5 Ways to Wear a Camisole

Camisoles are more or less a type of tank top with thin straps, usually made from a light fabric and feature a low-cut neckline, almost to the cleavage. A camisole top in itself is considered a more casual sexier piece of clothing.

When styled with the right items, it can be made more dressy and even less sexy, depending on the look you’re going for. The bottom line is, it’s a feminine piece of clothing that softens up any look.

In today’s post, I shall be talking about the different ways you can style your cami top depending on your body type and how comfortable you are showing some cleavage. In order to help you decide on which style to go for, I would like to share some amazing options for camisoles in various fabrics!

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A silk camisole

If you’re new to the cami game, then you need to start with the basic – a silk camisole. This spaghetti strap one from Etsy is the perfect option to go with thanks to it neutral color and relaxed fit. You could wear a strapless bra underneath or go braless – the choice is yours.

A lace-trimmed camisole

Lace is one of the most feminine and delicate fabrics out there ad so choosing a cami with this added detail will take your look up a notch. This one comes in some great neutral colors which would be easy to style.

A basic cami

A basic cami is a great layering top you can wear underneath more revealing clothing, as cute summer tops or underneath sweaters and blazers. Soft white cotton camisoles such as this one are great for that! They have enough stretch to fit over all your curves and an adjustable strap.

A cami in a fun print

Now here’s an excellent way to turn an outfit from boring to exciting. Wear your favorite cami in a bold print such as leopard and spot the immediate difference. You can get this same one HERE.

Now that you have a great list of camis to choose from, let’s talk about the different ways you can style them with items you most likely already own.

1) A camisole with a pair of skinny jeans

I had to start with this because it’s hands down my favorite way to style my cami tops. You could pick either a basic cami or one with a lace trim and add a pair of blue or black jeans to create an easy semi casual look. Throw on a blazer to take this look up a notch and you have yourself an outfit you could even wear to work.

If your cami top is longer, you may want to tuck it in to really bring out the sophistication of this look. You could also wear a button-up shirt on top of your cami and either leave the top buttons unbuttoned (more casual) or button up fully if you are headed to an occasion with a more formal dress code.

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2) Camisoles with boyfriend jeans

Yes, we have another pair of jeans on the list, and with good reason. Boyfriend jeans are considered more casual than skinny jeans and so if you want an even more laid back look, you want to pick up your pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and pair it with a white camisole.

For outerwear, your best choice would be either a leather jacket or a denim one to make this look more interesting. As camisoles are sleeveless tops, adding outerwear to these cami looks allows you to wear a regular bra underneath without anyone knowing any better.

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3) Cami top with a pencil skirt

The best way of making a cami top work-appropriate is to pair it with a piece of clothing that is work appropriate and then add a layer on top. A black pencil skirt could be worn with cami tops in basic colors and then a cardigan, blazer or jacket could be worn on top to give you a more professional look.

You might want to avoid the sheer tops if you’re headed to the office but if you’re putting this look together for date night, then by all means, go for the lace bralette with a satin trim and don’t forget the heels!

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Get a similar look HERE

4) Cami with a pair of trousers

A cami can serve as the base layer for a corporate look, especially if your goal is to create a simple monochromatic look. W white camisole could be used in the place of a white shirt or white top if you are putting a power suit look together. Thanks to the thin and light nature of a cami, it is much easier to tuck in and you won’t have to worry about any weird bulging of your clothes.

You can also opt for a cami with a built-in bra if you wish to avoid any annoying bra strap drooping while you’re trying to get your presentation on. Hanro makes some great camisoles with a built-in shelf bra like this one. Add a trench coat during the Fall to keep your power suit outfit looking strong. During the warmer months, you can opt for a pair of culottes rather than a pair of full trousers to still achieve the same great look.

Get the look HERE

5) Camisole with shorts

This is a great way to wear camisoles during the summer and is a popular festival outfits. Instead of going for the bandeau bras, which could be a little uncomfortable at times, try wearing a camisole when you want to hide your midriff and be free. You could go for a sheer camisole if you’re all about the see-through tops or you could opt for a nude camisole if you plant to layer yours with a kimono as described in my post on how to wear a kimono.

Get the look HERE

The best camisoles to wear when you plan on wearing bold outerwear in bright colors are the ones that come in neutral colors. For extra points, try pairing your cami top with a pair of white jeans for a fresh Summer look.

You can also wear camisoles underneath sheer clothing if you just don’t want your bare skin showing. If you are full-chested and don’t want to wear a bra underneath the thin straps of your cami, a camisole with a built-in bra is your best choice thanks to the additional support you would receive. It’s a good idea to own a basic as well as a more dressy cami (perhaps with a lace trim) that you can wear for various occasions.

I hope you have an idea of the different outfits you can put together, regardless of your body type, with a simple camisole.

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