7 Ways to Wear a Sheer Top

A sheer shirt is easily one of the sexiest pieces of clothing out there. Unfortunately, sheer clothing tends to be labeled as trashy due to how exposing it is. I find that any item can be made to look less ‘trashy’ by styling it appropriately. Sheer pieces, like other pieces of clothing have a time and place where they can be worn.

A see-through top may not be a wardrobe staple, but it is a garment that could spice it up. In today’s blog post, I would be showing you different ways you can style a sheer blouse to achieve either a more casual look or a dressier one.

ii) If you’re looking for the perfect sheer dress to wear during the holiday season or for a sexy night out, this gold one from Pretty Little Thing is the best choice. Sheer dresses can be a bit much sometimes but this one gives you the right amount of sheer while keeping things classy. Thro on a pair of high heels to complete your look and you’re ready to take on the town.

iii) If you’re not one to shy away from bold prints or want to add some edge to your sheer outfit, Revolve has this eye-catching sheer top which would look great with a pair of leather pants. Thanks to the combination of colors on the top, you could get way with a nude bra, a black one or one in any of the colors featured on the blouse.

iv) You don’t have to go full-on sheer to take part in the sheer trend. Sometimes all you need is a top featuring only sheer sleeves to add a touch of sexiness to your outfit. This white sheer sleeve corset top is a great option for those who don’t want their torso on display but don’t mind showing off their arms in a sheer piece.

Now that I’ve shared some of the best sheer tops and dresses out there, I’d love to share some sheer outfit ideas you can use as inspiration the next time you wish to dress up your favourite sheer top. Remember that this list is meant to serve as a guide and is not exhaustive. Feel free to play around with the different styles to create different looks.

1) Sheer top and leather pants

A great way to style a sheer top or sweater during the colder months is by pairing it with leather pants. You can achieve a monochromatic look by having both the top and pants in the same color or you could compliment the colors on both pieces.

If you want to make your overall look stand out, try throwing on a leather jacket in a neutral color. It’s always a great idea to match your bra color to your mesh top or blouse to keep things classy or at least match your bra to your skin tone.

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2) Sheer top and pencil skirt

A sheer top can be paired with a pencil skirt to create a sultry look perfect for dinner dates. If you’re not comfortable showing too much skin, you could easily wear a tank top underneath. If you decide to go this route, I suggest going with a tank top that matches the color of your sheer top in order to keep things uniform and sleek. Complete your sheer look with a nude pump or a pair of strappy sandals in a neutral color.

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3) Sheer top and white jeans

There’s something refreshing about pairing see-through blouses with white jeans. You could try pairing sheer crop tops with white skinny jeans for an easy Caribbean vacation look or to check out a new brunch spot over the Summer.

Instead of going for a regular bra, you could opt for a bandeau bra (or a strapless bra) to wear underneath your top and even tie your sheer blouse into a knot at the front. To make your waist look smaller, opt for a pair of high waist jeans and tie your shirt at the front. Major 90’s vibes right there.

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4) Mesh top and black pants

Another great way to style a sheer top is by pairing it with some black pants. These could be black jeans, black trousers, or even black leather pants. For a full-on dominatrix look, pair a sexy black mesh top with a pair of black high waist leather pants and either a pair of black heels or black ankle boots.

Complete this look with some hoop earrings and a black trench coat for a head-turning chic look. You can always tone things down by wearing a tank top underneath and also opting for looser-fitting pants.

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5) Sheer top and blue skinny jeans

It’s not only white jeans that get to have all the fun with sheer tops. Blue denim paired with long-sleeved sheer tops is such a chic way to make the sexy sheer style more casual. Depending on your comfort level when it comes to exposed skin, you could wear a tank or t-shirt underneath and leave the top buttons of your top unbuttoned. You could also thrown on a blazer to add some formality to your outfit.

This would cover things up a little more and expose less skin. See-through blouses also look better when tucked into your jeans. Keep the accessories minimal and throw on a pair of white sneakers, sandals or heels depending on the occasion.

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6) Sheer top and maxi skirt

This particular option could be pulled off either as a set or with two separate pieces. A sheer top could be paired with an equally sheer skirt for the perfect beachwear or pool party outfit. If you’re looking to not go the double sheer route, you could pair your sheer top with a regular maxi skirt and still create a carefree sultry look. Once again, feel free to tie your blouse at the waist for a short torso.

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You could also replace the sheer blouse with a mesh tank top if you’re feeling extra peachy. Complete this look with a sheer jacket. When going with the sheer top and maxi while on vacation, choose a pair of flat sandals or sneakers to compliment your look.

7) Sheer dress

A see-through dress is a good option to go with if you’re not shy about showing your body and wish to make a statement. You could keep your outfit light and fun by choosing a sheer fabric with polka dots as opposed to a solid color. You could also wear either a pair of shorts or skinny jeans underneath a sheer dress for another cute look.

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I hope I have given you enough sheer style inspiration and simple tricks you can apply to your personal style if you’re trying out this trend. Remember that it’s best to go with undergarments that match the color of your top.

You can also add a tank top or crop top underneath your sheer top if you’re not comfortable with how much skin is on display. See-through tops can be styled a variety of ways and I hope you can come back and tell me how you styled yours.

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