12 Outfits to Wear to the Office Holiday Party

The holiday office party is your chance to let your professional hair down and celebrate the festive season with colleagues. But it can be a fashion conundrum – what’s the perfect outfit that’s both office-appropriate and party-ready?

In this blog post, we’ll explore 12 outfits that will help you look your best at your office holiday parties while balancing style and professionalism. Later on, I would also be going over some fashion faux pas to avoid at office parties.

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12+ Office Holiday Outfits

1. The Classic Little Black Dress:

A little black dress is a versatile choice for any occasion, including office holiday parties. Opt for a stylish LBD and accessorize to suit the festive mood but keep your LBD at least knee length maintain a professional look. If your dress is shorter, add a pair of black tights.

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2. Sleek Trouser Suit:

A well-tailored trouser suit is an elegant and powerful choice for the office party. Pair it with a festive blouse or dress shirt and statement jewelry for a pop of glamour. This is the perfect time to rock a suit in a bold color such as red or green,

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2. Velvet Elegance:

Choose a velvet dress in a deep, rich color like burgundy, emerald, or navy. Velvet adds a touch of luxury and warmth to your look and is a common fabric during the holiday season. Choose a dress with sleeves to keep things appropriate for the office.

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3. Sequins and Sparkle:

Don’t be afraid to embrace sequins or sparkly materials. A sequin dress, skirt or top can be dressed up or down, depending on the formality of the event. Try pairing a sequined pencil skirt with a long sleeve blouse for an appropriate festive outfit.

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4. Festive Jumpsuit:

A stylish jumpsuit is a trendy and comfortable choice. Look for one with festive details, and add high heels and a clutch for a polished finish. A pair of statement earrings are a great way to complete your party season look.

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5. Statement Skirt and Blouse:

Pair a bold statement skirt with a classic blouse for a sophisticated yet fun ensemble. This look allows you to express your personality while looking professional. If it’s really cold, feel free to add a longline coat or blazer to your outfit.

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6. Chic Sweater Dress:

A cozy sweater dress is a great option for more casual office parties. Accessorize with a statement belt and ankle boots for a fashionable twist. Complete your holiday work party outfit with a pair of tall boots if your sweater dress is shorter.

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7. Pencil Skirt and Blouse:

A classic pencil skirt and blouse combination is timeless. Add a statement belt and accessorize with jewelry to make it holiday-ready. Opt for a blouse in a bold color to really show your holiday spirit.

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8. Red or Green Cocktail Dress:

Opt for a cocktail dress in classic holiday colors like red or green. These colors are festive and evoke the spirit of the season. Choose cocktail dresses that are knee-length or longer for the perfect outfit that keeps things professional.

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9. Tulle Skirt and Sweater:

A tulle skirt paired with a cozy sweater is a whimsical outfit idea for a creative and festive look. You could even opt for a cropped sweater if your tulle skirt is high waisted. The best way to complete your look is with a pair of pumps or strappy heels.

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10. Tweed Blazer and Pants:

For a more conservative office party, a tweed blazer and tailored pants provide a professional and elegant appearance. For a more conservative outfit, choose a pair of black pants to go with your blazer. Don’t forget the bow tie!

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11. Dressy Midi Dress:

A midi dress strikes a balance between formal and fun. Choose a dressy midi with elegant details like lace or embroidery. This is a great choice for an office cocktail party. Complete your look with a statement necklace.

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Dressing for a company holiday party can be a delightful challenge. These 12 outfit ideas provide a range of options to suit different office party atmospheres, from formal gatherings to more relaxed events.

Regardless of your choice, remember to be confident and comfortable in your outfit while celebrating the festive season with your colleagues. Dress to impress, and enjoy the opportunity to unwind and build relationships with your co-workers.

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Office parties are a festive event that allows you to celebrate the season with colleagues. While it’s an opportunity to relax and enjoy the company of coworkers, it’s essential to remember that it’s still a professional gathering.

Now that you have a great list of office party outfits, we’ll explore 5 items that you should avoid wearing to an office holiday party to ensure you maintain a respectful and appropriate appearance.

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What NOT to wear to Office Holiday Party

1. Overly Revealing or Inappropriate Attire:

While you want to look your best, an office holiday party is not the place for overly revealing or inappropriate clothing. You do not want to show too much skin.

Avoid outfits that are too low-cut, too short, or too tight. Remember, you’re still in a professional setting, even if it’s a festive occasion.

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2. Anything Too Casual:

Office holiday parties generally require attire that is a step up from your everyday office wear. Avoid wearing overly casual items like ripped jeans, flip-flops, or graphic t-shirts. Instead, opt for dressier options that convey a sense of respect for the event.

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3. Controversial or Offensive Clothing:

Avoid clothing with controversial messages, offensive slogans, or potentially polarizing imagery. The office party is a time for positive interaction and celebration, so choose attire that is neutral and inclusive.

The general rule is: don’t wear something you would not wear on a regular work day.

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4. Overly Flashy or Distracting Accessories:

While a bit of sparkle and bling can be fun, be cautious with overly flashy or distracting accessories. Avoid items that make noise, like jingly bracelets, as they can be disruptive.

Opt for understated jewelry and accessories that complement your outfit without overwhelming it.

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5. Extremely Casual Footwear:

Your choice of footwear is crucial. Avoid wearing extremely casual shoes like sneakers, flip-flops, or athletic footwear to the office holiday party. Instead, choose dress shoes or stylish boots that are in line with the semi-formal or formal dress code of the event.

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The office holiday party is a time to relax and celebrate with your coworkers, but it’s important to maintain a level of professionalism in your appearance. By avoiding the items mentioned above, you can ensure that you look appropriate and respectful at the event.

Remember, a thoughtful choice of clothing contributes to a positive and harmonious atmosphere, no matter the type of holiday party, where everyone can enjoy the festivities without distractions or discomfort.

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