The 10 Best Ways to Wear a Crop Top

Crop tops are so fun and one of my favorite tops to wear especially during the summer months. I love how the right crop top can make a casual outfit look dressier and make a dressier outfit look more casual. I firmly believe women can wear crop tops at any age because not all crop tops are created equally.

When it comes to crop top styles and lengths, there is something for everyone. If you’re not a fan of showing bare midriffs, you can opt for longer crop tops or high-waisted bottoms. I have a post titled 5 ways to wear a crop top without showing your stomach if you’re interested in how to rock this fashion trend without showing your belly. How much skin you show is really up to you.

In today’s blog post, I would be sharing my ultimate favorite ways of wearing a crop top. These looks would be appropriate for various seasons and so you can save this post as a guide for creating chic crop top outfits. You would see yourself why this wardrobe staple is one anyone can rock, regardless of your body shape.

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1) With high-waisted jeans

If you’re looking to create a casual look with your crop, try pairing it with high waist jeans. High-waist jeans give the illusion of a smaller waist and also suck in whatever love handles you may have. If you have a curvier body type, I suggest you invest in a pair of jeans with some stretch in them (at least 3% elastane) to ensure the most flattering fit.

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If you’re not one to shy away from showing some skin, feel free to opt for a really short top. Skinny jeans are the best type of jeans to pair with a crop top. These could be black jeans, blue ones or any other color between. Feel free to add a leather jacket to add some sass to your outfit.

2) With palazzo pants

Pairing your crop top with palazzo pants is a great way to create a less casual outfit. Palazzo pants are great because they are loose-fitting. This means you get to move around more freely and perhaps gran an extra burger without having to worry about bloating. An off-shoulder crop top or one with thin straps would be a great option.

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Feel free to play around with colors and choose a crop top in a bright color during the warmer months. You can also opt for a crop top in a bold print if your pants are in a solid color.

3) With a high-waisted skirt

You can create both casual as well as more formal looks with this option. Pairing longer crop tops with a black pencil skirt and a blazer is an easy way to create a business casual look. You can complete this look with a pair of ballet flats or high heels.

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For a casual look, try pairing a tube top with a high waist skirt and a pair of white sneakers. You could throw on a denim jacket to add a layer of warmth to your crop top look. High waisted skirts are another wardrobe staple that look great on all body types if they fit correctly.

4) With shorts

Crop tops can become a part of your everyday wear during the warm months. You can easily pair a cute crop top with a pair of denim shorts and sneakers for cute look you can wear to the mall. To turn this into a festival look, add a kimono on top and pair of sunglasses.

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Whether you’re wearing short shorts or a pair of Bermuda shorts, a crop top and shorts look is a great look to pull off on vacation. You could also add a long cardigan if the weather gets colder.

5) With a midi skirt

One of my all time favorite ways to style my crop top is by pairing it with a midi skirt. It creates a simple look you could wear to a special event with a more casual dresses code. This could be a baby shower or a work barbecue. I like to choose loose crop tops to pull off this look. To create a less sexy outfit, opt for an A-line skirt as it flares out and does not hug your hips.

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During the colder months, you could opt for a cropped sweater instead of a cropped top. Add a pair of black tights underneath your skirt and complete your outfit with a pair of ankle boots. Make your overall look more professional by wearing a trench coat.

6) With a strapless dress

Here is one of the most creative ways to style a crop top. Make your strapless dresses look like they have long sleeves by pairing them with a cropped sweater in the same color. You could also add a cropped tank top to a strapless dress to create a fun casual look.

THIS would be a great strapless dress to pair with a crop top.

Try this look with a black crop top and your favorite strapless LBD. Your belly button would be well hidden, and you would still be looking ever so chic. Complete your look with a pair of heels or sandals. Now you’re ready for date night.

7) With a mini skirt

Here’s another casual cropped top look you could try during the summer. If you’re not one to shy away from showing off your legs, please go for this look. Crop tops with different sleeve types work well here so you could try a long-sleeved off shoulder crop top with a mini leather skirt.

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During the colder months, short skirts can be paired with tights or a pair of leggings (for an extra layer of warmth) and a cropped sweater. Add a pair of ankle boots such as combat boots for an edgy look. Don’t forget the black leather jacket to complete your outfit.

8) With high-waisted pants

Create a more professional yet fun look with your crop top by styling it with high-waisted trousers and a pair of loafers. Your midriff would probably not be on display, meaning this is a look you could wear to the office. Feel free to add a cardigan or light jacket to your look. A pair of boots could also be worn if it’s rainy or a cold day.

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9) With a maxi skirt

Pairing a long skirt with a crop top is a very popular way of styling a crop top. You can see this look at festivals across the globe thanks to how easy it is to put together. It’s also a very comfortable one as you easily add a pair of sneakers or flats to your maxi outfit. Try opting for a graphic print crop top to make your look more interesting.

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10) With joggers or sweats

Another super casual outfit and one of the most comfortable crop top looks. Crop sweaters could be paired with joggers or sweatpants to create a chic athleisure outfit. During the warmer months, replace your cropped sweater with a simple one to create a laid-back look you could wear to the store, to the mall or just to grab a coffee with friends.

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I hope you have gotten lots of outfit inspiration from the different ways to wear a crop top. I hope you also realize crop tops are made for everyone and you can incorporate them into your daily wardrobe. The good news is you probably already own most of the items mentioned in this post. All you need to do is style them with your crop top.

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