How to Wear Brown Boots 10 Chic Outfits to Try

With Fall currently in full swing, a lot of us have already started wearing our boots on the daily. I’ve always said that Fall is the best time to wear your most stylish boots because there isn’t any snow on the ground yet and it’s not yet freezing outside.

It’s a great in-between season where you get to play with different types of boots as well as different colors as well.

Although most people gravitate towards black boots during the colder months, I personally prefer to keep my wardrobe at least a little colorful by wearing a pair of brown boots instead.

Brown shoes really compliment warm tones of clothing and are also considered a neutral color. This allows them to be paired with almost all colors and especially colors you would normally pair with black.

Whether your preference is dark brown boots or a lighter shade of brown, in today’s post, I would be giving you some major inspiration for your next brown boots outfit. We’re going to be covering different lengths of boots (from ankle to thigh highs) as well as different shades of brown boots.

You’ll definitely find a style or two you could rock to your next function, be it casual or more dressy.

To start off however, I would like to share my favorite brown boots with you, in case you’re on the hunt for a great pair. Let’s start from the ankle boots and make our way up to brown thigh high boots.

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i) Brown ankle boots

When it comes to brown ankle boots, I tend to lean more towards a heeled boot. This is not only to increase my height but also because they make my outfits look more stylish. These brown leather boots from Marc Fisher have such a great shape, good heel height, competitive price and have some terrific reviews. I also love this shade of brown which would go so nicely with both dark and light wash denim.

If you prefer your booties with no heels, then these brown flat ankle boots would be perfect.

ii) Brown knee-high boots

When it comes to knee-high brown boots, I personally start having a harder time finding a pair that work for me just because of my wide calves. If claves are not an issue for you, then I invite you to try out these boots in a lighter shade of brown. The side zipper would make them easy to wear and they have great reviews.

For my fellow ladies with wider calves, here is a great pair of knee-high boots that come specifically with a wide calf fit.

iii) Brown over-the-knee boots

Thigh-high boots do a fantastic job of making the legs appear longer than they are. I love seeing them on others but oftentimes, I’m unable to rock this look once again thanks to my larger calves, and also larger thighs. I do really like these Jlo Gorga boots (currently on sale) in a beautiful Cognac color.

They seem to be really warm thanks to their thick fabric lining.

If you would rather a flat over-the-knee, then these dark brown boots, featuring a snake skin print, by Journee Collection should be calling your name.

Now that we’ve covered the different styles of boots, let’s dive into some outfit ideas you can create to really make your wardrobe pop, even if it’s colder outside.

1) Blue jeans

I am one of those who actually prefers styling their blue jeans with brown boots instead of black ones. I love the soft tones of neutral colors combined and the less harsh contrast it creates as compared to black boots. In my post on how to wear dark blue jeans, I also talked about styling your jeans with a pair of brown boots.

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If your jeans happen to be skinny ones, then you open yourself up to more options for boots. This is because skinny jeans are the easiest to tuck into any length of boots and won’t bunch up at the ankles.

Choose from either your ankle boots or over-the-knee for a fresh look during the Fall season. Feel free to complete this casual look with a cute sweater and/or a long coat in a beautiful color.

2) Black jeans

Of course, wherever blue jeans are on any list, there you can also find black jeans. A pair of black skinny jeans with a casual top and a blazer is such a stylish outfit you could wear either to the office on Casual Friday or for date night. If you wish to jazz your look up a little, swap your blazer for a leather jacket and watch how it compliments your look in a less formal way.

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Black jeans would also look great paired with a blouse in a neutral color and a pair of knee-high boots. If you wish to accentuate your waist in this outfit, tuck in your blouse – at least partially.

3) Midi skirts

>Moving over to the more softer looks, pairing your brown boots with a midi skirt is a great way to create a warm yet stylish more formal look. Your midi skirt could be flared or pencil in nature but just be mindful of its length and shape. A flared midi skirt that stops below the knee would look great with a knee-high or ankle boot.

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A pencil midi skirt however would look better with an ankle boot unless the your knee-high boot is sleek, not slouchy. This is because the pencil skirt is more sleek and adding a slouchy boot could make your outfit look more sloppy.

If you are shorter, be careful not to choose boots that overwhelm you and try not to have your boot height taller than the hem of your skirt to avoid looking even shorter.

4) Sweater dress

A sweater dress is one of those items that can either be styled up or down and in this case, it would depend on the brown boots you pick to complete your outfit. If you are creating a more casual outfit, you could pair your sweater dress with some flat ankle boots or flat knee-highs.

If the goal is to stand out and create a dressier look, try adding a wide belt to your sweater dress and going for a heeled brown boot.

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A heeled ankle boot would look great with a pair of black leggings underneath. If you choose to wear a pair of over-the-knee-boots, then leggings are optional, depending on the dress code of the event you’re headed for.

To really make your outfit stand out, opt for a sweater dress in a rich solid color such as green, burgundy or even white.

5) Black pants

For more formal occasions such as work conference, you could wear a pair of brown ankle boots with a pair of black culottes or trousers to create an office-appropriate stylish Fall outfit. The best way to rock this look is by choosing a pair of cropped black pants, that way your ankle boots are on display (and you don’t get the hem of your pants dirty).

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You could go with a heeled ankle boot or a flat one, depending on your tolerance. Add a sweater, blouse or white top to your black pants to create a classic outfit and you can complete the overall look with a trench coat. Who says you can’t rock cute outfits to conferences?

6) Mini dress

Don’t put your mini dresses away just yet! You can add the to your Fall wardrobe to create some stylish outfits that will keep you warm. A mini black dress for example can be worn with a pair of tights and either knee-high or thigh-high boots to create different boot outfits.

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Darker brown boots would work best with dark-colored dresses and you could complete your look with some gold accessories. If you choose mini dresses in bright colors, you may want to opt for brown boots that come in lighter shades of brown.

This would help avoid too much of a contrast. Either way, if you are wearing a mini dress, I recommend choosing a heeled boot to make your legs look even longer.

7) Suit

Yes, you read that correctly. Brown boots are a great option of footwear for Fall and winter weddings. I particularly love pairing brown able boots with a navy or blue suit. Black shoes would make this outfit so drab and dark whereas brown shoes just elevate it and compliment the blue beautifully.

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You’ve probably already seen this look on tons of Pinterest wedding photos so you know it’s legit. Even if you’re not wearing a full suit, just try pairing your brown ankle boots with blue pants to create a stylish and more formal look. Complete it with a turtleneck sweater and either a blazer or a coat.

8) Maxi skirt

As mentioned in my post: shoes to wear with a maxi skirt, ankle boots are the preferred choice of boots to go with maxi skirts. This is because most of your leg is being covered anyway so why bother wearing anything higher than an ankle boot. You also don’t want your skirt getting caught in the zipper of your knee or thigh-high boots!

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A great outfit idea you can try is to pair your maxi skirt with a loose shirt or light sweater, your brown ankle boots and a black or brown leather jacket.

9) Summer dress

Summer dresses get to make their way into Fall thanks to boots, leggings and jackets. Most weddings that take place on farms or in barns have guests show up in their cutest summer dresses paired with brown cowboy boots.

The trick to make this look work is to go with a dress that doesn’t hit you past your knees.

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Cowboy boots tend to be calf-length and so you want to make sure you have at least an inch of skin showing to avoid looking frumpy. Outside of weddings, you can wear a pair of cowboy boots with short shorts or regular tucked in jeans.

No matter what you’re wearing on top, cowboy boots would give you a more casual outfit.

10) Midi dress

We couldn’t let mini dresses take all the brown boot fun! Midi dresses hit below the knee but not quite the ankle. With this in mind, thigh high boots may not be a good idea of boot length to go with seeing as a good portion of them would be hidden. I would recommend going with a brown knee-length boot or ankle boot.

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If you haven’t before, try wearing a burgundy or green midi dress with your brown boots and enjoy the rich color palette. You can complete your chic look with a longline coat or blazer for the ultimate stylish Fall outfit.

I hope you have come to see the many different ways of wearing brown boots, be them short or long. These are looks that can be worn across different body types and can be tweaked to follow various dress codes.

Brown is a soft neutral color that can be paired with just as many colors as black and you shouldn’t shy away from incorporating it into your wardrobe, especially in the Fall. A great way to do so, is by owning a pair of brown boots.

If you’re trying to incorporate more brown into your wardrobe, you want to check out my post on how to style a brown leather jacket.

I also have a post on different ways to wear a cowl scarf, (which by the way would look great with a pair of skinny jeans and brown ankle boots) HERE

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Until the next post,