10 Ways to Wear Brown Boots With Black Leggings

I was actually really surprised to realise that many women have a hard time putting together outfits involving leggings and brown boots. I know that when it comes to boots, black is the most popular choice of color.

Black boots are very easy to pair with all colors and are also easy to maintain. They also hide dirt very nicely, meaning they are low maintenance. Brown, however can also be a great neutral color you can pair with just as many different colors.

I have shared on this blog how easy it is to create outfits with a brown leather jacket and in today’s blog post, I would be sharing different ways you can create chic looks with brown boots and a pair of black leggings.

There are many shades of brown and no matter which one you are working with; you would be able to use this post as a fashion guide. If you are seeking inspiration for leggings and brown boots outfits, you want to keep reading.

With all of these looks, you could easily replace the brown boots with your black ones to achieve equally stylish looks. You know I always have your back when it comes to your wallet and fashion. We’re all about recycling and repurposing our clothing and shoes out here.

All of the pieces mentioned would also be items you most likely already own but may have forgotten about. Before we dive into the various outfits, I would be sharing some great options of leggings and brown boots in case you’re on the hunt for the perfect pairs.

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Where can I buy the best black leggings?

i) Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

The leggings every blogger has been raving about appear to live up to the hype. These Spanx faux leather leggings have thousands of positive reviews across the web. If you’re looking for a pair of leggings with a little attitude, I recommend you go with these. You could easily dress them up with a knee-length dress or dress them down with an oversized sweater.

ii) Aerie Offline High Waist Leggings

As a proud daily wearer of the Aerie Offline leggings, I can confidently tell you that these are the best mid range leggings I currently own. I love them so much I did a full review on them which you can read HERE.

They feel like butter against my skin and don’t roll down. I love to pair mine with a hoodie when I’m lazing about my apartment. I also pair them with my midi skirts and mini ones to head to the mall or for dinner.

iii) Spanx Booty Boost Leggings

Spanx comes in with a second pair of leggings. These ones are more casual and would look great paired with a white tee or underneath a dress for some extra warmth. They would also look great underneath a little black dress worn on a chilly Fall evening.

Where can I buy the perfect brown boots?

Now that I’ve shared my favorite black leggings, I think it’s equally important for me to share some great options of brown boots. Remember that to create the best outfits, you need to start with a great foundation. Any of these brown boots would be a good choice to create your leggings outfits with.

i) Brown Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are quickly becoming a Fall and winter wardrobe staple. Their simple style and ease of wear are just some of the reasons they’re trending globally. These Crown Vintage Chelsea boots would be a great option if you are looking for brown boots for everyday wear.

They could be easily paired with black jeans or black leggings. If those ones are sold out, check out these waterproof ones by Blondo.

ii) Brown over-the-knee boots

If it is a pair of tall boots you seek, look no further than these dark brown heeled OTK boots by Jennifer Lopez. They would go perfectly with a sweater dress, mini skirt or an oversized t-shirt. They would be a great way to style up any Fall or Winter outfit.

iii) Brown combat boots

Combat boots are the perfect choice of footwear to compliment a casual look or add some edge to a laid-back outfit. I have shared many outfits involving black combat boots and even have a post titled 10 ways to wear combat boots.

Brown combat boots could also be paired with a pair of black pants and a sweater for a stylish yet warm look during the colder months. These ones have great reviews and are pretty affordable.

iv) Brown knee boots

When it comes to knee-high boots, you have to make sure to check the calf circumference if you have wide calves like myself. IF you have average calves, then these Kelly & Katie Yexi boots would be a great addition to your wardrobe. You could style these brown shoes for semi-formal events with a sweater dress or pencil skirt.

v) Brown ankle boots

I have at least 10 blog posts dedicated to ankle boots, so you know how much I love them. A pair of sleek brown ankle boots could be worn for special occasions during the cold seasons. You could pair them with a black suit or with a midi skirt for some chic office wear.

A pair like THESE could easily be styled with a pair of black leggings and a white shirt to create a more casual outfit. They also come in different colors in case you want them in other colors.

Now that you know all of my favorite options of brown boots and black leggings, let’s talk about the multiple outfits you can put together with them. A pair of brown boots can go a very long way as you’ll come to see.

1) With a sweater dress

A great way to style a pair of black leggings is to pair them with a stylish sweater dress and heeled ankle boots. Lighter shades of brown look better with lighter colors such as pale yellow as well as pastel colors. Darker shades of brown would look great paired with rich colors such as mustard, forest green and burnt orange. Of course, black is always an option as both black and brown are neutral colors.

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2) With an oversized sweater

Pairing a long sweater with a pair of black leggings is ones of the easiest ways to create a more casual look. Complete your look with a pair of brown Ugss or brown combat boots. If you’re dressing up for a night out, swap the flat ankle boots for a pair of heeled ones. If it’s cold outside, add some layers to outfit by wrapping a warm scarf round your neck and throwing on a trench coat.

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3) With a little black dress

Try switching up your LBD game by leaving behind the black shoes and pairing it with a pair of brown boots. You could add a pair of black tights or black leggings for an extra layer of warmth during the cold months. Add a skinny belt to accentuate your waist and some gold accessories to elevate your overall look. A cardigan or black leather jacket would be great options for outerwear.

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4) With a white shirt

Whether you opt for an oversized white shirt or a white t-shirt, you can create a chic casual outfit when paired with black leggings and brown boots. Consider adding a bomber jacket or light jacket in a neutral color and a chunky scarf to this warm outfit. Ankle boots or tall boots both work to complete your classic look. Don’t forget your cute hat to cover your ears if it’s chilly outside.

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5) With a denim shirt

Denim shirts get to be transitioned into Fall looks by adding a pair of leggings and a pair of brown boots. This is a fresh take on the typical denim shirt styled with a pair of black boots. A long denim shirt works best with this look and you could try a pair of faux leather leggings to make your outfit stand out more.

You can find more denim shirt outfit ideas on my post: 8 different ways to wear a denim shirt.

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6) With a lace dress

Take your summer lace dress from summer to Fall by pairing it with tights or leggings. Instead of a pair of high heels, pair them with brown ankle boots or thigh-high boots for some stylish cold weather fashion. A denim jacket or leather jacket work to really bring this Fall look together. If you’re feeling extra Southern, you could opt for a pair of brown cowboy boots.

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7) With a chunky sweater

A great way to style a chunky sweater for a casual date or even to head to class is to pair it with leggings and a pair of Timberlands. Play around with different colors of chunky knits to create the color palette of your choice. Not only would you be keeping warm and comfortable but also stylish. The easiest way to make this look more elegant is to add a longline coat in a solid color.

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8) With a pair of shorts

On those nice Fall days, sometimes you just want to whip out a cute pair of shorts. The good news is, you could do that if you wanted. The trick is to still layer your look to stay warm just in case the weather switches up on you. Add a pair of black tights or black leggings underneath your shorts for some extra warmth.

Opt for a pair of heeled ankle boots to make your legs look longer. Finally, wear a sweater or poncho of your choice and a cute Fall hat as accessory.

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9) With a mini dress

Turn your mini dress into a more professional outfit by simply adding a pair of black leggings, brown Chelsea boots and a blazer. I recommend sticking to more neutral colors or darker colors if you are dressing for work and have a more conservative dress code.

You can create many different outfits using this very formula and folks would think you have the biggest wardrobe. Feel free to add a belt around your waist to make your waist appear smaller.

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10) With a long shirt

A good way to style a long dress shirt during the colder days is by pairing it with a pair of leggings. I love adding a black leather jacket (or brown one) to the mix to add some sass to this look. This is a look you would normally create with a pair of black or blue skinny jeans but it also works with black leggings.

The best option of boots for this chic look is a pair of ankle boots. You could however opt for tall boots and still achieve a great outfit. Have some fun with this look by choosing a plaid shirt. This would give your look a more casual vibe.

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I hope you have gotten lots of outfit ideas for your leggings and brown boots pairings. As you can see, YES, you can wear brown boots with a pair of black leggings! It’s really not hard to create similar looks to black leggings and black boots pairings. Don’t pay too much attention to all these blogs that tell you that black leggings can only be paired with black boots.

So, what are we supposed to do with our brown boots? Personally, I love the softer palette that brown boots bring as too much black can look overwhelming sometimes.

Which of these looks was your favorite? Let me know if you think there’s an outfit I may have omitted.

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Until the next post,