11 Great Short Dresses to Wear as a Wedding Guest

A lot of us grew up understanding that when it came to formal events, you were expected to wear long dresses. They are regarded as more appropriate at special events such as weddings. It was only from my teenage years that I started to accept the fact that a cocktail dress could also be seen as appropriate attire for a formal event. It all depended on the dress code and how it was styled.

In today’s blog post, I would be sharing some of the best short dresses you can wear to a black-tie wedding. This list should only be consulted if you are following the wedding dress codes. You always want to respect the couples’ wishes when attending a wedding. If short dresses are permitted, then you can get to shopping and getting style tips from this post.

A number of brides have also started sporting short wedding dresses on their big day. This tends to happen when the wedding ceremony is taking place on a ranch, in a barn or on a beach. Shorter dresses are also more acceptable at beach weddings or ceremonies taking place in warmer weather.

If you are looking for some great options of short dresses you can wear during the warmer months, you should keep reading. When I say short, I do not mean mini, however. We’re still keeping things classy and respectful over here. I would be sharing great choices of dresses for different budgets so don’t you worry. I will also share some styling tips to help you wear some of these dresses during the colder months so stay tuned.

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Short Dresses to Wear to a Wedding

1) If you are going to wear a shorter dress to a Spring wedding, you might as well choose one with a floral print. We all know Spring is associated with flowers and pastel colors. Incorporate this into your wedding guest attire to be right on trend.

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Complete your look with a pair of strappy heels to show off your legs. You can always slip into a pair of ballet flats when it’s time to hit the dance floor. During the colder months, add a chic warm coat or jacket such as a trench coat to your outfit to stay warm in a stylish way.

THIS strapless floral dress is a great option if you wish to show off your arms at a summer wedding.

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2) An A-line swing dress is a good choice to go with if you’re looking for a shorter dress you can wear to a wedding. You can also recycle this dress for other fancy occasions such as cocktail parties, birthday dinners etc. The cut of this particular flared A-line dress works for any body type.

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The rouching around the bust creates a flattering effect on women with a bigger chest. The A-line silhouette gives the illusion of a smaller waist while taking attention away from the belly area. This makes it the perfect dress for women who may be pregnant or recently had a baby. It’s also a great choice if you’re looking to not bring attention to your stomach.

3) Lace is a common fabric seen during wedding season. It does not have to be reserved for the bride’s dress nether. A short lace dress is an excellent choice to go with when getting ready for a wedding during the warmer months. Choose lace dresses in bright colors during the summer months to add some color. Always remember to follow the dress code though.

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Short lace dresses can be worn for both daytime weddings as well as the cocktail segment and reception that may follow. During the colder months, add a pair of tights under your dress for some extra warmth. You can also add a shawl or stole to keep your arms warm while keeping your look chic.

4) A little black dress is one of those items that respects almost all wedding dress codes. When it comes to choosing one that is appropriate for someone else’s wedding day, you want to make sure it’s not more than a few inches above the knee. You can show some cleavage, arms and shoulders but everything in a tasteful manner.

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You can wear an LBD during all seasons and they’re an especially good choice for a winter wedding. This is because they are slimming and easy to pair with any color of shoes. A knee-length black dress would give you a more formal look versus a mini dress. Add a pop of color to your black outfit by slipping on a pair of shoes in a solid bright color.

THIS mesh puff sleeve mini dress could be paired with black tights for a chic winter black-tie wedding.

5) Off-shoulder dresses are a great style of dress to choose for an outdoor wedding on a nice day. A short off shoulder dress in a bright color is an excellent choice for a destination wedding. You can even wear a flower in your hair as a great accessory.

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If this is a casual celebration on the beach, a pair of wedges or low-heeled sandals are the best choice of footwear. For more formal weddings, slip on a pair of high heels in a complementary color to complete your look. A pair of statement earrings is also a good idea any time you’re dressing up for a wedding.

6) If you’re worried about being too sexy in a short dress, opt for one with long sleeves. This helps to balance out the exposed legs with a more covered upper body. You can still add a touch of sexiness by choosing a low-cut top. During the Spring months, try playing around with dresses in pastel colors.

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Give your outfit more of an evening wear vibe by adding a pair of heeled sandals to your outfit. A chic evening purse and a pair of earrings seals the deal. You can always add a pair of nude tights underneath if you’re really concerned about the shorter length of your dress.

7) If you are attending a wedding with a garden party, you could pair a slip dress with a pair of heels to create a sexy semi-formal look. Keep your slip dress slightly above your knee and not shorter to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions, especially if you intend to bust it down on the dance floor.

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There are plenty of options of slip dresses out there so choose one that respects the dress code in your wedding invitation. If you worry about your belly fat, you may want to slip on a pair of Spanx underneath your slip dress or choose one in a dark color.

8) A great way to distract from the shortness of a dress is an asymmetric detail. Short dresses with one exaggerated sleeve or one hemline longer than the other brings attention to that detail. This means attentions is taken away from the shorter length of your dress. Having one side of your dress longer than the other instantly makes your short dress appear longer.

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A bold print also helps take the focus away from your dress’ hemline. Complete your look with a pair of heels to elongate your legs. A pair of clear heels would go with any color and print. If you’re looking to brighten up your outfit during the Spring, white heels are your best bet.

9) If you are attending a more casual wedding, skater dresses are the right dress to go with. Skater dresses and skirts tend to already be shorter in length. Their shorter and flirty nature make them a great choice for a wedding with a casual dress code. You could pair yours with a pair of sandals or flats for a comfortable chic look.

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A skater dress with a sweetheart neckline is very flattering on women who have a bigger bust. Those with a smaller chest can opt for strapless dresses. The white dress above would be a good option to go with if the dress code is all white yet, casual.

10) Weddings are the right place to show off your more fashionable side. A lot of people go for dresses in neutral colors when it comes to a black-tie wedding. You can make things more interesting by missing colors and prints.

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This puff sleeve minidress is the perfect wedding guest dress for the fashionista looking to stand out on a budget. During the cold months, you could add a pair of tights and opt for heeled ankle boots instead of heeled sandals.

11) Wrap dresses have been saving bloated bellies for many years. The beauty of a wrap dress is in its design. It cinches the waist, flatters the bust and yet manages to hide any belly fat all while remaining stylish. A short wrap dress can be paired with heels or flats to create an elegant look.

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Choose a wrap dress in a color that complements your skin color to really make your outfit stand out. If you’re worried about the wind blowing your dress up and creating an unwanted Marilyn Monroe moment, wear biker shorts underneath.

I hope you have gotten some outfit inspiration when it comes to wearing short dresses at a wedding. For a more formal wedding, try to cover as much skin as possible and opt for neutral colors. Always remember to be respectful of the couple’s special day and avoid outfits that may easily cause a wardrobe malfunction.

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Midi dresses are probably the most common dress length seen at weddings requiring formal attire. Shorter dresses can be made to look more formal if styled properly. I have shared some of my favorite short dresses in this post and they should help you find the perfect choice for you.

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