Sequin Dress Style: How to Wear Dresses With Sequins

Let us start off by making one thing clear: sequin dresses are not casual and so if you are looking for chic casual outfits, you may want to check out one of my previous posts such as 5 ways to wear a high low skirt and how to wear a striped dress. I suggest different ways to create either casual looks or more formal ones on those posts.

With the cold rolling in, I for one am looking forward to and getting ready for the holiday season, which coincides with when sequins are probably worn the most. If you’re interested in figuring out how you can rock a sequin look at your next holiday party, keep reading!

When we think of sequin pieces, we tend to associate them with special occasions such as New Year’s Eve parties and for good reason. Sequins by definition are small, typically shiny, generally disk-shaped ornaments. They are naturally shiny and shinier objects draw attention, which means a sequin dress is meant to stand out, not blend in.

With the shininess of sequins however can come the challenge of creating looks that are not overwhelming but would still make you stand out. That’s where this post comes in.

Today, I would be showing you different ways to style not only a sequin dress but also sequin tops and skirts. It’s all about balancing colors and textures while having fun with it. If you’re rocking a sequin look then you have to be able to let loose and have your mood reflect your bright and shiny outfit.

Before we jump into some easy ways to create sequin outfits, I would like to share some of my favorite places to shop sequin pieces. If you’re looking for that statement sequined item to really stand out, then you want to check out these options.

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– Nordstrom

Nordstrom is a great one-stop shop for clothing and accessories and they also offer a wide range of sequin pieces from dresses to swimsuits to skirts and more.

This sequin wrap cocktail dress is a great example of a classy way to wear sequins. This style would be especially flattering on women who are insecure about their arms thanks to its long sleeves. Remember that wrap dresses are also very flattering on women with some extra belly fat so this is a double plus!

– Lulus
Lulus understands fashionable clothing for the youthful and youthful at heart. They always have a great range of sequined items in different colors such as
this floral sequin skirt. This would a great choice if you’re headed to a fancy gathering in the Spring. You could easily style it with a crop top like the model or a full blouse. Trench coat is optional 😊

– Saks 5th Avenue

If you feel like splurging this holiday season, Saks 5th Ave should be your go-to. They currently already have their holiday section up on their website and it’s not disappointing. Lots of beautiful sequined items from designer brands such as

this one-shouldered sequin top.

Sequin tops in solid colors such as this are the best way to start wearing this trend if you’re still unsure of how it would look on you. They’re also a great way to introduce this trend into your wardrobe if you think a full sequin outfit is just a lot of sequin.

Now that you know my top 3 destinations for sequin clothing items, let’s discuss styling your next holiday party look.

1) A sequin gown
Showing up to an event in a sequin gown is an easy way to guarantee that all eyes would be on you. I like to reserve my full sequin gowns for the holiday season because wearing them any other time could be a bit much, unless it’s for a birthday or anniversary. Make sure you style your sequined dresses with a pair of high heels and the right accessories. If your dress is sleeveless or with thin straps, wear a pair of bold statement earrings and perhaps a small necklace.

Get the look HERE

If your dress has sleeves, a necklace may be overwhelming but definitely go with a pair of earrings. Also try to wear your hair up not only to create a more sultry look but also to avoid your hair getting caught in all those sequins! Now you’re ready for the red carpet and to be the belle of the New year’s Eve ball.

Get the look HERE

2) A sequin top
A great way to wear sequins when you don’t feel like wearing a dress is to pair a sequined top with a skirt made from different materials. To maintain the formal look, consider option for a leather skirt with a pair of black tights underneath or even a pair of wide-leg pants. For accessories, go big with your jewelry pieces. The best shoes to go with are once again a pair of heels (preferable strappy heels) and choose a clutch or shoulder bag over a satchel.

Get the look HERE

If your holiday events involve more home gatherings or house parties, you could pair your sequin top with a pair of skinny jeans and even thrown on a denim jacket on top. Play around with tops in different colors to go with either your black or blue skinny jeans. You could also try a sequin sweater like this one.

The best way to wear sequins to an office party holding at the office is by pairing your sequin top with more casual items. So you could wear a long sleeved top with black sequins paired with a pair of high waisted pants and you would still have a work-appropriate outfit. You would just be adding a little sparkle to your look.

3) A sequin skirt
Looking for some fun ways to add sequin to your wardrobe? Why not try opting for a sequined skirt? Choose a sequined maxi skirt to wear to a private dinner, birthday or holiday event and save the sequined mini skirt for the after party. The great thing about opting for a sequin skirt is how easy it is to style it. For a more dressy look, go for a bodysuit. This would make your outfit look like a dress versus a skirt and top.

Get the look HERE

For holiday after parties, you could opt for a graphic tee and a fitted leather jacket to serve some off-duty model high fashion. Don’t forget to complete your look with a pair of fun heels (like gold shoes) or heeled boots if there’s snow on the ground. It’s the holidays so why not accessorize with a pair of statement drop earrings to really elevate the overall look?

If you’re dressing up for a holiday party in a professional setting, you could pair your midi sequin skirt with a white shirt or white blouse and a simple necklace to still look festive and yet professional. You could opt for a black shoe such as a pair of black heels if you want the look to be more understated or you could go all out with a pair of heels in a bright color.

Get the look HERE

4) A sequin jacket

If party dresses are not your thing, you can still look sequin -fashionable with a sequin blazer. This would be your stand out piece and so you want the rest of your look to not overwhelm it. If you’re really up for it, you could opt for either a sequin skirt or top to go with your blazer. Having sequins in 2 out of 3 of your clothing items would help to break up all the sequin action going on if you’re finding it overwhelming.

Get the look HERE

If you want to tone your outfit down even further, you could wear a v-neck tee and go for a mini skirt versus a midi one. If the dress code calls for business casual, swap the skirt for a pair of straight leg pants or a black midi skirt. Sequin jackets would also go over a mini sequin dress nicely if you’re as extra as I am. Consider draping them over your shoulders if possible rather than sliding your arms through.

5) A sequin cocktail dress

During the festive season, instead of pulling out your usual little black dress, why not go for the little black sequined dress? This would be the perfect time to add some shine to your personal style and if you’re not one to go all out with trends, a good idea is to wear a dress in the typical neutral colors you like but just choosing the ones with a little shimmer.

Get the look HERE

If you don’t wish to show any cleavage, there are a good number of sequin cocktail dresses that comes with a higher neckline – just don’t forget to wear your hair up or put it in a braid to avoid fussing over your dress all night long. If you’re feeling particularly bold, I recommend opting for a gold sequin cocktail dress. A gold dress could be paired with heels in a variety of colors including clear, white, black, burgundy and yes, gold. Drape that (faux) fur coat over your shoulders and be ready to own the night.

Get the look HERE

6) A sequined swimsuit

I had to add this to the list just because I am so fascinated by sequin swimwear. It’s definitely not the most practical to cover laps in the pool but it sure does stand out. The next time you’re planning a getaway birthday party, pack some sequin swimsuits to really stand out at your event. You could keep up with your sequin swimwear theme by adding a sequin cover up or you could go for a sheer cover up in a solid color. Some sequin swimwear looks like a mini dress in the front with a party in the back like this one. You might not be able to dive into the pool but your poll pics would definitely steal the show.

Get the look HERE

7) A sequin jumpsuit

Raise your hands if you love jumpsuits (well, except for the going to the bathroom part). Sequin jumpsuits are the perfect outfit of choice if you’re headed to a themed holiday party. Think of styling it like you just stepped out of the 80s with the big hair, shades (even indoors) and heels or ankle boots. Move over Beyonce in Austin Powers, there’s a new diva in town.

Get the look HERE

I hope you’ve gotten your fill of glittery outfits and how to wear a sequin dress different ways. I have shown you some easy ways to incorporate sequins into your holiday looks, as well as for other fancy occasions you may be attending. Remember, if you’re not too sure about going for a full sequin dress, you could start smaller with a sequin top or skirt.

If you’re really not comfortable with sequins on your body, try going for a sequin purse or clutch instead. This would show you’re in the festive spirit and would also brighten up your look.

Which style was your favorite?

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