What Shoes to Wear With a White Dress: Top 10 Options

White dresses are one of my favorite clothing items to exist and mandatory for any Summer wardrobe – or wardrobe in general. They are ethereal and serve as the perfect canvas to build so many styles upon.

Depending on the style and color of your white dress – because yes, there are different shades of white, it can be dressed up for a special occasion or dresses down with a leather jacket (or denim jacket) and some boots for a more laid back vibe.

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I particularly love white summer dresses and find that they look flattering on all body types, as long as the fit is right. Styling your white dress outfits with the right pair of shoes is actually really easy and most of the shoes on this list would work great regardless of your skin tone or color.

Here are my top picks for the best color shoes to wear with your favorite white dress:

1) White shoes

I’m a major sucker for an all-white outfit. There is just something so clean, crisp and refreshing about a white look from head to toe and so the more white, the better the look, in my opinion.

A pair of white shoes works great with a white dress for both casual outfits (white sneakers) as well as a formal event (white high heels or pumps). Who said you can’t wear white after Labor Day?

2) Gold shoes

In my opinion, this is the next best option after white shoes. It’s such a great color combination that oozes luxury. Gold heels or strappy gold sandals in particular are so eye-catching when paired with a white dress and make your overall look appear more expensive. Complete this look with some simple gold accessories for the perfect elegant look to compliment your golden shoes.

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3) Nude shoes

I generally don’t like describing clothing or shoe colors as ‘nude’ seeing as nude looks different to different people, depending on your skin color. So for this option, I would say whichever nude works for you. Nude shoes are the perfect choice for your little white dress if you want the focus to be your dress and/or accessories.

Your nude shoes could even be in the form of pointed-toe flats if you’re going for a more casual look. Depending on the style of the dress you are wearing, you could even add a longline cardigan to this look to make it more of a Fall outfit.

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4) Cowboy boots

Yes, I know this is probably not what you were expecting to see on this list but I must admit, this trend has grown on me. Sometimes we have to break way from all these so-called fashion rules that may not support this but how else are you supposed to show up at your wedding in a barn on a farm? It’s such a fun and edgy look.

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A great way to make this look work everyday is to add a denim jacket and even a hat and you’ve got yourself a sweet bohemian look.

5) Red shoes

Providing the ultimate pop of color on this neutral canvas is red shoes. Wearing red shoes is a good choice as long as the rest of your outfit is not too busy. Red is such a bold color and we wouldn’t want too much going on at once.

Styled correctly with minimal accessories, these shoes would go very nicely with your bright white dress. I fine that red heels work best with mini, midi and knee length white dresses – because you really want to show them off.

P.S. Red shoes also work so well with a red dress as seen below!

6) Metallic shoes

Metallic shoes are great because they tend to come in neutral colors but the shininess of the shoes makes your look more interesting. I particularly love champagne-colored and silver metallic shoes and find that they are excellent choices to dress up any white clothing. Metallic heels work great for white date night looks and can be paired with a nice shawl or metallic bag for the occasion.

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*Side note, metallic shoes are also a great way to dress up your little black dress. Your silver shoes could also come in the form of flats and sandals and would still elevate your look.

7) Brown shoes

Brown shoes are not my favorite color of shoes to wear with white however if done right, could look amazing. When I say ‘done right’, I’m referring to the shade of brown chosen because just like color white, brown comes in different shades.

My personal preference is dark or deep brown – Fall brown as I call it. I feel that the lighter shades of brown end up washing you and your outfit out, especially if you have a darker skin complexion.

8) Black shoes

Black shoes are probably the trickiest to pair with white dresses – weird because black is the most universal color and tends to go with everything. The thing is they’re both on opposite sides of the color spectrum and so create a contrasting look.

I find that the best way to balance this out is either by wearing a black strappy heel instead of pumps (unless they expose some of your foot) or by choosing a black shoe mixed with another neutral color. Black heels with an open toe are my best choice for a white dress.

I’m loving these options from Lulus:

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9) Animal print shoes

Shoes with animal prints are so much fun. They add a little excitement to your simple white dress and are a great option if your goal is a chic look. It’s good to note that these shoes would pair nicely depending on your type of dress.

For floor-length maxi dresses, a leopard print sandal pairs nicely while for shorter white dresses, a leopard or animal print boot or block heel is the perfect combination.

Accessorize with a matching purse or one in a bright color such as red for the ultimate look.

10) Pink shoes

I haven’t worn pink heels since my university days and I’m not sure why but they could be the perfect shoe color to go with your favorite white dress. I find that bright colors work best with pure white dresses versus eggshell or off-white.

Neutral tones work well with the darker shades of white. For your pink shoes, heels or sandals are both great choices. This is definitely the color to wear if you’re not shy from making a statement with your outfit and having eyes on you.

I hope this post has been helpful in giving you some white dress outfit ideas and some of the best colors to go with your different shades of white dresses. The right color shoes mostly depends on the style of dress, the occasion and the shade of white (off-white, cream, eggshell, ivory and pure white).

Tips to remember:

1) Bright color shoes work best with the brighter shades of white like ivory while neutral color shoes and brown shoes pair nicely with the darker shades of white such as eggshell and cream.

2) Always consider the type of accessories you plan on pairing with your outfit. If your shoe color is bold or loud, take it easy with the accessories.

3) Your white dresses can be worn in the Fall. Think of pairing them with cardigans, hats, denim or leather jackets, leggings and boots.

At the end of the day, regardless of the color of your shoes, you want to be comfortable and feel beautiful in your outfit. Feel free to play around with different colors to really figure out your personal preference. Who knows, you may end up loving blue shoes, green shoes or yellow ones over any colors I have provided in this list.

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