How to Wear Skirts Casually 11+ Casual Outfit Ideas

I’m such a girly girl through and through. I’ll choose a skirt over shorts and a dress over any kind of pants. To me, skirts (in different lengths) are a wardrobe staple. That’s probably why I found it odd when I noticed that a lot of women did not know how to wear a skirt casually.

I’m used to wearing skirts or dresses almost every day of my life and probably took for granted that my years of styling them made this come easy to me. I decided to write a blog post to help some sisters out.

A lot of you may find skirts to be more formal and so you save them for more special occasions and formal events but in today’s post, I’ll be showing you the different ways you can make your skirt look casual as well as different skirts which are themselves considered more casual.

Since we’re going to be focusing on casual outfits for this entire post, there would be no mention of high heels because that would automatically make any outfit look more dressy.

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Whether you’re looking for the best ways to casually style your long skirt outfits or trying to find a casual yet stylish look for your mini skirt, this post is sure to get your fashion juices flowing. Let’s dive right in.

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1) With a white t-shirt

A pairing almost as old as time, a white tee instantly makes an outfit more casual as compared to a white blouse. You could play around with the length of your white shirt, opting for a more cropped version for the warm weather and a sleeved version during the colder months. A black pencil skirt works amazing for this look and I even talk about this on my blog post dedicated to styling a black pencil skirt.

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If your skirt is more fitted, or if you have more of an apple shape, opt for a looser fitting top. This would balance out your proportions and bring attention to your more generous upper body. If you’re petite or are pear-shaped, then you should go for a smaller or even more fitted tee.

A white tank top would also work for these body types as it’s more fitted and would bring more attention to the torso. If you’re not feeling a white top, feel free to go for any color that would compliment the color of your skirt.

2) Opt for a denim skirt
Denim is a fabric widely regarded as casual already and so wearing any length and style of skirt made from denim immediately puts you in the casual zone. To take this casual look up a notch, consider going with a pair of white sneakers versus ankle boots, especially in the Fall.

If your denim skirt is mini or midi in length, you could add a nice blouse in either a solid color or floral prints, depending on the season.

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What’s great about a shorter denim skirt look is that during the cold weather you could throw on a pair of knee-high boots and you would have a trendy Fall outfit, still under the umbrella of casual. If you are going for a long denim skirt, flat sandals are a great choice of footwear to choose to compliment your overall look.

Remember that long skirts hide most of your leg and to balance things out when it’s warm outside, you should show a little leg – even if it’s just your toes!

3) With a crop top
Sporting a cropped top does not automatically mean showing your belly. However, if you are showing some skin, then your look is going to appear more casual, which is what we’re going for today. If you are working with a midi skirt, then know that a flared midi skirt with a cropped white button-down would make for the cutest casual yet dressy look.

If you’re not a fan of showing any skin around your midsection, then you definitely want to choose high waisted skirts for all your crop top looks or go with longer crop tops.

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If you’re more petite or bottom light and want to add some volume, a pleated skirt with your crop top is a great look for you. Feeling extra sexy? Why not combine a cropped top with a mini skirt of your choice? With all of these looks, a pair of open or closed toe flats could be worn.

My personal preference is a pair of sandals, especially for the warmer weather. A chic crop top is also a great option to go with if you want to take your work pencil skirt from day to night.

4) With a denim jacket

As mentioned above, denim is synonymous with casual in the fashion world and so if you have any cute skirts you consider more formal but want to achieve a more laid back look, throw on a denim jacket and some flats or white sneakers.

A great thing about this option is you could go with any type of shirt or blouse underneath and you would still be rocking a casual skirt outfit. This makes it easy to convert your office wear into everyday wear, with the simple addition of some denim so you might want to keep a denim jacket at the office!

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For a more formal Fall look, you would go for a long coat but even this look could be turned casual if you chose a pair of sneakers for footwear. For some extra points, consider wearing your denim jacket on your shoulders versus actually wearing it – street style gold right there!

If you’ve never tried a Canadian tuxedo, this might be your opportunity. Here is some style inspo below.

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5) With a graphic t-shirt

A graphic tee is another universal sign of a casual outfit. No matter how dressy your outfit is, if you decide to opt for a graphic t-shirt as your choice of top, you can consider your outfit to be casual. Here’s your chance to whip out your old concert tees or that t-shirt from High School you thought was the business because it had all your favorite rock stars on the front.

Some skirts that work particularly well here, regardless of body shape, are: A-line skirts such as pencil skirts, midi flared skirts and maxi skirts. As your top is going to be a little busy you might want to opt for a skirt in a neutral color in order to avoid too much going on. For footwear, simple flats, sandals or sneakers work fine.

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6) Wear a mini skirt

I think it’s common knowledge that the more leg you show, the more casual your outfit. If you’re only looking to show more skin with your bottom half, then a long-sleeved top is probably your best option. Another easy way to limit your skin exposure if wearing a mini skirt is to add a moto jacket on top of whatever short-sleeved top you’re wearing.

A leather mini skirt paired with a leather jacket and a simple tank top or crop top is such a sassy and sexy look. If that’s too much for you, consider a bodycon mini skirt paired with a looser fitting crop top.

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A mini skirt made from jersey fabric would be stretchy and figure hugging. Jersey fabric tends to give a more casual vibe and so you could wear this anything from a t-shirt to a button-down shirt and your overall look would still be casual.

A black skirt or a mini skirt in any plain color could provide a blank canvas for you to build your look upon. This would enable you to play with prints such as animal prints. A denim jacket could be worn as outerwear if it’s a little chilly outside.

7) With a denim shirt

A great way to wear a denim shirt when going for a casual look is to tie it at the front. A long maxi skirt with a denim shirt tied in the front along with a pair of sandals is such a classic and classy look. With denim already being casual, your long maxi skirt is taken from formal and dressy to casual and chic in a second. You could go bold or subtle with your accessories, depending on the color of your skirt.

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For skirts in more neutral colors, you could add a statement necklace or some statement earrings but probably not both at the same time. For a more laid back look, opt for simple jewelry such as a gold watch and small earrings.

A denim shirt could also be paired with a midi skirt. You could either tuck in the shirt or let it hang loose. Adding a small belt to this look would help accentuate your waist if need be.

8) Opt for a sheer maxi skirt

I doubt you’ll be wearing a sheer maxi skirt to the office or to a job interview. Why? because it’s considered too casual in both of those scenarios. Sheer maxi’s do however belong on the beach, while out for drinks with friends and anywhere the outdoors take you in the warm weather. For ultimate casual maxi skirt outfits, pair your sheer maxis with crop tops, tube tops or tank tops.

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Accessorize with your favorite large shades and a pair of sandals and you’re ready for any beach or pool party event. For the more conservative who are already freaking out about wearing a sheer skirt, feel free to go with either a long-sleeved top or add a cropped jacket to your look. A shorter jacket works better with a maxi skirt because it balances things out.

9) Go for a fun print like polka dots
For some reason, a lot of people consider polka dots to be a more casual print the same way we think of denim as being casual. If you’re one of those people, then a fun polka dot skirt could be your go-to when you’re wondering how to wear skirts casually. Polka dots tend to come mostly in shades of black and white and so it would be very easy to create several looks with tops in different colors.

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One of my favorite ways of wearing polka dots is to go all the way and pair a polka dot skirt with a polka dot top. If that scares you, try a red or blue blouse/top with your polka dot skirt. If you’re wearing a maxi polka dot skirt, some sandals would be nice as footwear. A shorter skirt would look great with a pair of flats or loafers.

10) Wear a tennis skirt

You don’t necessarily have to play tennis to rock a tennis skirt. By nature, they’re already short, fun and flirty and so you don’t need to do much in order to create a cute casual look. I would like to believe that the most popular color that tennis skirts come in is white.

That’s perfect because white is so easy to style. A cropped sweater and a pair of white sneakers is a very easy way to complete this look, perfect for a casual Summer day.

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If you’re not up to showing some belly, you can opt for a tank top or any fitted top. With the flare of the tennis skirt, you want to have things more fitted on top. To create another great relaxed look, try a short-sleeved fitted top in a solid color and minimal jewelry along with a backpack. Now you’re ready for that barbecue.

11) With an oversized sweater

I know I’ve spoken about styling flared skirts and the easiest way to do so in the Fall or colder months is by adding a chunky sweater. A fitted sweater tends to give off more formal vibes. Opting for that cute and warm oversized sweater you love so much gives more of a casual feel because it’s structured and not fitted.

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Play around with a variety of colors when it comes to your sweater, especially if your skirt is in a solid color. A pair of loafers or oxfords are my shoes of choice when going for this look. Even some flat black boots would look amazing here

And there we have it – over 10 ways to make a skirt look casual or style a casual skirt. Which of these options was your favorite? Remember fashion is meant to be played around with and these are just tips I am offering.

The outfit formula is always – balance colors and proportions based on your body shape. Feel free to use some of the tips in this post to make some of your maxi dresses appear more casual.

I also have a post dedicated to styling a maxi dress in the Fall which you might want to check out. Until the next post,