4 Different Ways to Wear The Perfect Green Jacket

Forest green or dark green is widely labeled as one of the staple Fall colors and I think it’s about time we start giving it the respect it deserves. I have been such a fan of clothing in accessories that come in rich green colors (so much so that my first Telfar bag had to come in this color.

With Fall currently in full swing, I thought this would be the perfect time to give you some inspiration on how to style a jacket in this great color.

As this is a fashion and lifestyle blog, I will be talking about styling a variety of green jackets and not the significance of the famous green jacket in golf, which is presented to the winner of the Masters Tournament every year.

A fun fact to know however about The Green jacket is that Sam Snead was the very first person to receive one. It is meant to be kept for only a year until a new champion is named the following year, after which the jacket gets passed on.

I, on the other hand, may not be able to crown you a golf champion but I can make you a style winner this season by showing you how to make the most out of your favorite green jacket or convince you into adding one to your wardrobe this season.

Keep reading to get some stylish outfit combinations you could create using pieces in your closet.

I would like to take a moment to share my favorite green jackets with you seeing as there are so many choices for you out there and you may get overwhelmed making a decision on your own.

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1) Green bomber jacket

My favorite green bomber jacket has got to be this one from Good American. I love the extra puffy look going on and the fact that it’s from a brand with rave reviews – Good American. If it’s a little too puffy for you, try this one.

2) Green leather jacket

We’ve spoken a lot about leather jackets on this blog. We’ve discussed black leather jackets as well as brown leather jackets while describing how easy it is to style them. This green suede moto jacket adds some sass and sophistication to any outfit.

3) Green utility jacket

Utility jackets are great for everyday wear because they fit looser and are no fuss. This olive jacket, in particular, caught my eye thanks to its mid length, large pockets and exposed zippers.

4) Green coat

You would truly upgrade your Fall wardrobe by focusing on key pieces and a coat is one of them. Before you head over to Zara looking for one, check out this deep green coat.

Now that we’ve got my favorites out of the way, let’s talk about styling them.

– With a pair of skinny jeans

Whether they’re black or light wash denim, a green jacket compliments jeans very nicely thanks to the richness and neutrality of both colors. For a more dressed-up ensemble, consider going for dark wash jeans and a pair of heeled ankle boots.

– With a black dress

I have already spoken about leather jackets pairing nicely with a little black dress and a green jacket works the same. I would avoid styling moto jackets with longer dresses just because shorter jackets tend to be associated with more casual looks.

Try opting for a green trench coat when you are dressing up for a more formal event.

– With a pencil skirt

You can create a classic look for yourself by combining your favorite jacket with pencil skirts in different colors. This could make it look like you own way more clothing than you actually do – especially if you change your blouse or sweater each time. In the Fall, consider styling your outfit with complimentary colors.

For example: wear a brown sweater with a green coat and black or burgundy heels and you would be looking like your favorite street style stars of the moment.

– With a pair of pants or culottes

It’s so nice to be able to use main closet staples continuously from season to season. Whether you’re headed to the office and the AC is on full blast or it’s a chilly Fall day, a green jacket can definitely do the trick.

A white shirt, some black jeans, and a pair of loafers sound like quite the perfect outfit to pair with a green bomber or utility jacket.

Remember that bomber jackets would give more of a casual look.

I hope I have quickly been able to show you a whole new set of styles you can try out the next time you wish to wear a green jacket. All of these suggestions work on all body types; it’s just a matter of preference and personal style.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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