6 Easy Ways to Wear a Cardigan With a Dress When It’s Cold

With the cold weather upon us and holiday gatherings about to take place, a lot of you may be wondering how you can manage to look cute but warm this holiday season. Well, I am here to remove any doubt or worry you may have when it comes to being stylishly warm at all the holiday parties and beyond this winter season. Cardigans are your solution and today’s blog post would be dedicated to cardigan outfits you can create with your dresses.

Cardigans can be worn with dresses not only during the winter season but all year-round. Whether you’re planning on wearing a summer dress on a chilly summer night or you’re slipping into a cocktail dress during the winter, this post should provide some useful tips for styling your dresses with a cardigan. Both casual looks and more formal ones can be achieved when the right cardigan is paired with the right dress.

There are different types of cardigans out each one works better with a different type of dress. I will do my best to show as many types paired with different types of dresses. During the cold seasons, you want to use the cardigan as an extra layer of warmth, perhaps underneath your coat.

During the warmer months, your cardigan becomes the outerwear, providing a little warmth as needed. If you’re looking for some inspiration for the next time you pull out a cute dress but it’s cold outside, you want to keep reading.

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Before we dive into the different ways to pair your humble cardigan with a dress, I would love to share some great options of cardigans that would pair nicely with a dress. They are all at affordable prices (you know I always have your backs when it comes to that) and so feel free to click on the images to shop them. These are great options if you’re currently looking for good-quality cardigans to style with your dresses.

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i) Classic button-down knit cardigan

Everyone needs to own a classic button down cardigan, preferably in a few different colors. They’re easy to style with not only pencil dresses and skirts but also with a pair of jeans. These ones are under $40 and come in a variety of colors. They are universally office-approved and comfortable enough to wear to happy hour after.

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ii) A fun cardigan

Never take yourself too seriously. An easy way to add some fun to an outfit is by opting for a cardigan in an unusual print or color. You get to show off your more playful side by expressing it through your clothing. This is a good option if you’re headed for a more casual event.

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iii) A long cardigan

Another cardigan staple is the maxi cardigan. It’s a versatile item you could pair with jeans and a crop top, summer dresses, shorts, a mini dress or sweater dresses. I love pairing mine with heeled ankle boots to really make me appear tall. Extra bonus points if you get one with pockets as featured below.

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iv) An oversized cardigan

Oversized cardigans make the wearer appear smaller in size and also provide a cozy look with a dress. I recommend choosing this option if the dress code is not formal or semi-formal. It’s definitely a trendy look you can wear for lunch with the girls on a cold day.

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v) Drape front open cardigan

Drape cardigans are considered dressy cardigans and add an elegant touch to dresses. They are a great choice of cardigan to pair with more formal dresses for fancy occasions or to the office. The style below comes in a large variety of options.

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Now that you know the different types of cardigans that are important to won, let’s talk about styling them with dresses. This could be for a casual event, a formal occasion or even just to stay at home. Cardigans and dresses are not limited to the outdoors, you know.

1) Cardigan over a tank dress

A great way to transition your dresses with short sleeves into the Fall is to pair them with a draped cardigan. This also works if you’re wearing a sleeveless dress on a cold Summer night. The drape detail would keep the feminine aesthetic of your overall look. Pair this look with high heels for a fancy night out or a pair of ankle boots if it’s cold outside.

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2) Cardigan over a dress with bold prints

When it comes to pairing a cardigan with a loud or bold dress, I suggest opting for a cardigan in a neutral color. This would prevent your outfit from looking messy. You can go with a black long cardigan with three-quarter length sleeves if the dress is short-sleeved or sleeveless.

You could sport this look on cold days at the office or even to church. Adding a skinny belt is the best way to accentuate your waist.

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3) Cardigan with a mini dress

A great option of cardigan to pair with a mini dress is a cropped button-down. If your little black dress is on the shorter side but you want to style it in a classier manner, add a pair of black tights, pumps and a chic ribbed knit. A shorter cardigan is a good option because it still shows off your dress, keeping your look sexy. You could also swap the heels for a pair of high boots if you’re dressing during the cold months.

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4) Cardigan with a sweater dress

A long cardigan is a great choice of outerwear to go with when styling a sweater dress. It adds extra style to this warm look without taking away from the sweater dress. The best way to achieve a polished look is to create a monochrome outfit with the cardigan and dress or pick a cardigan in a color that compliments your sweater dress. Complete your look with a pair of booties, whether heeled or flat.

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5) Cardigan with a maxi dress

The best way to style a maxi dress with a cardigan is to pair it with a maxi cardigan. This avoids any potential awkward length discrepancies between the dress and cardigan. The exception to this rule is if your maxi dress is actually a formal gown. Then, I suggest going for a warm shawl or bolero versus a cardigan. With more casual maxi dresses, even oversized cardigans or oversized sweaters work.

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6) A cardigan dress

What do you get when you mix a dress with a cardigan? A cardigan dress that saves you time from pairing the perfect cardigan with the perfect dress. If you’re feeling uninspired in the cardigan and dress combo, I invite you to try on a cardigan dress in the length of your choice.

You could go subtle with a cardigan dress in a neutral color or go bold by choosing a cardigan sweater in a fun print or bright color. Or both. Complete your look with a pair of ankle boots (or tall boots) and a cute tote bag.

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I hope you have gotten lots of inspiration for putting together dresses with cardigans. You may need to invest in some good cardigans if you find that your pairings aren’t looking as polished as you would want them to. The best cardigans are not necessarily the most expensive as you can see from the options I have presented to you.

Which of these looks was your favorite?

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