Issa wedding!

Not my wedding, but my brother’s, haha!
Over the weekend, we celebrated the 1st weeding in my family; that of my older brother!
I was most excited about the food (lol) and definitely over-ate this weekend. The food coma is reallll!

I also danced, drank and enjoyed spending time with loved ones. My little sister flew out from LA and my parents drove down from Montreal, where they currently reside, for the occasion.

I have been enjoying a fridge full of leftovers and can’t wait to bring some to certain friends and colleagues.

Can we talk about my fit though?!? I mean… The dress is a custom Melapteh piece. I knew the style of dress I wanted and the hair to go wit it and I was just so happy with the way everything came together, including the makeup! Trust me, this look almost did not happen as my makeup artist had booked me for the wrong day and then we ended up going to bed really late the night before and so I had to push my hair appointment back, and then is snowed and my dress was definitely NOT designed for any of that.

I rushed to the church for the service, only to see that I was actually super early and everyone else was late, LOL!

I just thank God everything ended well and everyone has returned safely to their respective homes. I am done washing plates, cleaning and packing food and shall spend what’s left of my time off eating, reading and watching Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime!

*Photos were taken with my phone so do bear with me 🙂

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