Maxi Skirts and The Best Shoes to go With Them

If you take one look at my blog, it would be easy to spot which items are in heavy rotation in my closet. Longer skirts are a wardrobe staple because they can easily be dressed up or down and are really comfortable. You can wear a long skirt on days you don’t feel like showing your legs but still want to look chic and put together.

Maxi skirts can also be worn year-round as I have mentioned several times on this blog. You can easily throw on a denim jacket or leather jacket during the winter season to add some warmth.

During warmer weather, it’s easy to pair them with tank tops and crop tops for a casual look. A maxi skirt could also be styled with a silk blouse or peplum top when dressing for formal events. Check out my post: The 6 best shoes to wear with a maxi skirt for more on that.

Similar to midi skirts, a long skirt can be paired with many different types of shoes. Depending on your personal style and the dress code of the occasion, your choice of footwear can vary from day to day. The weather is also a major determining factor in deciding the perfect choice of shoes to go with your long skirt outfit. I don’t think you want to be caught in a pair of flat sandals in the winter.

In today’s blog post, I would be covering the best shoes to wear with your maxi skirts (and also maxi dresses) to create stylish looks. I would be sharing looks you can wear across different seasons and for various events and occasions. At the end of this post, you would see that regardless of your body type, you can definitely rock a maxi skirt. It’s just a matter of pairing it with the right top and shoes.

Before we dive into the right shoes to pair with your long skirts, I would like to share some great options for maxi skirts. These would be great options to either add to your wardrobe or serve as inspiration in case you already own something similar. If you’re unsure which tops to pair with them, I recommend you check out my post: The best tops to wear with maxi skirts for different seasons.

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Where to shop for long skirts

i) Shein

Shein offers a huge selection of maxi dresses to choose from. You can find long skirts to wear to casual events as well as maxi skirts for special occasions. If you struggle with belly fat but want to look sexy in your maxi skirt, THIS Maxi wrap skirt would be a great option for you. The front detailing would conceal your problem area in a stylish way. All that’s missing is a pair of high heels

ii) Lulus

I love Lulus for their very trendy take on modern fashion. Lots of classy maxi skirts are available however most of them are for the warmer months. THIS white tiered maxi skirt would be a good option to pair with slippers or sandals on a hot summer day. You could also pair it with a sweater and ankle boots to wear on a colder day.

iii) Chicwish

Chicwish offers both pencil skirts as well as wider maxi skirts in different colors and prints. If you’re embracing bright colors and bold prints this season, I suggest you check out their different options. One of my favorites is THIS yellow chiffon skirt. It attracts all the attention in the right way. Pair it with a white blouse or crop top for the best look.

iv) Amazon

Tutu skirts aren’t just for toddlers, you know. Grown women are wearing them to fancy occasions with high heels and stealing the spotlight while we’re at it. A tulle skirt in a sloid color can be paired with a t-shirt for a casual outfit or a blouse and a pair of strappy heels for a more formal look. THIS ONE has some great reviews and comes in a variety of beautiful colors.

If you love a tiered tulle skirt, check out THIS OPTION.

v) Boohoo

A popular way to style a casual maxi skirt is to wear a matching skirt set. A ribbed crop top and skirt set like THIS ONE is a great choice to go with if you’re undecided about which top to pair with your long skirt. A pencil skirt works best if you’re taking this route. Choose a pair of sneakers or boots to complete your look.

vi) Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing turns up the sexy factor when it comes to skirts. You may know them mostly for their mini skirts but they also offer a lot of midi and maxi skirts. If you’re looking for a long skirt to wear for date night, THIS ONE would be one of your best options. You’ll be sure to command all the attention.

Now that you have a good idea of where to find the trendiest maxi skirts, let’s talk about the perfect shoes to pair with them. The different types of shoes would ultimately depend on the weather, dress code of the occasion and your personal style.

The perfect shoes to wear with a long skirt

i) Heels

A pair of heels is that one shoe option you can always count on to elevate a look. Whether you choose to go with pumps, strappy heels or any other style of heel, you’re bound to make your maxi skirt outfit stand out more. If you want your shoes to show in your outfit, I recommend opting for a long skirt that doesn’t go pass your ankles.

Get the look HERE

Similar heels HERE

If you’re not a fan of 5-inch heels, try going for a nice kitten heel, after all, it’s not the heel that would be the certain of attention. Strappy heels tend to be worn for events such as a cocktail party while a pair of pumps tends to be seen as more formal. Complete your stylish look with an evening clutch or purse and you’re ready for your event.

ii) Sneakers

The perfect way to create a casual look with a long skirt is to pair it with a pair of sneakers. My preferred choice would be a pair of white sneakers. White is a neutral color that could go with any color of skirt. It also adds a freshness to your outfit without competing for attention with your skirt. You could definitely go with another color of sneakers to create a fun look.

Get the look HERE

When pairing a long skirt with sneakers, keep the rest of your outfit more casual. This is where you want to play around with tank tops, crop tops as well as off-shoulder blouses. You can always wear a denim jacket for an extra layer of warmth. During the cooler months, feel free to wear a pair of leggings underneath your skirt if it’s cold outside.

iii) Ankle boots

A great way to style your long skirts during the Fall and Winter is to pair them with ankle boots and a jacket. Ankle boots are the shoe style that work best here because most of your leg is being covered. You want a boot that would be comfortable underneath that long skirt and with an ankle boot, you don’t have to fuss when getting them on.

Get the look HERE

Similar boots available HERE

Tall boots such as knee-high boots could be worn if you wish but I don’t really see the point unless you just want to stay warm underneath your skirt. Flat ankle boots such as Chelsea boots are your best bet if you’re going for a more casual look. For an edgy look, try going with a pair of platform combat boots and a black leather jacket.

iv) Flat shoes

A pair of flats can be worn with a maxi skirt to create a chic look you could wear to the office. The good news is you could opt for a pair of flats even for more formal occasions if you’re not up to wearing heels. I suggest you go for a pair of ballerina flats in a solid color for a more formal look. To add some glam to your overall look, try a pair of flats with some bling on them.

Get the look HERE

Similar sandals HERE

During the summer months, you could switch out your flats for a pair of flat sandals. These could also be added to your office wear or you could wear them for a stroll on a hot summer day. Choose a long or short-sleeved blouse if headed to an out-of-office meeting. A simple white tank top is enough to go with if you’re headed to the grocery store.

v) Mules

You can create a great look with your long skirts by pairing them with a pair of mules. My favorite style of mules are clear heels. They’re a great option to pair with your sexier long skirts. Heeled mules could be paired with a denim skirt and a white top for an elevated casual look.

Get the look HERE

Get clear mules HERE

If your skirt is in a bold color or features a bold print, keep your mules in a neutral color. Flat mules are the right pair of shoes to opt for if you’re going for a casual vibe. I see a lot of women rocking this look to head to the grocery store or Farmer’s market. Mules look really good paired with maxi line skirts. This is the kind of skirt you just throw on and head out the door.

Now you know the different shoes that work best with long skirts. I also tried to share some maxi skirt outfit ideas you can create with these various pairings. You can apply a lot of these same principles to short skirts as well as other types of skirts. Let this post serve as a guide you refer to should you need some shoe inspiration for your long skirts.

Heeled sandal

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