11+ Best Ways to Wear a Black Skirt

I think we can all agree that black skirts are a wardrobe staple, regardless of the season nor the body shape. They are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing out there and can be styled either casually or more formal, depending on the occasion.

In addition to pairing seamlessly with most colors, a black skirt can be flattering on all body types thanks to the slimming nature of the color black.

I have a post on how to wear a black pencil skirt, which gives you lots of ideas for black pencil skirt outfits but in today’s post, I’ll broaden the spectrum by giving you ideas on how to wear any style of black skirt.

We would be tackling different lengths of black skirts from midi skirts to maxi and mini ones as well as different shapes of black skirts from flared to line skirts. This will provide you with many different looks you can pull off with either the same skirt, or other variations you may own.

If you’re running out of ideas to style your black skirt outfit, then you would want to save this post for future reference. Without further ado, here are my top ways to wear a black skirt.

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1) With a crop top

I think by now you are well aware of my love for crop tops and how I always find a way to add them to my list of outfits. It’s because I find crop tops very flattering. They hit you right at the smallest part of your waist, making it appear even smaller and also make your torso look shorter, thus giving the illusion that your legs are longer.

When it comes to pairing a crop top with a black skirt, if you are not very comfortable with showing some belly, opt for longer cropped tops in neutral colors.

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On a casual day, pair your black mini skirt with a crop top in a bright color to add a pop of color to your look. You can also opt for a pair of white sneakers to complete this laid back look. If you’re wearing a long black skirt, a loose-fitting crop top would look great with a pair of sandals to complete the casual look.

Remember, as mentioned in my previous post, you don’t have to show your stomach when wearing a crop top and I provided some tips in the post as well.

2) With a denim shirt or jacket

Wearing a denim shirt with a black skirt is a great way to create a more casual look. In my opinion, the best way to wear denim shirts is to tie them at your waist versus letting them just hang loose. I find that this shortens the torso and gives a more flattering fit.

Another way to style your denim shirt would be to add a small belt on top of it.

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I like this denim shirt option HERE

This looks especially chic when paired with a long skirt such as a black maxi skirt. You can complete this look with some bold accessories such as a chunky necklace. For footwear, flats or mules work if you don’t feel like teetering in heels.

3) With an oversized sweater

If you’re looking for how to style a black skirt for the cold weather, one of my favorite ways to do so is by wearing my favorite chunky sweater. I love the contrast a more fitted skirt on top of a loose, chunky sweater creates.

You could wear this to the office for a great Fall work look and depending on the length of your skirt, add a pair of black leggings underneath for some extra warmth.

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I like to go for either a line skirt or a midi pleated skirt with this look because a mini skirt may get swallowed up by the sweater while a flowy maxi skirt have me looking a little frumpy. For footwear, you can go with either a pair of ankle boots or a pair of mules (if the weather permits).

This is also a great option for those of us who are pedestrians or take public transit. You could be warm and comfortable and not have to worry about carrying an extra pair of shoes inn your bag, to change into once you get to the office.

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4) With a white blouse

I’ve said it before that this is probably the most classic way to style a black skirt. A white shirt or white blouse looks best when paired with a black midi skirt and a pair of heels. The obvious choice of heels here would be a pair of black high heels but feel free to make your look more interesting with leopard heels or even red ones.

This look would take you from boardroom to happy hour in no time. You can compliment your classic look with a trench coat during the colder months or a black blazer.

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5) With a graphic tee

Going back down the casual route, a graphic tee is another cool way to style a black skirt of any length. You could balance out the causal with a more fitted black leather skirt and a blazer, to make your look more dressy or you could take it all the way casual by adding a cool denim jacket and a pair of combat boots to your look.

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A crossbody bag like this one is definitely the best bag to carry with this look. If you’re all about the short skirts, then you want to wither choose a shorter graphic tee or fold/tuck in the one you’re wearing. This will make your look more put together.

6) With a blazer

One of the easiest ways to take a causal black skirt outfit to a more forma outfit is by adding a structured blazer. You could wear tank tops in any color with your black skirt and simply by adding a black blazer, you, you have yourself a chic outfit. This works as well with graphic tees and crop tops.

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If heading to the office or an event with a business casual dress code, swap the crop top or tank top for a blouse or white shirt and you have yourself a more professional look. A black high waisted skirt works especially well with this look and you can spice things up with a pair of nude heels.

7) With polka dots

If you’re looking for a fun way to style a black skirt, why not try some fun patterns or prints such as polka dots? This could be a polka dot blouse (love this option!),, a polka dot tank top or even a polka dot blazer.

This could help break up an otherwise all-black look, if your shoes and skirt are already black, but still keep a monochromatic theme going on. You could brighten your look up with earrings or a necklace in a bright color as well if the black look is a little too much for you.

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8) With a peplum top

Peplum tops are one of the most flattering tops out there thanks to how they naturally cinch the waist while also hiding any belly bulges we may not be comfortable with. A long-sleeved peplum top paired with a classic black skirt could take you from cubicle to date night with the change of a pair of shoes.

You can play around with different colors of peplum tops to create different looks as well as different styles of black skirts. During the Fall, I especially love burgundy, forest green or burnt orange peplum tops to go with my black skirts.

If your skirt is midi in length, try wearing a pair of knee-high boots during the colder months.

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9) With a fitted sweater

Another great look you can create during the colder months is the black skirt and fitted sweater look. With the sweater being fitted, it allows room for you to play with different types of outerwear such as a black leather jacket, a longline blazer or a teddy coat.

You would be able to add more layers without looking bulky or frumpy. Your sweater of choice could be a crewneck or a turtleneck.

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If opting for a turtleneck, I highly recommend adding a necklace to really bring your look together. Leather skirts go especially well with turtleneck sweaters and so if you’ve never tried this look, I suggest you do now. You could throw on a pair of black heels if headed for a fancy occasion or keep things simple with some flats.

10) With an Ankara blouse

As someone who has been sporting Ankara pieces for years, I had to include it to this list. With the brightness and busyness of ankara prints, a black skirt compliments them so well, providing a neutral balance.

It could be an Ankara bomber, Ankara crop top, Ankara blouse or ankara blazer. If you’re really in the mood to stand out in a pencil skirt, this is the best way.

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You can create so many different styles with a single Ankara piece and this could be achieved with all black skirt styles. It just depends on the dress code of the place you’re going to.

11) With a blouse in a bold color

As someone who never shies away from bold and bright colors, I already own a slew of blouses in an array of colors. I love creating different look shy pairing a different color of blouse with different colors of blazers. It makes it look like I have a new wardrobe each time. If you’re not too big on very bold colors, start off with pastel colors – they’re more subtle but would still brighten up your wardrobe in a nice way.

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12) With a cardigan

A beautiful way to style your black skirts in the Fall is by adding a cardigan in a rich color. This could be a button down cardigan or a shorter one but either of these work. If you want to give yourself more of a shape, try adding a wide belt on top of your long cardigan.

Adding a light sweater or tank top in a different color, underneath your cardigan will also create a more stylish look.

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I hope I have provided you with some great outfit ideas you can use to style your black skirts. You can use these tips with different styles of skirts and feel free to play around with colors.

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Let me know if you have any questions.