Boss lady – new Melapteh collection drops in a week!

Hey hey hey!

Your girl is here! I was MIA for a bit as right after I got back from Bali, I fell very ill; I mean stay in bed for a week with the shivers and aches and headache and hospital appointments type of ill! That was not fun at all and I dropped almost 5 pounds in a week. I more than made up for it with lots of digestive biscuits and plantain chips once I felt better 🙂

After that, there was no time to waste as I had promised my followers and customers that my new Melapteh collection would be dropping this month. Items had to be purchased, made, altered and re-done. A studio had to be booked, a photographer found and an additional model meeting my requirements had to be found! It was not easy juggling all of that mentally as well as financially. Everyone wants to be the boss until it’s time to pay the invoices *insert crying face*.

On the day of the shoot, I had a major wardrobe malfunction with the very 1st dress I was wearing when the zipper broke completely. I thank God for the friends I have who were able to sew me into it! However, that ate into our studio time and I was not able to get all the shots I wanted in one of the rooms. My friend’s sister ended up being in charge of steaming, ironing and arrangement duties and another friend helped with the behind-the-scenes shots! I am forever grateful to these ladies y’all because time goes by SO SO fast when it’s on your own dime.

I am pleased to say though that my hard work paid off and I love the pieces as well as the images captured to represent them! The new collection drops on Friday May 31st and I invite you to please check it out and share once it does! I truly appreciate ALL the loveee 🙂

Pants – Fashion Nova x Cardi B

Top – Melapteh (coming soon)


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