How to Style a Brown Leather Jacket A Woman’s Guide

Everyone and their mama already knows a leather jacket is a style staple.

Black leather jackets might be the most popular but best believe brown leather jackets are right behind them. This is because brown is also a great neutral color and easy to style as a result. Just like your favorite black leather jacket, a brown jacket could be worn with your favorite black jeans and pants.

Think of it this way, however you normally style your black jacket could work with your brown jacket as well.

Don’t believe me, just watch!

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The most popular style of leather jacket has got to be bomber jackets otherwise known as biker jackets, motorcycle jackets or simple moto jackets have become a staple in closets across the globe that experience colder weather. Thanks to their cropped cut, exposed zippers and higher pockets, they tend to make any outfit cooler than it originally was within seconds.

Both women and men (and all non-binary folks) are able to enjoy this iconic piece of clothing as a leather jacket is one of the most unisex items out there.

Before we talk about the different ways to style your brown leather jacket, let’s briefly look into what exactly a moto jacket is.

What is a moto jacket/motorcycle jacket?

Moto jackets have been around since the early1900s and are shorter leather jackets originally worn by bike riders (thus the name biker jacket) and popularized by Marlon Brando after his film The Wild One which was based on a motorcycle gang. They typically feature an asymmetrical zipper, a belted waist and at least two pockets.

In my opinion, a moto jacket is that one item that can immediately add sass or spunk to a a basic outfit. No matter your personal style, it is important to own a classic leather jacket, whether it’s in black, brown or any other different colors.

With Fall practically upon us, many shoppers would be on the hunt for either their first leather jacket or a replacement for their worn out motorcycle jacket.

Here are some reasons why your next leather jacket purchase should be a brown one:

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1) Pair your brown leather jacket with a pair of blue jeans

This is such a classic pairing. Everyone owns a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt. You can create a sassier casual look by adding your brown leather jacket to your basic blue jeans and white tee. The brown is warm enough to compliment the blue in the denim and this makes the outfit very pleasant and easy on the eyes.

You can complete your outfit with either a pair of ankle boots, knee high boots or some heels for some effortless style.

2) Pair your brown leather jacket with black pants

Got black jeans or black pants? Then guess what, you can pull this look off. Everyone knows black racer jackets and black jeans go together. So do brown jackets and black pants. Sometimes, an all-black look may seem too dramatic or overwhelming. When this occurs, break up your outfit with a brown leather jacket.

This could be your go-to casual style in the cold weather, especially if you invest in a high-quality leather jacket lined with wool, shearling or any other warm materials. You could then finalize your look with a warm sweater and some black leather boots in the winter season. This is also a classic look and works best with black skinny jeans so that way you can tuck them into your boots.

I have a whole post dedicated to the art of styling your jeans with boots.

3) Pair a brown leather jacket with a pencil skirt

During the warmer Fall days, or cool Spring/Summer nights, style your brown leather jacket with a black shirt and a pair of white sneakers for some fun casual wear. This look screams street style without trying too hard and is the perfect look for drinks with the girls.

The best way to create a more formal look, for the office for example, is by replacing the sneakers with black shoes, including flats or black boots. The brown color of your jacket prevents things from getting too matchy matchy.

4) Pair a brown leather jacket with a summer dress

Consider pairing your brown jacket with a mini or midi white dress and a pair of brown boots for some Southern-inspired fashion. What’s great about this style option is that the warmth and softness of the brown allows it to be paired with other softer colors with clashing. This look would also work well for a farm or barn wedding, especially if you decide to go for some cowboy boots.

Some of your other summer dresses would also work well with a brown leather jacket like your burgundy skater dress, a red maxi dress and even your black maxi or midi dresses. An easy way to stay warm when it gets chilly during the summer is to slip on your brown jacket.

5) Pair a brown leather jacket with a mini skirt

If you’ve been staring at that mini skirt in your closet, wondering how to style it without looking like you’re trying too hard, then I’ve got good news for you. Whether it’s a denim mini skirt, a leather mini skirt or any mini skirt with a simple design, adding a leather jacket to it is a great way to have yourself looking cute but sexy.

Consider wearing either a crop top (or tank top of you don’t wish to show your belly) for a 90’s vibe.

You can create different looks with the leather jacket and mini skirt style. Another option is to add leggings or tights, a pair of thigh high boots and a black or brown hat. This simple style will turn heads because the boots would have you looking extra tall while the jacket hitting you right at the waist would really accentuate it, making it appear smaller. Va-va-voom!

6) Pair a brown leather jacket with a dress shirt and pants or skirt

If you’re a commuter looking to still stay stylish while riding the bus, subway, or train, then this look is definitely for you. You can pair your brown leather jacket with your white dress shirt and dress pants along with either mules, flats or ankle boots.

You’ll be comfortable and warm enough while remaining stylish all the way to the office. This look is work appropriate thanks to the dress shirt and pants but also gives you major cool points with the all the zippers and the belt accentuating your jacket.

You can also sport a longer brown jacket with this look if moto jackets are not your thing. This is a great look to go with some heels if you’re that person to switch into heels at the office.

7) Pair a brown leather jacket with a pair of culottes

Culottes are one of my favourite things to wear to the office in the warm weather. They’re formal enough for the in-person meetings while keeping my temperature down thanks to their shorter length and allowance for air circulation. They’re also casual enough to be worn to Happy Hour with the girls.

When choosing the right culottes to go with your leather jacket, I would suggest the longer the better. This is because the leather jacket is already cropped and so you don’t want too much cropping going around as this would make you look shorter than you are. Unless of course, this is exactly what you’re going for.

The best options for footwear with this look would be stilettos, flats or loafers. As for tops, you could wear a tucked in blouse, a tank top or a white t-shirt to bring your look together.

I hope you’ve gotten some major brown leather jacket outfit ideas so that the next time you walk into a store and they tell you they’re sold out of black leather jackets, you don’t panic because you know Brenda has equipped you with all the tools you need to rock that brown! It’s a good idea to invest in a good leather jacket at some point in your life because it’s amazing how easily they can be styled with anything from a black t-shirt and jeans to a dress short and pants.

Brown leather jacket outfits can be just as versatile and easy to come by as black leather jacket styles and you don’t need to follow the latest trends in order to stylishly sport yours. They can be added to your everyday look to add some spunk to it as leather jackets tend to be the first thing folks notice in your outfit. However you decide to style yours, remember to have fun and consider your own personal style and body type.

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