How to Wear White boots: 11+ Style Options

I don’t know about you but white boots are slowly becoming a staple in my closet, especially in the Fall season. Thanks to their neutrality, they are a style statement which are easy to dress up and pair with other colors and they also bring some freshness to any look.

I purchased my first pair of white booties last year and have been hooked ever since. If you’re drawing a blank when it comes to styling your beautiful new white boots, then keep reading.

You would be surprised by how easy it is to style a pair of white boots, whether they’re ankle length, knee boots or thigh-high boots. Just like my post on what shoes to wear with a white dress, skirts, jeans, leggings, culottes and work pants are all items that work perfectly with white boots and they’re probably items you already own. If you’re tired of wearing the same black boots with all your outfits, this is the time to give white boots a try.

In this post, I would be giving you ideas on how to style different outfits with all of these lengths of white boots to ensure that everyone is covered. I will also be including links to some of my favorite ankle boots should you be interested in trying out this trend. If any of the items in the links are sold out, please let me know and I would be more than happy to provide alternatives.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

1) White ankle boots with a mini skirt

A great way to style a classic ankle boot if you’re not shy to show some leg is with a mini skirt. This could be denim, leather, cotton or any other type of mini skirt. If you have wider hips, a pencil skirt would look great on you. If you’re sporting more of an apple-shape then consider a flare mini skirt. I have an entire post dedicated to styling flared skirts.

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For the warmer weather, your ankle booties and mini skirt could be styled with a crop top, a graphic tee or any shorter blouse, which could also just be tucked in. During the colder months, feel free to add a black leather jacket and a pair of tights to complete this casual chic look.

2) White ankle boots with white jeans

Now you all know by now how much a fan of an all-white look I am. There is just something so clean and fresh about wearing white from head to toe. This monochromatic look is one of the best ways to make a style statement, regardless of the season and you would immediately be the center of attention wherever it is you’re going. If you’re comfortable showing off your curves, opt for a pair of white skinny jeans which would hug your figure.

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If you’re really not up for all that body hugging at the moment, white mom jeans are also a great option. What you decide to do with the rest of the outfit is almost limitless. You could even keep the monochrome theme and throw on a white coat (side note this look goes so hard in the winter with all the snow all around you). Another option is to go with a trench coat or structured blazer as outerwear and these could be in bright colors.

3) White ankle boots with maxi skirts

In one of my posts last week, I had talked about the different shoes to wear with a long dress and the same tips would apply here. With a part of your boot being covered by the hem of your skirt, a pair of white ankle boots is a great choice to go with when wearing any skirt or dress going past your ankles. This is because just the top part of the boot would show and so that’s the only part of your shoe you have to be concerned about.

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This would be a great opportunity to try a pair of open-toe white booties which would be a fun way to make your outfit more casual during the warmer months. If your maxi skirt or dress has a high slit, then you definitely want to go with an ankle boot versus a knee or thigh high version so as to not cause a lot of bulking and appear frumpy.

4) White boots and blue jeans

During the winter seasons, styling a pair of your regular jeans with white leather boots would instantly give you a more polished look. If you’re going to be wearing a pair of white knee-high boots, consider going with skinny jeans so that they would be easy to tuck in and keep your look smooth.

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Blue skinny jeans with a white top and some white shoes is such a classic look that works on all body types because there’s a skinny jean for everyone. Complete this outfit with an oversized blazer or if you’re feeling very Western or Southern, a denim jacket with some white cowboy boots!

5) White boots and sweater dresses

If you’re one of those who wears sweater dresses on a daily basis once the cold weather starts, then this look is for you. Once again, if your dress is on the shorter side, you could definitely play with knee-high and thigh-high boots. Whether you’re going with an oversized sweater or a more form-fitting one, white boots are sure to elevate this comfy look which could go from day to night in a jiffy.

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6) White boots and black jeans

Another contrasting look for the minimalist is white boots paired with black jeans. We already covered white boots with white jeans and blue jeans and so we couldn’t leave out the third sibling. A pair of bright white boots against black denim leaves a myriad of styling options as these 2 neutral colors serve as a canvas. You could play around with bold jewelry and/or a brightly colored top if you’re feeling adventurous.

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A pair of black skinny jeans would go just as nicely, or even nicer, as that pair of black booties you’re always wearing and feel like a new outfit. You can keep the monochrome theme going on by adding a white blouse and black coat or longline blazer to complete your look.

7) White boots and mini dresses

If you have a number of mini dresses in bright colors and are unsure about how else to make them look cute besides your overworn high heels, I say give white boots a try. They’ll be able to work with any color of mini dress and could still add those inches, if you go with a heeled boot. If you’re going somewhere fancy in the winter months, then white boots could keep you warm and chic at the same time.

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8) White boots and black dresses

Tired of wearing your LBD with your black pumps and black heels? Try going for a pair of white boots. I promise you, it would look like a new outfit. If your dress is longer in length, then a shorter boot would look amazing. Complete it with some gold accessories and/or a clutch.

For your shorter black dresses, play around with length and try a knee-high or longer boot. Now you can try out the nightlife during the colder months while staying cute. Just make sure you remember your warm coat on your way out!

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9) White boots and leopard print

With the subtlety of white and how much of a canvas the color is, pairing it with a bold print such as leopard works beautifully. It could be a leopard print dress, pants, skirt or shirt. I particularly love the addition of a red accessory to this look, like a red clutch and yes, you could add your gold accessories as well.

Mind you, this look would also work well with brown boots.

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10) White boots and midi dresses or skirts

If your midi dress or skirt hits you right around your calf, then a knee-high boot or ankle boot would go best with this look. A midi skirt with white knee-high or ankle boots works great for the office if you’re trying to keep stylish at work. A tucked in chiffon blouse would be the perfect top to go with a midi skirt.

Midi dresses in both neutral and bold colors as well as prints would combine nicely with your cute white shoes.

This is such a great option
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I really hope this post has given you some major white boots outfits inspiration.

Don’t forget these looks are ideas and you are free to style these items in a way true to your own personal style. Let me know if you try any of these looks and which is your favorite.

Also let me know if there’s a particular item you want me to blog about if you’re having a hard time styling it.

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Remember, you can wear white before Memorial Day!

Until the next post,