7 Ways to Wear a Cropped Sweater

Crop tops are a crowd favorite during the warmer months. They can be seen at festivals, beaches, coffee shops and at the mall. Their warmer counterparts, cropped sweaters, tend to be reserved for either the Spring or Fall and sometimes during the winter.

Wearing a crop sweater during the Fall and early winter is a great way to create a warm but sexy look without trying to hard. Crop top sweaters can be paired with pants, jeans skirts and even dresses to create many chic looks which could be worn for different occasions.

In today’s blogpost, I would be covering some great cropped sweater outfits you may want to try during the cold weather. The trick here is to pair your cropped sweater with other warm pieces to prevent you from freezing your butt (or torso) off.

We aim to be stylish but comfortable and weather-appropriate over here. If you are looking for tips on wearing crop top sweaters on cold days (and warmer ones too), then you want to keep reading.

Cropped tops and sweaters are considered casual pieces of clothing and not meant to be worn at the office (if you have a business dress code) and so most of the options listed would reflect more outfits for more casual settings.

However, if layered properly, a cropped sweater could be worn in a more professional setting. I would be showing how this could be achieved later. For now, I would love to share some of my favorite places to shops for a cropped cardigan or sweater.

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i) When it comes to cropped sweaters you can comfortable wear to work and business meetings, Everlane is a good website to check out. I’m loving this cropped cardigan in golden palm which would be a great workwear option during the winter season. You could pair it with a pencil skirt or high-waisted pants.

ii) If athleisure is more your style, then you’re in for a treat. Shein has these trendy crop hoodie and top sets that would look great with a pair of sweatpants. You could be casually sexy while rocking a pair of sneakers and a hooded crop top on your way to a local store. You could also pair It with a pair of leggings to chill comfortably at home.

iii) If you’ve got a sex mid-section and you know it, why not flaunt it in one of ASOS’s   many cropped sweaters. This green cable knit one would look great with a pair of blue skinny jeans and ankle boots. As you already know, I’m a sucker for bright colors.

iv) You can turn up the sexiness without showing too much skin by opting for a cropped sweater with a side slit. This side split rib knit top from Boohoo is the perfect choice to go wit high waisted mom jeans on a casual day out. It’s also really affordable and comes in other lovely colors.

Now that we’ve covered some great options for cropped sweaters and wear to find them, let’s talk about the different ways to create cute outfits following this fashion trend. I hope you play around with at least a couple of these looks if you intend to rock a cropped sweater outfit this season.

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Normally, if you’re wearing cowboy boots, you want them to be seen. They typically have some interesting bold patterns going on and that is why they’re typically worn with a knee-length skirt, or short skirts – to show them off! Don’t worry, you could also pair them with a maxi skirt, just avoid a skirt that goes all the way to the floor.

These are such a classic Cowboy boot and they have great reviews.

6) Maxi skirt with sneakers

When I say sneakers, you know I’m especially referring to white sneakers. I do love me a maxi skirt paired with a t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers. These are my favorite shoes to go with a casual maxi skirt outfit. This is the ultimate airport look (after a pair of joggers of course) and a great summer outfit for days you need to look a little dressed up. You can easily swap the sneakers for a pair of black pumps and you would be ready for any more formal occasion.

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If you’re feeling extra grungy, replace your white tee with a graphic one and perhaps throw on a blazer in a solid color for extra style points. During the Fall, an ankle boot could be worn for footwear and if you haven’t already, opt for a pair of white ankle boots, as I have explained how to style HERE.

I hope you have seen how easy it is to come up with different maxi skirt outfits, based on the different shoes you decide to pair your skirt with. The right pair of shoes instantly completed your look as well as it pulls it all together. All of the footwear mentioned above is probably already sitting in your closet, waiting to be worn. This means that you could pull off these looks, for the different seasons, at no extra cost to you.

Be mindful of the different lengths a maxi skirt can come in to ensure that the one you pick flatters you and does not overwhelm you because it’s pretty easy to go from looking long and elegant to looking frumpy when it comes to maxis.

If you are shorter, avoid skirts that cut you off right at your ankle. If you are more apple-shaped, go for skirts with interesting patterns and/or more volume. If you are more bottom heavy, I would suggest more solid colors and clean lines with your maxis.

Remember however that these are always suggestions and you can discover even more different ways to style your maxi skirts that you would prefer.

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