13 Ideas For How to Wear Your Long skirts Without Looking Frumpy

A maxi skirt is another closet staple for women tall, short, petite, plus size and anything in between. Depending on the style and fabric, it can be worn to formal events, to the office or on the beach. No matter your body type or height, there is a maxi skirt that would fit right into your personal style.

I know a lot of women on the shorter side worry about maxi skirts swallowing up their petite frames but a great style tip for making this work on a smaller frame is focus on making the top less heavy. More fitted tops help to balance out the volume going on in the lower half of the body.

Here are some long skirt outfit ideas and style tips you can use both for the warmer weather and the colder months.

1) Add a white crop top

This casual look works nicely with both a flowy maxi skirt as well as an A line skirt. White crop tops keep things fresh and clean and less busy, allowing you to match it with any color of skirt or print such as a floral maxi skirt.

Depending on the white shirt you have, this look could easily become your go- to for everyday wear. Your old white tops could also be tied up to give yourself a new style.

2) Throw on a leather jacket

The leather jacket look works especially well in the Fall, accessorized with a nice hat. Ensure the top or sweater you’re wearing underneath is not thick and bulky or else you risk looking frumpy with all the added volume.

If you are not comfortable with your body shape, I would suggest going with a pleated maxi skirt as the pleats draw the eye away from the body and give a more flattering look.

3) Wear a graphic tee

As mentioned in my last post, graphic tees and skirts are a great way to show your fun side and feminine side at the same time. During the winter season, a tucked in graphic sweater works here as well and you can pair it with some leather ankle boots for a modern look.

Adding a long denim skirt instead of a solid black one gives you extra points in my books.

4) Pair with a simple white tank top

Some fashion trends never go away. If your goal is casual wear, then this look is for you. A well-known beach wear choice, a plain tank top and a high waisted maxi skirt go so well paired with strappy sandals or barefoot because who doesn’t love the feeling of sand on their feet?

For more special occasions, such as date night, one of the best ways to elevate this look is with a statement necklace.

5) Add a chic crop top

We talked about the white crop top but of course your maxi skirts can be paired with crop tops in some bright colors. The golden rule here is to ensure the color of the top compliments your skin and the crop top hits you just right – preferably right wear your natural waistline is.

A crop top with floral prints paired with a flowy skirt would work so well for casual occasions.

6) With a denim jacket

I have said it several times on this blog that denim jackets are another staple every woman should be prepared to show me if I invaded her closet.

Some of the best tops that go well with a denim jacket are crop tops, tank tops and light sweaters. You could recreate the same denim jacket look perfectly with a midi skirt or mini skirts. See what I’m saying about owning one?

Get the look HERE

7) With a long coat

Thinking of wearing that maxi skirt winter months but not sure how to style it? The good news is, it’s very easy. Try this look with a black high-waisted skirt, neutral color sweater/cardigan and some combat boots or your ankle boots. Then add your staple long coat to complete your look.

You would be surprised how warm yet chic this look could be. Trench coats could be a good match with a maxi skirt if the skirt is ankle length and does not ride up when you walk.

8) Add a black top

This is the perfect option for when you do not know what to wear. A black shirt would go great with a pencil skirt or even maxi dresses if you wear the top on top of your skirt.

To make this look more like formal wear, try choosing a tiered maxi skirt with a silk black blouse, put on some statement jewelry and add a block heel (including boots) – now you’re ready for the close up!

9) Style with button-down shirts

To give your maxi skirts more of a stylish look while avoiding looking frumpy, pair them with button-down shirts in different colors and prints. Printed shirts bring focus to your upper body so beware of this when selecting your button-down.

Tuck in your shirt and add a belt for a great look for the office and right after, throw on your best high heels for some cocktails with the girls.

10) Wear a sleeveless top

Sleeveless tops and summer months go hand in hand so there is no reason why they can’t be paired with a maxi skirt in addition to the rest of your wardrobe. As they show off some skin, they prevent you from looking bulky, regardless of the type of long maxi skirt you have going on.

I personally like to add a tied up shirt to the look – which is a great way for older women to rock this style if they don’t want to show off their arms.

11) Try an ankara print bomber

If you want to let the world know about your unique style, I encourage you to rock your favorite long skirt with a bomber jacket featuring Afro prints. Afro prints come in different fabric colors and so you would find one that not only compliments you best but would also compliment your skirt.

To avoid the frumpiness you dread, try pairing your bomber with pencil skirts and a simple top underneath your jacket. Now let the compliments rain down!

12) Recycle your swimsuits

I’m a strong believe in sustainability when it comes to fashion and a part of this is ensuring my clothing can serve multiple purposes. The best part of swimsuits and swimsuits tops are their ability to be worn as tops or bodysuits with jeans, trousers or skirts.

Your best option to pull this off on a regular day is a swimsuit top that doesn’t look exactly like a bra. This works extremely well with sheer maxi skirts and are a great way to change your overall look while on vacation.

13) Add a cropped sweater

We spoke about crop tops but sweaters need some love too! If you have a plain long skirt, a simple way to make your look more stylish when it’s a little chilly outside is to add a cropped sweater on top. If your sweater is really cropped, feel free to show a little bit of skin by wearing a maxi skirt that starts just below the waistline; this will make you appear to have a longer torso and smaller waist.

A classic Fall look would be a black skirt with a cropped sweater in a neutral color, a pair of ankle or knee-high boots, a bowler hat and a longline coat. You’re welcome!

I hope you have come to see there are so many long skirt outfits you can pull off no matter the kind of tops you have in your wardrobe. Different tops work best with different styles of skirts and also your body frame.

Are you comfortable showing your arms? Your midriff? Your legs? This should all be accounted for before you decide on what items you get to pair with your long skirts. If you own even just 3 of the items mentioned in this list, you would be able to elevate your maxi skirt style, regardless of your budget. No frumpiness over here please.

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See you on the next post!!


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