7 Ways to Wear a Floral Skirt

Many of us tend to associate floral prints with the Spring and it makes sense. After months of cold and dark days, the Spring brings around the reappearance of flowers and greenery. It’s only normal that we would want to reflect this floral rebirth with our outfits.

Floral skirts are a popular clothing items seen especially in the Spring and Summer months, however they do not have to be limited to just those seasons.

In today’s blog post, I would be showing you how to create floral skirt outfits for both the warmer weather and the cooler weather. If you’re looking for some major inspiration for your next floral outfit, you have come to the right place.

I believe in getting the most wear out of your clothes and so your floral skirts should not be packed away once the first sign of cold weather shows. I would also be showing you ways to create both casual outfits as well as dressier ones which you could wear for special occasions.

There are so many types of floral skirts out there from dark floral to light floral as well as varying lengths from mini to maxi skirt. Depending on the weather and where you’re headed to, you could style them in different ways. When wearing skirts with a floral pattern in the winter, layer up. Leggings/black tights, sweaters and jackets are your best friends.

Let’s dive into the different cute outfits you can create with a floral print skirt.

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1) With a crop top

This is probably the most popular way to wear a floral skirt on bright summer days. Both long skirts and short ones can be paired with a crop to create an effortless chic casual look. As floral designs are already busy, I recommend going with a crop top in a solid color.

This could be a white cropped top or you could play off of one of the colors on your skirt. If you want to wear a tube top but are insecure about your arms, feel free to throw a denim jacket over your shoulders.

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If it’s a little chilly, you could also opt for a crop top with long sleeves for some extra warmth. Once more, I recommend opting for a top in a solid color that compliments your floral skirt. You could complete both looks with either a pair of flats, a pair of white sneakers or high heels. A pair of heels are your best bet if you’re dressing up for date night or a fancy night out.

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2) With a sweater

The best way to style a floral skirt in the Fall and Winter months is by pairing it with a chunky knit sweater. I have an entire post on how to wear a sweater over a dress where you can read up more on this style trick. If you intend to layer up, you could opt for a lighter sweater and add a cowl scarf and a longline coat or jacket on top.

A pair of thermal leggings or black tights could be worn for some extra warmth. A floral midi skirt could be paired with combat boots (such as these Doc Martens) as seen below for a chic cold weather look.

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If it’s not too cold outside, you could go for a floral mini skirt paired with a chunky sweater and a pair of ankle boots. Your legs would be on full display so if that’s a bit much for you, I suggest you go for knee-high boots or over the knee boots.

The best way to complete this chic and sexy look is to wear a leather jacket as outerwear. Black floral skirts work especially well during the colder months.

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3) With a strapless top

Another great way to style a floral skirt when it’s nice outside is by pairing it with a strapless top. The top could be cropped or not but showing more skin and your décolletage would earn you some major sexy points. I find that the my favorite looks involving strapless tops and floral skirts are those with white tops. There’s just something so fresh about white tops and floral skirts.

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Style up your floral maxi skirt with a strapless top featuring a sweetheart neckline and a pair of mules for an easy breezy summer look. If it’s a little cold, grab an open cardigan to keep you warm without messing up the flow of your outfit. For shoes, you get to choose between flat sandals or strappy heels, depending on how you’re feeling.

4) With a long-sleeved blouse

Pairing a flowery skirt with a white blouse is one of my favorite looks when it comes to floral skirt outfits. I particularly love a floral pencil skirt paired with a simple white top. This is a look you could wear to the office, to church and even to brunch during the Spring and Summer months. You could complete your look with a pair of pumps, strappy heels or a simple pair of flats.

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If you have a petite body type, I recommend getting your midi skirt to reach you right at your knees to avoid looking even shorter than you are. Also ensure your skirt is the right fit to avoid adding unnecessary bulk to your frame.

5) With a short-sleeved blouse

If long sleeved blouses can work with floral skirts, so can short-sleeved ones. This is another good option to try when the weather is warmer. You could pair your top with white sneakers, sandals or heels for footwear. If you really want to stand out, pick a bold color such as a yellow floral skirt and par it with a yellow blouse.

You could also swap the yellow top for a simple tank top. I find that line skirts work particularly nicely with short-sleeved blouses and tops.

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6) With a bustier

If you’re looking to have a cinched waist while wearing a floral print skirt, I recommend you pair it with a corset or bustier. A lot of times, these are sold as a set, making your life that much easier as you don’t have to worry about matching colors.

If you’re not wearing a floral skirt set, you can settle with a white bustier or choose one in one of the featured colors on your skirt. If this look is for date night, don’t forget the heels!

You can read up more on how to wear a corset on my previous post.

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7) With a white tee shirt

One of the easiest ways to make your floral skirt outfit suitable for everyday wear is by pairing it with a white t-shirt. The white tee is one of the most universal wardrobe staples that exists and so it only makes sense that it’s featured on this list. Regardless of your body shape, this is a look you can pull off without trying.

Tuck your white tee into your skirt for a neater look. You could complete your casual floral look with a pair of ballet flats, sandals or platform heels and you’re ready for a beautiful day out.

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I hope you have been able to see how easy it is to style a floral skirt. If you’re having a hard time deciding on a top, just go for a white one. You could also pair a denim shirt with a floral skirt and tie it at the front for another cute outfit. These outfit ideas should serve as a great guide you can always refer to if you’re drawing a blank so feel free to bookmark it.

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