5 Simple Ways to Wear a Halter Top

Halter tops make for a great way to create a casual look. This simple top is best worn for informal gatherings and can be styled in many different ways. Halter neck tops are known for exposing a lot of skin and that is why they tend to be worn for casual outings.

Women with a certain body type may find it more challenging to feel comfortable wearing a halter outfit and that is very understandable. If you have a large bust, you worry about the type of bra you can pair with a halter top, as your shoulders and upper back are completely exposed.

In today’s blog post, I would be showing you different ways to rock a halter top or halter dress. A part of the post would focus on the different types of bras that work great with halter outfits. I know a lot of women struggle with that and so I would be sharing some great choice of bras you could invest in.

Before we dive into the different halter outfits you can create, let’s first understand what exactly a halter top is. We should also briefly go over the appropriateness of this top and where you should and should not be wearing it. These would greatly assist you in deciding if a halter top is what you want to wear with your outfit.

What is considered a halter top?

As per Wikipedia, a halter top is a type of sleeveless shirt similar to a tank top but with the straps being tied behind the neck. Some styles of halter tops are completely backless with 2 narrow straps: 1 behind the neck and 1 behind the middle of the back.

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Where can I wear a halter top to?

Halter tops are generally reserved for causal occasions such as birthday parties, barbecues, picnics, a night out and brunch with friends. They are generally frowned upon at the workplace unless a cardigan is worn on top of it. The same applies to halter dresses: they are viewed as more casual dresses and should not be worn to business gatherings or events.

Now that you get a general sense of what a halter top is and where to wear one to, let’s go over the best bras to wear with a halter neck top or halter neck dress.

What bra can I wear with a halter top?

Generally speaking, a strapless bra works best with a halter top. This is because you don’t want your straps showing if you want to achieve a clean and chic look. No one wants to be fighting with poking straps all day. There are different types of strapless bras that would do the trick.

i) Convertible bra

Convertible bras are a great choice of bra when your halter top does not expose your lower back and is thicker around the back of the neck. This is because you can criss cross the straps of your bra to create a racer back.

This brings your bra straps closer together and less exposed. They tend to come with removable straps, making them more versatile. THIS convertible bra would be a great option to wear underneath a halter top with a plunging neckline.

ii) Nipple covers

When your halter top shows lots of skin and leaves little to the imagination, nipple covers may be your best solution if you intend to go braless. As someone with a double D bust, I find that nipple covers barely do anything for me and do not offer much support.

They work best for women with A or B cups who just want to avoid any nip slips when wearing a risqué halter top. THESE nipple covers from Nordstrom have great reviews so you should check them out. They come in different shades to blend with your skin tone.

iii) Adhesive bra

A strapless adhesive bra is a good option to wear under a halter style top. If you have a larger chest like me, this is typically the closets we can get to going braless. The adhesive cups would stick to your skin, ensuring no sliding down of your bra underneath your top.

You could also wear this bra underneath a tank top with thin straps. THIS strapless adhesive bra would be a great investment for all your strapless outfits and dresses/tops with a halter neckline.

iv) Multiway bra

A multiway bra is probably the most versatile bra you can own. You can adjust the shoulder straps to transform it into many different styles of bras. This would allow you to pair it with all kinds of tops and dresses.

Whether you’re working with a backless top or a regular crop top, these types of bras are your answer. They offer good to support for all chest sizes. Check out the many ways to wear THIS multiway bra.

v) Backless bra

Now here’s the kind of bra that could become tricky for C cups and above. I love the idea of a backless bra but it seems to work better for women who don’t have saggy breasts and women with a smaller chest. If you’re able to rock one of these, then they’re a great option to pair with a backless top and halter dresses.

They’re usually a stick-on bra so be careful when wearing one on a humid day. THIS ONE has pretty good reviews with some F cup women saying it worked for them!

vi) Bandeau bra

A lot of large-chested women shy away from bandeau bras because they tend to offer barely any support. They’re great to wear underneath a halter neck dress that doesn’t expose much of the back.

They can sometimes be worn as a crop top during the warmer months. For those concerned about not getting enough support from a bandeau bra, THIS OPTION comes with convertible straps AND removable soft cups.

Now that you have a good idea of the kind of bra to wear with halter-style blouses or a halter dress, let’s cover some great outfits you can put together. You’ll see just how easy it is to create different styles and outfits with your favorite halter top. For more inspiration on pairing strapless items with the right bra, check out my post: 5 ways to wear a strapless dress.

1) Halter top with jeans

Create an easy casual yet sexy look by pairing your halter top with a pair of jeans. For a laid-back look, try pairing your loose wide-legged jeans with a halter top in a solid color. This look reminds me of the 90s and all that’s missing are a pair of sneakers and a shoulder bag.

You can create a dressier look by pairing your halter bralette with a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of high heels. This is a chic look you could wear for a casual summer brunch with friends.

Get the look HERE

2) Halter top with a maxi skirt

Another halter outfit you can create during the warm months is a halter top + maxi skirt combo. This is a simple look you could wear to the mall or for a picnic. Add a denim jacket to take this look from day to night. A pair of flat sandals or sneakers work great as footwear.

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3) Halter top with trousers

A classic way to style a halter top is to pair it with high-waisted trousers. This is a look you could wear to a formal event if you opt for a pair of wide-legged trouser and a pair of heels. Complete your look with a structured blazer and a pair of strappy heels to really stand out.

You could also choose a trench coat instead of a blazer as outerwear. Turn this into an outfit for a night out by replacing your loose-fitting pants with a pair of leather pants.

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4) Halter top with a mini skirt

A great way to style your halter top for an evening out with your girls is by pairing it with a mini skirt. To really turn up the sexiness, opt for a black leather mini skirt. Choose a pair of high heels to make your legs appear even longer. To rock this look during the colder months, add a pair of black tights and a leather jacket to your outfit.

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5) Halter dress with heels

Enough about halter tops, let’s talk about halter neck dresses. A halter neck dress can be paired with a pair of wedges for a cute summer look. Don’t forget the later neck bra to ensure a clean look. Lots of evening wear dresses come in a halter neck style and these could be styled with a pair of pumps and a shawl to serve up some red carpet glamour.

Get the look HERE

I hope you’ve gotten enough inspiration when it comes to the different looks you can pull off with a halter top or dress. The most important thing is to start with the right bra. A regular bra works great with regular tops but halter tops require some more effort. Of course, you can always go braless.

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