on a pair of combat boots such as Doc Martens.

I hope you’ve gotten lots of outfit ideas for your high-waisted skirts. High waisted designs are not going anywhere anytime soon thanks to their flattering fit and so this is one of those fashion trends you don’t have to worry about disappearing on you. Choose the skirt style you are comfortable with and then go from there. You should also check out my post on how to wear skirts casually for some more outfit inspo.

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