The 7 Best Tops to Wear With High Waisted Skirts

High-waist skirts have been very popular among all demographics of women thanks to their more flattering fit. The higher waist tends to make the waist smaller, the torso shorter and creates more of an hour glass figure if it is form-fitting. In my post on how to wear a black pencil skirt , I touched a little more on this.

They’re also great because depending on how you style it, a high-waisted skirt could serve as a transitional piece into the Fall and could also be styled up for more formal events.

At this point, I think all of the skirts I own may actually be high-waisted. I carry some extra weight in my lower belly and so most of my high waisted skirts are flared, flowy or if they’re form-fitting, have some sort of tummy control action going on (or I just throw on my Spanx, hehe). When I’m feeling bloated or not in the mood for restrictive clothing, I opt for a flared maxi or midi skirt.

A high waist skirt with pockets is truly my favorite thing to wear to the office and I just pair it with different tops, blouses or sweaters to create different looks.

In this post, I would be sharing different ways you can style your high-waisted skirt to create either a more casual look or a more formal one. These styles and tips should work regardless of your body type or I would be giving some tips on how to make them work for different sizes. Let us jump right in, shall we?

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1) Add a crop top

High waisted skirts and crop tops go together like peanut butter and jelly. This is because most crops hit you right at your natural waistline, the smallest part of your waist, and this is also where most high waist skirts begin.

This gives more of a body curve and thus a more flattering fit. For a more casual outfit, consider going for a short-sleeved crop top and a high-waisted mini skirt. This look works great for casual summer outings. It’s also easy to just throw on a denim jacket to keep warm during the colder nights.

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Tube tops are a type of crop top you can pair with a high waist skirt. I personally love adding a jacket of some sort on top to add some edge to my crop top look. A leather jacket would work great with either mini, maxi, or midi skirts, adding an extra layer of warmth in a stylish way.

If you are worried about broad shoulders, then adding some for of outerwear on top of your crop top is a great idea.

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Remember, you don’t necessarily have to show your belly button or stomach when wearing a crop top, as explained in my previous post here.

2) Wear a fitted sweater

During the cooler months, a great option to go with your high waist skirts is a fitted sweater. Fitted tops can be tucked in to your skirt, giving you a slimmer appearance and making your upper body look smaller. Try this look with accordion skirts and a pair of white ankle boots for a Fall Parisienne look that would be sure to turn heads.

A cropped sweater also works here, whether you are going with a long skirt or a shorter one, as long as it is fitted. You could complete your Fall look with a trench coat or a longline coat, whichever you prefer.

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A fitted sweater in a neutral color works better in the Fall while one in bright colors would look amazing in the Spring or Fall. If you are going for a high fashion look, pair your high waist flowy skirts with fitted tops in bright colors and a pair of brightly colored heels or heeled boots. Now you’re ready for Fashion Week!

3) Opt for a blouse

Blouses with high waisted pencil skirts are probably one of the most popular office wear looks out there. It makes sense why it’s such a popular choice – it is office appropriate, regardless of the dress code, and is neither too much nor underdressed. It is also a look that is flattering on many body types.

This feminine outfit idea can be styled with a pair of flats, or loafers during the day, and then with a pair of heels for happy hour once the work day is over.

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If you are insecure about your midsection or muffin top, pick peplum tops with your pencil skirt outfits. They discreetly mask any unwanted belly fat while keeping the waist snugged in and adding some beautiful detail to your outfit.

4) Pair with off-shoulder tops

If you’re looking for a great way to dress up your high-waist skirts, I recommend opting for long-sleeve tops that are off the shoulder. Showing your decolletage always makes for a less casual outfit. Your off shoulder top could even be a wrap top, which would look amazing if you have a larger bust.

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Add some bold accessories such as large gold earrings or a chunky necklace to really bring this look together. Off shoulder tops in jewel tones are my favorite to pair with a high-waist black skirt and a pair of heels. A dressier skirt works better for this look. During the Fall, I just swap the heels for a pair of boots and I’m ready for date night.

5) Wear a chunky sweater

For my petite gals, a voluminous top such as a chunky sweater may overwhelm your petite frame but for those who are more pear or hourglass-shaped, then this is a great option for you. Chunky sweaters work really well with A-line or pencil skirts, as long as they are not too voluminous. Otherwise, you end up adding unnecessary pounds to your frame.

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Petite women can opt for more fitted chunky sweaters if they really want to pull off this chic look. For a chic look you can wear to the office, pair your sweater with a high waist maxi skirt and a pair of flat ankle boots or loafers.

6) Add a tank top

A cute tank top paired with a high-waisted skirt is always an option you can fall back on when you’re out of ideas for what to wear. Tucking your fitted tank top into your skirt would give an illusion of a shorter torso and smaller waist.

To make this more of a professional look, start with a plain tank top, then add a well-structured blazer to your outfit and watch it elevate your overall look. Wear a pair of nude heels as footwear if you’re headed to a conference or fancy business meeting or opt for flats.

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7) Pair with a t-shirt

Another great casual option to consider pairing with your high-waisted skirts is a graphic tee. A casual graphic t-shirt gives your skirt outfit more of an edgy look. You could rock this with either a blue denim skirt, a high waisted maxi skirt or even or a high waist pencil skirt.

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The great thing about this look is you can pull it off with a pair of sneakers, a pair of ankle boots or a pair of high heels, depending on where you’re headed. To keep warm, consider adding a black leather jacket as outerwear to keep the edge of the outfit.

I hope you’ve gotten lots of ideas for stylish outfits you can create with your high waisted skirts. Remember that many of these options work regardless of the skirt style. For more formal wear, opt for longer skirts and tops in neutral colors. To really accentuate your waist and flatter your body, consider your body shape before deciding on tops.

If you are smaller on top, a more form-fitting top would help to make your waist even smaller. If you have more of an apple shape, cute outerwear or peplum tops are your friends.

Shorter women should avoid skirts that cut them off at the ankles while taller women can go for skirts that cut them off at the knees.

You may want to read my post on 5 different ways to wear a flared skirt for some more inspiration or 8 ways to wear a shirt dress.

I also have this post on how to style high waisted skirts.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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