The 20 Nigerian Clothing Brands to know

Whether you’re from Nigeria or not, you must have come into contact with Nigerian culture at some point. It could have been in the form of art, food, music, history or fashion.

Nigerian clothing brands are becoming international household names (umm, hello Duro Olowu?) with some being showcased at New York Fashion Week and many of them having made their way to my wardrobe as well.

As a Nigerian fashion enthusiast expanding my collection, here are my top 20 Nigerian clothing brands to know.

What I love about the different Nigerian fashion brands on this list is how much range exists both in terms of price and style. No matter your budget and taste in clothing, you can find a brand you can support.

I also love how when you think of Nigerian fashion, you cannot place it into a box. Gone are the days when the first thing you thought of when it came to any sort of African fashion was ‘ankara fabrics’, ‘asoebi’ or what is commonly known as ‘African prints’.

This is probably what has gotten many of their designers international recognition and features in Vogue Italia, American Vogue issues and other international publications.

Nigerian designers use every fabric available to showcase their talents and execute their visions – Tiffany Amber comes to mind. They also cater to a wide range of sizes and body types with many of them offering customize sizing on their websites.

With this emergence in fabric variation and unique colors & silhouettes, many Nigerian brands are now mainstays on the global fashion scene. National and international celebrities such as Beyoncé, Toke Makinwa, Solange Knowles and Oprah Winfrey as well as public figures such as Michelle Obama are known to have rocked some of the biggest brands in the Nigerian fashion industry.

Without further ado, here is my list of top Nigerian clothing brands to know in no particular order:

1) M.O.T The Label

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I have been a long time fan of M.O.T and own several pieces from them.

They are a mid-price range women’s clothing brand for the modern career woman with most pieces being work appropriate.

Their Jodi dress is a personal favourite of mine at the moment. They used to sell this Zina dress I am wearing below and which I had posted on my IG and which received rave reviews.

Social media is definitely helping this brand make its mark in the office wear and business casual scene.

I also own their Tola skirt as styled below.

As well as their multi colour DB Dress (sold out)

Needless to say, I’m a big fan.

*I am happy to report that they are once again shipping to Canada!

2) Iconic Invanity

Icnoic Invanity is a brand I have known about for over 10 years. I remember having screenshots of their pieces on my phone during my early blogging days.

Their clothing items are statement pieces and not for the shy or faint of heart. So many Nigerian famous personalities are recurring customers of this iconic brand.

At the time I am writing this, their website is not showing any pieces available for purchase online but here are some of their previous gorgeous items below:

I absolutely love how they play with shapes and symmetry with all their collections. You immediately know it’s their design.

It seems you may have to reach out to them via email or DM if you wish to order anything but their price range is in the higher level for the brands on this list (around $800-$2,000).

3) Twenty Six

If you’re all about the minimalist style (think clean cuts, neutral and earth tones), then Twenty six is the brand for you.

I love how simplistic the clothing appears to be but the choice of fabric makes the pieces look sophisticated.

In recent times, a good number of more affordable but good quality Nigerian fashion brands have sprung up, allowing the middle class to have access to chic fashionable pieces.

Unfortunately, shipping to Canada costs about $50 (more than the price of most of the items).

There is a lot of masculine influence in their suits and short sets and it adds to the appeal of their clothing.

4) Derin Fabikun (formerly Fablane by Derin)

Young women who love trendy but classy clothing adore Derin Fabikun. They do not seem to have a website of their own at the time of writing this post but some of their items (along with other Nigerian brands) can be purchased via Zere Fashion House.

*As of January 2024, they seem to have moved their business in a different direction, offering mostly customized pieces upon request. They are now a bespoke and bridal brand.

I own a few of their pieces and their items fit true to size and the quality is superior to the low to mid range price tag!

Their Teni pants are probably their bestselling item and I won them in both black & yellow.

They have just enough stretch to accommodate wider hips while maintaining a flattering fit.

Shipping costs charged by Zere Fashion House are pretty standard for items shipped by a small business in the UK – $38 to ship to Canada.

I also own this beautiful mustard skirt set which has travelled across oceans and continents to me.

5) Lisa Folawiyo (Jewel by Lisa)

When you think of Ankara, think differently when it comes to this brand.

Lisa Folawiyo is now considered a celebrity go-to brand for African designers and a fashion powerhouse. Worn by well-to-do civilians and celebrities alike, the brand is known for their attention to detail and eye-catching colours & prints.

A Lisa Folawiyo collection gives a modern twist to ankara prints and our African heritage.

Prices range from about $200-$2,000 and the sizes range from X-Small to 2XL.

6) Sama Woman

Sama Woman is an emerging Nigerian brand that sells trendy pieces for what I believe to be the actively social and fashionable woman.

Definitely for the woman who is unapologetic and bold about her wardrobe.

Numerous Nigerian fashion designers such as this are successfully making use of social media to propel their labels forward.

Their bow set has been on my wish list for some months and would probably be my first purchase.

Their prices are mid range with all items ranging between $100-$300 and they accommodate all sizes thanks to their custom size option.

Shipping costs about $44 from Nigeria to North America.

7) Wanni Fuga

Timeless pieces featuring clean lines for the modern woman’ is how I would define Wanni Fuga’s aesthetic.

This clothing line understands the female form by using soft fabrics and draped designs.

Once you land on Wanni Fuga‘s website, you’re immediately probed to enter your shipping location and choose your currency.

I find this helpful because it can be such a let down when you are ready to checkout of a website with a full cart only to realise the brand does not ship internationally.

Moreover, you get to see how much the items will cost in your own currency rather than hopping between the website in question and Google, trying to calculate exchange rates.

Her pieces are on the monochromatic and more conservative side.

For shipping to Canada, you’re looking at about $38 for DHL service. You can also purchase their pieces on Zere Fashion House.

I can’t wait to purchase my first piece from the brand!

8) Lanre Da Silva Ajayi

‘Haute couture.’ Those are the two words to describe Lanre Da Silva Ajayi (LDA).

This eponymous label takes me back in time – picture African patterns designed in the 1800’s.

LDA has been around for a while and although their website has not been updated with collections in years, the brand continues to be relevant as one of the high fashion pioneers and major fashion houses of Nigeria.

Unfortunately their website provides no price ranges but expect a price range typical for haute couture brands – I’m talking thousands of dollars.

You would have to contact the brand directly to place an order, as is also typical with haute couture.

9) Imad Eduso

Imad Eduso became a household name and started making her mark on the global fashion industry when she released her well-known colour blocking collection some years ago.

I have had the Betty Pants set in my cart for over a year, wondering where I would wear it to because the day I wear it, I intend to be the spotlight.

The brand’s most recent collection screams festive and eye-catching with the use of bright colours and playful finishes.

They are very accommodating with sizing, going up to a US Size 14 in terms of regular sizing and offering custom size options as well.

Shipping to Canada is pretty steep – 41 British pounds or $63.

Based on reviews, the quality of the pieces is top notch, worthy of the upper mid range prices tags (items typically cost $150-$400).

10) Priceless Culture

Priceless Culture may be a small business but the brand is making waves across Etsy.

They sell handmade ‘ankara’ pieces with a large plus size focus. So many brands selling ankara pieces do not sew with the plus size woman in mind and so it is great to see this option for my plus sisters.

Their tunics are among their bestsellers.

Items are shipped from Ohio and based off of the rave reviews on the site, customers are very happy with their purchases.

11) Bello Edu

With both a Ghanaian and Nigerian heritage, Bello Edu stands out as a brand not only for the blended influences but also their focus on producing sustainable clothing.

The brand is very ecologically conscious and with this in mind, it is normal to expect orders to take weeks to be produced and to arrive if ordering internationally.

The use of pleats and lines is a recurring theme with Bello Edu and the modern conservative yet fashionable woman comes to mind with each collection.

Their Kate Kimono is my absolute favourite piece!

Unfortunately they do not seem to ship to Canada.

12) Andrea Iyamah

There was no way I could complete this list without adding Andrea Iyamah, a brand I have known and supported since its inception.

Andrea Iyamah is the go-to brand for luxury resort wear. From swimsuits to robes and kimonos, vacation is the first thing that comes to mind with this brand.

A regular name at Lagos Fashion and Design Week, and the recipient of multiple African fashion awards, this is a brand breaking so many barriers and records.

I still remember that iconic moment when the creative director had Agbani Darego (first black woman to win Miss World) model a stunning wedding gown from her bridal collection at LFDW.

Their swimsuits are a favourite among influencers and celebrities alike thanks to their unique designs, bold colours and great quality.

They accommodate a wide range of sizes and are flattering on different body types.

With the great quality and craftsmanship comes a greater hole in your pocket that you would most likely consider worth it. Swimsuits usually go for $200-$300 while dresses could set you back $400-$1,000.

13) Titibelo

Titibelo is a brand for the contemporary Nigerian woman. A common theme with their pieces is dramatic sleeves in monochromatic colours.

Their pieces are on the more affordable price range ($60-$200) and they accommodate all sizes by offering custom size options.

They do ship internationally, including to Canada however it comes at the steep price of $60.

14) Atafo

Formerly known as Mai Atafo, the Atafo brand is synonymous with suits – for both men and women. I know the guys must be upset with my lack of male fashion brands but not only are most of my readers women, but women also tend to shop more!

This eponymous brand has won multiple awards and become a global fashion brand thanks to the way the creative director has taken the suit-making game in Nigeria to a different level. International celebrities from the United States make it a point to get an Atafo suit made for them whenever they make a stop in Nigeria.

Atafo is internationally known as the go-to when it comes to suits and tuxes in Nigeria

The use of fabrics, the extremely clean lines and unique sewing methods make him stand out.

Items are in the moderate price range in terms of suits and shirts; around $1,000 for a men’s 2-piece suit and $600 for a women’s suit while shipping to Canada costs $53.

15) Laviye

Laviye is another brand I have been following for many many years. They offer trendy ankara outfits for both men and women.

Coordinate with the man in your life like this.

A lot of websites sell these prints and designs however Laviye stands out with their great customer service, use of good quality wax prints and use of original content.

This white floral dress would be perfect for a wedding, brunch, baby shower or date.

If you’re not shy about bold colours and prints, this brand is for you.

Get this blazer HERE.

16) TNL

Things Nigerians Love, otherwise known as TNL lives up to their name by selling trendy and very affordable pieces that sell out quickly, especially in Nigeria.

Two sisters are behind this emerging fashion line, once again showcasing the diversity in Nigeria fashion brands.

*As of January 2024, their website is non-functional but do reach out to them via Instagram if you wish to order.

They have been around since 2013 but I discovered them about 3 years ago and am glad to own a few of their pieces.

The sizing was mostly accurate except for their non-stretch pants which I would say run small.

Item prices typically range between $40-$100 and they ship internationally with shipping to Canada costing just $20!

17) EK by 17th Lane

This new and emerging brand offers fun, functional and locally sourced fabrics that Nigerians are falling in love with. The cuts are flattering and they accommodate up to a US size 18!

With prices between $60-$100 for the most part, I can definitely see the appeal of the brand. However with shipping to Canada at $60, international customers may be deterred.

18) Maju

Probably the most affordable brand on this list is Maju. Their pieces are for the bold, sexy yet classy woman.

Prices range from just $20-$80 or so but unfortunately shipping to Canada is worth more than the average item on their site at $76!

19) Ibilola Ogundipe

A bespoke, affordable and ready to wear female clothing brand focusing on classic solid colours and cuts is Ibilola Ogundipe.

The timeless styles of each collection ensure that you’ll be able to wear their pieces for many years to come.

I wore their Jasmine dress in yellow to host an event in May and loved how it flowed, fit me perfectly without any adjusting necessary. There was a loose thread I needed to have re-sewn but the dress was worth the money.

They offer made to measure options for all of their pieces and ship internationally, with shipping to Canada costing about $50.

20) The Lady Maker

The Lady Maker came to my attention recently thanks to renowned author and speaker Chimamanda Ngozi.

Contemporary high fashion featuring classic cuts that will stand the test of time is how I would describe The Lady Maker’s aesthetic.

Earth tones are their signature colours and the cuts tend to be on the conservative side.

Price wise, you’re looking at items between the $250-$500 range but the quality is seemingly undisputable.

How many of these brands did you recognize? Are there any I should check out and update my list with?

There are other brands I have just recalled deserve honorable mentions such as Zizi Cardow, based in the United Kingdom and who has been in the industry for over two decades.

Orange Culture is a streetwear brand that has been making waves among millennials and Gen Z-ers both within the African continent and across the diaspora.

I hope the list resourceful is useful to you or perhaps a friend who is looking for Nigerian brands to support. Sharing is caring.

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