The Top 7 Shoes to Wear With a Gold Sequin Dress

‘Tis the season for snow, gift shopping and of course…holiday parties! We can all agree that the Christmas/New Year season is probably the busiest time of the year for most people.

There are invitations left and right from friends, family and even co-workers. In-between office parties and Friendsgiving’s, there comes a party where you need to stand out.

For a lot of people, that is typically a New Year’s Eve party. Gold dresses are such a great option when you want to turn heads and make an entrance at special occasions.

Whether you are going with a maxi dress or a mini one, a short-sleeved gown or one with long sleeves, a gold sequin dress is bound to grab everyone’s attention and so unless you are ready for the spotlight to be on you, don’t attempt the looks featured below.

During the holiday season, gold is a popular color we see in outfits as it is celebratory and shiny – which is how many of us feel (or I hope we feel) at the end of the year.

The holidays are a great time to share a meal with loved ones, re-connect with estranged family and tell the cherished people in our lives how much we love them.

As many of us start preparing our outfits for the various parties we plan on attending, we may need a little guidance here and there in terms of picking the right shoes for our outfits.

This can be especially daunting if we’re wearing a dress color we typically do not wear on the regular. That’s where this blog post comes in.

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Today, I would be sharing the best shoe colors to go with your gold outfit. Whether you are headed to a formal occasion or a more casual one, choosing the right color and pair of shoes can make or break your gold look.

If you are interested in finding out which shoes to pair with your gold dress, keep reading!

I invite you to check out my post what shoes to wear with a sequin dress, if you are looking for shoe inspiration for a different color of sequin dress or shoe colors that go with sequin dresses in general.

I would also be sharing some of my favorite sequin dresses at the moment in case you’re looking for the perfect gold sequined dress. Without further ado, here are the best shoes to pair with a gold sequined dress.

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The 7 Best Shoes to Wear with a Gold Sequin Dress

1) Gold shoes

Gold shoes are hands-down the most popular choice of shoe color to pair with not only a gold sequin dress but a gold dress in general. I have said several times on this blog that gold heels are the neutral shoe for any fancy dress.

A pair of gold high heels are the perfect shoes to go with any gold dress, be it long or short. They’re a wardrobe staple that you must invest in if you have not done so already. My personal preference is a pair of gold strappy heels.

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Fancy occasions call for high heels and so I encourage you to go for a pair of stiletto heels to really stand out in your gold sequined dress. Dresses with slits work best with open-toe heels versus pumps.

You could even go for a pair of gold ankle boots if you you’re concerned about the cold weather. Booties work if your dress is less formal however and for a formal event, I invite you to stick to heels or dressy flats.

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You can complete you look with either a black or gold purse and some simple gold jewelry. If you are seeking the perfect gold shoes to wear with different outfits, I suggest THESE ONES by Jessica Simpson.

2) Black shoes

Everyone’s favorite neutral color also makes it to this list because we all own a pair of black shoes. They’re not my personal favorite to wear with a gold dress just because I find black to be pretty contrasting and harsh against gold.

If you do go for black shoes, then I recommend keeping the rest of your outfit light and bright.

Accessorize with metallic or neutral colors. Also, choose a pair of black heels that have an open-toe to avoid making things look too dark below.

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Another great way to wear a pair of black shoes with a gold dress is by choosing black shoes with some shine. Don’t shy away from black shoes with a gold stiletto for instance to take some attention away from the start contrast.

Shiny shoes are a great way to balance out the black and gold stark contrast.

You could also get away with a pair of cute black flats if your gold dress has some black details as seen below.

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3) White shoes

An easy way to create a chic look with your formal gown is by pairing it with white shoes. White is also a neutral color that works great with multiple colors of sequined dresses, including gold ones.

My preference of white heels in this case is once more strappy sandals however a pair of white pumps are a great choice to pair with a knee-length gold dress.

You could add a white blazer on top of your shorter dress not only for some warmth but also to create a more stylish look.

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If your gold sequin dress is really short and you don’t feel comfortable having your legs on full display, throw on a pair of black tights, which you could pair with black ankle boots.

These are the right par of shoes to compliment a black leather jacket, which should be your choice of outerwear with this look.

HERE is a great gold sequin cocktail dress that would look great with a pair of white heels.

4) Clear heels

If you are looking for shoes that can go with all skin tones and also make your legs appear longer, then clear heels are an excellent choice to pair with your gold sequins dress.

You could opt for a pair of mules, sandals or a pair of pumps to go with your gold dress. When it comes to lucite shoes, you have the option of either a transparent heel, transparent straps, or both.

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My favorite style happens to be this sandal right HERE which could be worn with a midi dress, a maxi one or even a mini gold dress. For more clear heels inspiration, check out my post on Outfits to wear with clear heels.

Get the look HERE

My favorite style happens to be this sandal right HERE which could be worn with a midi dress, a maxi one or even a mini gold dress. For more clear heels inspiration, check out my post on Outfits to wear with clear heels.

Get the look HERE

6) Silver shoes

Silver shoes are similar to gold ones in the sense that they’re a form of neutral shoes but add a pop of shine to help elevate any overall look. Silver is a little understated compared to gold and so this is a popular choice when you want your dress to be the centre of attention.

If you are going with a metallic dress, a pair of silver heels is definitely a great choice to go with, especially during the holidays when everything is so shiny and bright. Accessorize your look with a shiny silver purse and some drop earrings.

THESE very highly review Kelly & Katie heeled sandals are the best choice if you’re looking to be comfortable yet stylish in your silver heels.

7) Red shoes

Does it get any more festive than a gold dress with red shoes? I think not. Add a pop of color to your gold sequin outfit by pairing it with a pair of red heels. Some cute red flats, perhaps with a bow in the front could also work if your feet are all bruised up from attending so many holiday events.

If your gold dress is in a darker shade of gold, I suggest opting for a pair of dark red shoes to avoid too much of a contrast.

Nine West has these beautiful stiletto sandals with a gold heel which would be the perfect red shoes to go with your gold sequin dress.

I hope you have gotten enough outfit ideas and guidance on the different colors of shoes to pair with a gold sequin dress. The right pair of shoes depends on the style of your gold dress.

If there is a slit in your dress, I recommend going for lighter colors and open-toe shoes. Dark colors are the perfect match for shorter gold dresses or maxi ones which hide your feet.

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Until the next post,