5 Ways to Wear a Pashmina Scarf

With the winter season upon us, the emergence of scarves of different types is real. Sometimes, I find myself admiring the different colors and textures of scarves of folks on the train or bus. A scarf is the perfect winter accessory on a very cold day.

If you are looking for a way to make your winter looks more stylish on a whim, I encourage you throw on an elegant scarf. Try playing with scarves in bright colors or bold prints to make your look more interesting.

One of my favorite scarves are pashmina scarves. They are so soft and come in some intricate patterns as well as beautiful colors. I owned my first pashmina scarf back in 2016 or so when my brother went to India on vacation and brought one back for me as a gift.

It became my go-to scarf for many winters since then. I loved it not only for its rich yellow color but also its softness and longer length. It was so easy to add it to any casual look to give it more of an elegant style.

In today’s blog post, I would love to share some stylish ways to wear a pashmina scarf to elevate any look. Before we dive into these various looks, I think it’s important to know what exactly a pashmina scarf is. Nowadays, that term is more loosely thrown around but let’s be sure we understand what exactly it means to own a pashmina scarf.

What is a pashmina scarf?

As per pashmina.com, Pashmina is not itself a scarf. It is the art of handcrafting scarves from fine Cashmere. So a pashmina scarf is simply a scarf handwoven using fine cashmere. Wool from goats is what is used in the making of Pashmina and this process is actually cruelty-free.

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What is the difference between a pashmina scarf and a pashmina shawl?

The only difference between the pashmina scarf and shawl is the size Pashmina scarves are smaller in size and hang around your shoulder while a shawl has a larger surface area to be draped across your shoulders. You can easily create a more formal look with a shawl by draping it on top of your shoulders while wearing an evening dress.

What is the difference between a pashmina scarf and a cashmere scarf?

Both of these materials are known for their softness however pashmina comes out on top when compared to cashmere by being both softer and warmer than its counterpart. This also makes pashmina more expensive than cashmere. To be honest, both materials are still great options to go with when looking for a great scarf.

Now that we have a better understanding of pashmina and pashmina scarves, let’s talk about the different ways you can style one during this time of year and beyond. Please note that original pure pashmina scarves go for hundreds of dollars. As many cannot afford that, I shall be sharing pashmina replicas that are also beautiful and highly reviewed.

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1) The asymmetrical one-shoulder

For this look, you hang your scarf loosely across the nape of your neck, ensuring one end of the pashmina scarf is longer than the other. Then you throw one of the ends completely over one shoulder. This creates a stylish look you could sport if you don’t need to completely cover your neck. It also works if you’re wearing a scarf over a strapless cocktail dress.

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2) One loose knot around the neck

When it’s colder outside and you want to protect your neck more, a great way to tie your scarf is to wrap it around your neck once and then let both ends of the pashmina hang down your shoulders. This may be the most popular way to tie a scarf. You could also use this simple style when wearing a turtleneck and a pair of jeans.

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3) High neck and covered shoulders

If you’re dressing for a special occasion, an elegant way to tie your scarf or shawl would be this method. You start by placing the middle portion of your scarf to sit high at the back of your head. Equally distribute both portions of your scarf to drape across both shoulders. Then you completely wrap one end of your scarf all across the back of the opposite shoulder. Next, do the same for the other shoulder.

You’re now left with a classic look you could even wear on top of a little black dress on a cold evening. I recommend choosing a pashmina shawl if going for this style just because it is wide enough to really cover more of your body.

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4) Cowl style

Achieve a cowl collar by opting for an infinity pashmina scarf. This will give your outfit a very sleek look as there would be no fringed ends on display. I recommend choosing a scarf in a bold color seeing as this style occupies a smaller surface area on your body. Also feel free to play around with prints.

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5) Thick single knot or noose wrap

A different style you can try with your pashmina scarf is the thick knot. All you need to do is to fold your pashmina in two and place equal lengths into your hands. Place the middle of the folded scarf at the back of your neck and send the rest to the front of your chest.

You should have an open loop as well as the loose ends of the shawl or scarf. Send the loose ends through the loop and pull to make the knot as loose or tight as you wish.

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I hope this short list has provided you with some stylish ways to wear pashmina scarf. Also know that you can use your pashmina scarf or shawl as a headscarf on a bad hair day. There are plenty more styles of tying your pashmina which you can find on the web but these are my favorite.

So which did you like best? Are there any new ways you discovered via this post.

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Until the next post,